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Free Diving with Hammerhead Shark

247 Free Diving with Hammerhead Shark
“This is the terrifying moment a diver came head to head with a shark as it swims inches away snatching a bite for dinner. The close encounter, captured off Bimini Island in the Bahamas, shows the hammerhead approaching diver Eli Martinez who bravely stands his ground as the giant beast approaches. Eli, free diving outside of a protective cage, carefully handled the sea creature despite its menacing razor-sharp teeth – but admitted they are extremely shy and need a lot of work to allow divers close to them. After multiple trips and hours of diving nearby they finally got used to Eli in January this year – hammerheads regularly visit these waters during the winter season”. – Caters News. Photos: Eli Martinez with hammerhead shark. (Photo by J. P. Zegarra/Caters News)

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Puppies Around Fire Pit For Warmth

160 Puppies Around Fire Pit For Warmth
Despite their thick fur, this group of dogs and puppies in China feel the cold. Luckily, in the winter, they’re allowed to huddle round a staff canteen stove in their home in Jiulongjiang Forest Park, Rucheng County. (Photos: HAP / Quirky / China News / REX)

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Animal Architects Bowerbirds Design

150 Animal Architects Bowerbirds Design
Turkeys strut, peacocks preen, and bowerbirds design. Of all the strange things that male birds do to attract a mate, the bowerbird’s ritual is the only one that could make it into the MoMA. They use two distinct types of “architecture” and have a keen eye for color as well.

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Florida’s Friendly Manatees Photographed By Alexander Mustard

126 Floridas Friendly Manatees Photographed By Alexander Mustard
Snorkellers approach an adult manatee at Three Sisters Spring, Crystal River, Florida. You might imagine that coming face to face with one of these enormous underwater mammals would cause some concern. However, the likelihood is that the rotund creature just wants you to scratch its belly while it floats around happily, as world-renowned underwater photographer Alex Mustard discovered. (Photo by Alexander Mustard/Barcroft Media)

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Freediving with Great White Sharks

“Meet the woman dispelling the myths about one of the worlds most feared ocean predators by swimming without protection with great white sharks. Petite beauty Ocean Ramsey travels the globe swimming with many species of sharks hoping to prove they are nothing like their Jaws film reputation.

In these incredible photographs friend Juan Oliphant caught on camera the moment a massive 17-foot Great White let Ocean tail ride through the deep. Shark conservationist Ocean, who is also a scuba instructor, model and freediver, swam with the massive fish in waters off Baja Mexico”. – Caters News

1266 Freediving with Great White Sharks
Ocean Ramsey freediving with a shark. (Photo by Juan Oliphant/Caters News)

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Cat Breeders Discover New Breed of Felines That Look Like Werewolves

1261 Cat Breeders Discover New Breed of Felines That Look Like Werewolves
Tennessee-based breeders have created a new breed of cat with a touch of the supernatural. The ‘Lykoi’ has the looks of a werewolf, but apparently behaves more like a dog. Due to a genetic mutation in a domestic shorthair cat, the Lykoi has no hair around its eyes, nose, ears and muzzle, giving it a werewolfish appearance. The name ‘Lykoi’ loosely translates as ‘wolf cat’ in Greek. The breeders say these cats weren’t created by them but they are a natural mutation.

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Deer Photography by Sirli Raitma

Deer Photography by Sirli Raitma Deer Photography by Sirli Raitma
Sirli Raitma, an accomplished photographer from London, is one of those artists that I appreciate not only for her works, but for her subjects as well. Raitma travels into the depths of the misty forests near her in order to capture stunning photos of deer in their natural habitats.

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Horse in the House – German Woman Lets Horse Live in Her House Following Hurricane Xaver

1182 Horse in the House   German Woman Lets Horse Live in Her House Following Hurricane Xaver
Doctor Stephanie Arndt brought her horse Nasar into the house when Hurricane Xaver battered her town of Holt, Germany in late 2013. But the three-year-old Arabian horse has taken a liking to the indoors — you could say he’s made himself right at home. You’ll have to see these photos to believe them. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

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Albino Alligators at the Tropical Aquarium in Paris

1180 Albino Alligators at the Tropical Aquarium in Paris
One of the two one-year-old albino alligator is seen in a vivarium at the Tropical aquarium in Paris, February 12, 2014. The two alligators are the result of a captive breeding program which protect endangered species and will presented to the public in a vivarium. (Photo by Philippe Wojazer/Reuters)

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Catasaurus Rex

1162 Catasaurus Rex

When Pickles the puss grew to the size of a dog, he found himself in a bit of a pickle.

At 21 pounds and more than three-feet long, he couldn’t find an owner with a heart – or home – big enough to take him in – so he was forced to roam the streets in search of scraps to suppress his almighty appetite. But the monster moggy – nicknamed Catasaurus Rex – has finally found a place to live after a young Boston couple saw an advert online and took pity on him.

Andrew Milicia and girlfriend Emily Zarvos say it was love at first sight when they met Pickles at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals last month. And now he couldn’t be happier as he spends most of his days squeezing sleepily onto their three-man sofa or guzzling platefulls of cat food to his heart’s content.

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Britain’s Tallest Dog

Canine colossus Freddy is believed to be Britain’s biggest dog. The Great Dane has been measured at 7ft 4in (2.24m) on his hind legs by owner Claire Stoneman. Although no official measurement has yet been made, that would make Freddy as tall as world-record holder Zeus, and significantly larger than Britain’s current biggest dog Samson, who is 6ft 6in (1.98m). The gigantic dog began life as the runt of the litter, but experienced an astonishing growth spurt to reach his current size. Claire, a 38-year-old taxi driver from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, who drives a Barbie-pink cab, lives with Freddy and his sister Fleur.

1159 Britain’s Tallest Dog
5 week old Freddy. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

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“Smiley” False Killer Whale

1156 “Smiley” False Killer Whale
This cheeky chappy isn’t in the mood to live up to his scary reputation as he is pictured here cracking a killer smile as he goes about his daily business. In some of the pictures, taken offshore in Kona, Hawaii, it even looks like the creature is showing off his best side as he beams from ear to ear. The amusing photographs show what appears to be a big grin plastered across the face of a False Killer Whale as he patrols the sea looking for food, seemingly tickled by something. American photographer Doug Perrine, 60, snapped the shots last year while the False Killer Whale was out hunting for food. (Photos by Doug Perrine/Iber-Press)

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Animals Selfies In Black & White

Animals Selfies In Black White Animals Selfies In Black & White
Amazing animal photography in black and white by Lukas Holas.

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Fish Tornado

1130 Fish Tornado
Californian photographer and conservationist Octavio Aburto had spent years photographing the school in Cabo Pulmo National Park, Mexico – and had been trying to capture this exact shot for three years. “Together with my friend David Castro, we were diving with a large group of Bigeye travellies at Cabo Pulmo National Park, Mexico. Thousands of fish forming a ball during the reproduction courtship. In the afternoon, these fish congregate to form a large spawning aggregation around the reefs of the National Park”. (Photos and caption by Octavio Aburto)

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Dog Chews Aston Martin

1126 Dog Chews Aston Martin
A car buff came home to find his prized motor looking a like a dog’s dinner after his pet pooch chewed through the £80,000 Aston Martin.

Luce, a four-year-old border collie spaniel cross, waited until builder Royston Grimstead had left for work before she started chomping her way through the DB9 Volante’s wheel arch, doing £3,000 worth of damage.

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