Flint: The Cutest Pomeranian


The owner of this cute little ball of fur Robin Yu says that Flint is always in a good mood and is very obedient.

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Baby Lion Playing With Autumn Leaves


An adorable 11-week old lion cub named Karis had a very exciting day playing in a pile of autumn leaves that her keeper swept into her enclosure at the Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park in Scotland. This proved to be a very wise decision on her keeper’s part, as she seems to have had the time of her life frolicking around in the pile of leaves

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This Dog Has A Wheelchair Made Out Of Children’s Toys


Get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotion. I seriously can’t even handle Turbo, a chihuahua puppy who was born with only two legs. He may actually be the cutest creature in the world.

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These 30 People Found Their New Friends At The Zoo


Day at the Zoo can be an amazing pastime, because the animals have their own plans how to welcome guests at home. Some of our smaller brothers can throw something funny, somebody can make melt the heart, and somebody will ignore guests and chill all day. In any case it is always nice to get closer with nature and maybe it’s time to go to the zoo with a family.

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Sloth Bear Family Like a Dog


A Sloth Bear recently befriended a human family in Lakhapada village in India. While he was never domesticated, the sloth bear chose to bond with the family and become more than a pet, he was a member of the family.

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The Thorny Dragon or Thorny Devil


The thorny dragon or thorny devil (Moloch horridus) is an Australian lizard, also known as the mountain devil, the thorny lizard, or the moloch. This is the sole species of genus Moloch. The thorny devil grows up to 20 cm (8.0 in) in length, and it can live up to 20 years.

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World’s First “Kitten Bar” Opens in Japan


According to Dailymail, a “Kitten Bar” Akanasu opens in Tokyo, Japan. It becomes hot for comforting lonely people. The owner Koyanagai has adopted kitties for years.

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Harlow and Indiana are Best Friend Doggies

The Weimaraner Harlow and the dachshund Indiana are best friends. Just look how a big dog and a little puppy are having so much fun together.

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Annual Flamingo Count in Spain

Flamingo chicks walk in an enclosure before they are tagged in Fuente de Piedra, Spain, on Jule 19, 2014. Fuente de Piedra lagoon is a natural reserve with more than 170 different species recorded and one of the main breeding grounds for flamingos in the Iberian Peninsule. Hundreds of flamingo chicks are tagged and checked annually to record the evolution of the species. (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

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How Animals Chill in Summer Heat

Is the big feline dancing in the rain? Not really. The playful shot of a Sumatra tiger was taken in Ragunan Zoo, in South Jakarta, Indonesia on June 24th, 2014. Water droplets scatter through the air when it was taking a refreshing dip from the heat. (Photo: CFP)

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Stranded Whale Still Stuck on Gold Coast Beach

The juvenile humpback became stranded on the sand at Palm Beach late on Tuesday but is now swimming out to sea. The rescuers were successful on their fifth attempt to free the whale after earlier managing to move the whale towards the back of the breakers before the tow rope snapped and the humpback was back on the sand.

Sea World spokeswoman Tacha Mulligan says she is hopeful the whale will survive despite being out of the water for some time. “We were working against the conditions – time was running out on us”, she said. “It was the perfect time to go when we were able to release it. However, it has been out of the water and we are cautiously optimistic it will be OK from here on in”.

Marine rescue workers from Sea World attempt to help a juvenile humpback whale stranded at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast, in Queensland July 9, 2014. (Photo by Jason O’Brien/Reuters)

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Adorable German Shorthair Assumes Many Different Looks and Poses in Whimsical Photo Series


A rather adorable German shorthaired pointer makes a comeback as it assumes many different looks and poses other than that of just being a regular pooch. The dog’s master once again puts on all sorts of costumes and props on the obedient dog, using a variety of homemade outfits and then posts the images on Instagram.

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Meet the Kitten with No Name Who is Purrrmanently Sad

With downcast eyes and an upside-down smile, there’s a new feline in town to rival Grumpy Cat.

The mournful kitten, whose photographs appeared on Imgur this weekend, is owned by Ashley Herring and currently has no name. Due to its woeful expression, the female kitten has earned the temporary nickname Purrmanently Sad Cat or PSC for short.

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Frog Perched on the Crocodile


Perched on the snout of a crocodile, this brave frog will probably never realise just how much of a lucky escape it’s had. For there’s one reason the reptile’s beady eye is fixed greedily on its visitor with jaws gaping wide in anticipation – it’s feeding time. The crocodile had just devoured the first frog in his enclosure, but appeared unable to capture the second.

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Meet Pixel, the World’s Shortest and Most Adorable Cat


Tiffani Kjeldergaard from Potrero, California, is currently waiting to hear word from Guinness on whether or not her cat, Pixel, will be entered into the record books.

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