Animal Gatherings in Photographs

Here is a small selection of photographs showing various species of animals gather in some kind of swarms.

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Wildlife Photography by a British Gamekeeper

Adam Tatlow lived his entire life in a rural area, since his birth in Stratford-upon-Avon back in 1969. His free time Adam spent studying the nature.

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Fisherman Catch Record Breaking Mako Shark

A fisherman caught a record-breaking 805lb Mako shark – and then barbecued and ate it with his friends. Joey Polk, 29, and his two cousins Earnie Polk, 43, and Kenny Peterson, 21, battled the 11ft predator for more than an hour before finally hauling it onto the beach. They normally tag and release their catches for conservation but were unable to resuscitate this one and instead made it the main course at a jumbo-sized family barbecue. The huge shark, caught at a secret location on the Florida Panhandle on April 15, beat a previous weight record set by Earnie for a mako weighing 730lbs, set in February 2009.

Joey Polk, 29, holding open the jaws of the 11ft mako shark. (Photo by Joey Polk/Barcroft Media)

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A Cat Cafe in New York

The first Cat Café in North America has New Yorkers “feline” groovy. City-dwellers and tourists alike flocked to the Purina ONE Cat Café in the Bowery on Thursday morning for their chance to spend some quality time with some furry friends, while caffeining up on the pop-up’s signature Cat’achino, a cappuccino with a foam feline on top. All of the kittens were provided by North Shore Animal League, the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption shelter in the country.

Cat lounges and makes itself at home at the new Cat Café by Purina ONE on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 in New York. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Invision for Purina ONE/AP Images)

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Marutaro The Hedgehog Facial Expressions

If you haven’t heard of Marutaro the hedgehog yet, then check out this previous article, he’s well known on Instagram for his cuteness. Here’s another photo series of Marutaro but making funny facial expressions with drawed on expressions. Take a look at this cute photo series of Marutaro the hedgehog.

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Argentina Tiger Triplets

Three month old white Bengal tigers cubs play inside their enclosure at the Buenos Aires Zoo, Argentina, Wednesday, April 16, 2014. Cleo, a captive Bengal white tiger at the zoo, gave birth to two females and one male, white tiger cubs on January 16, 2014. (Photo by Natacha Pisarenko/AP Photo)

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Dog Portraits by Ralph Hargarten

German photographer Ralph Hargarten is the author of a series of photographs, in which dog face expressions are very similar to human emotions. The black background emphasizes every dog’s personality.

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Meerkats Use Photographer As Lookout

A baby Meerkat rests on photographer Will Burrard-Lucas’ hand on January 2014 in Makgadikgadi, Botswana. These adorable Meerkats used a photographer as a look out post before trying their hand at taking pictures. The beautiful images were caught by wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas after he spent six days with the quirky new families in the Makgadikgadi region of Botswana. Will has photographed Meerkats in the past and was delighted when he realised he would be shooting new arrivals. (Photo by Will Burrard-Lucas/Barcroft Media)

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2014 Underwater Photography Photo Contest Winners

2014 Underwater Photography Photo Contest winners, Temperate Waters category, 1st place. (Photo by Jeremy Axworthy/

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Animals in Hiding

These snaps show a series of crafty critters camouflaged out of view. Many adventurous animals love to stand out from a crowd, but there are times when they need to blend in a bit more too.

Tall story: Can you spot the giraffe? (Photo by Caters News)

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Metal Cats: Hardcore Metal Musicians Pose With Their Cats

Musicians and fans of the metal music community often get a bad rap because of their dark, gruff and tattooed looks. The adorable set of photos published in Metal Cats by Alexandra Crockett sets out to change all that by getting accomplished metal musicians to pose with their feline friends and show off their softer sides.

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Sygmond The Grey Majestic Cat

Meet Sygmond the grey. He had the face of a king when he was a kitten. This majestic cat is even fluffier today fully grown and whenever he goes, he makes it epic.

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Lion Fights Crocs Over Hippo

“These photographs show the food chain in action as a hungry lion braved a river full of crocodiles to try and sink his teeth into a dead hippo. The photos were taken in the Maasi Mara nature reserve, in Kenya and show hungry lion braving a crocodile-infested river to get to an upside down hippo, which had died overnight of natural causes.

The incident was witnessed and captured on camera by Richard Chew, an IT manager from San Francisco, USA who was on holiday with his wife. Semi-professional photographer Richard has travelled the world taking pictures but said it was a really unique moment”. – Caters News. (Photos by Richard Chew/Caters News)

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The Bond of Two German Shorthaired Pointers

The two dogs Travis, 10, and Gus, 5 have become an Internet hit on Instagram. These images were taken by Canadian photographer Steph McCombie.

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Kitten Who Likes To Travel In A Backpack

Higgs the kitten loves exploring the great outdoors – by going on holiday in his owner’s rucksack. The adorable five-month-old took his first steps outdoors while holidaying in the Highlands with owners Christian Witte and Kimia Mohammadi last month. But scared by the strong winds along the coastline of Sanna Bay, he scrambled up on Christian’s back before hopping into his backpack.

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