Seth Casteel’s Cute Puppies Learning To Swim


Seth Casteel‘s underwater puppies are the perfect portrait subjects: Full of personality, snuggle-worthy, and ready to play ball.

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Amazing Polar Bear Photos by David Jenkins

These adorable images of new born polar bears are bound to warm the hearts of even the biggest Ba-humbugs this Christmas. The stunning collection of photographs, taken over the space of ten years, manage to capture the tender bond between both mother and child as they emerge from their den for the very first time. But this photo opportunity isnt just available to anyone, photographer David Jenkins, 42, had to first apply for a special permit to enter the denning area in Wapusk National Park, Canada, an opportunity only given to the most accomplished of wildlife photographers. Whether they are hitching a ride on mums back, playing in the snow, or coming in close for a cuddle, Irish photographer David, managed to show a softer side to the huge polar predators. But if the experience wasnt special enough, David even managed to capture such magical moments as seeing a mother with three surviving cubs, a sight rarely scene in the wild, as well as a mother and cub snuggling in front of a gorgeous winter sunset. Here: a Polar bear with its cub. (Photos by David Jenkins/Caters News)

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December 13 – 20, 2014: Animals

A northern white rhinoceros named Angalifu that died on Sunday is seen in this San Diego Zoo Safari Park handout photo released on December 15, 2014. Angalifu, one of only six northern white rhinoceros left on earth, died over the weekend at a San Diego zoo, bringing the species closer to extinction, zoo officials said on Monday. (Photo by Ken Bohn/Reuters/San Diego Zoo)

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Hearwarming Dog Photographs by 19-Year-Old Polish Photographer


The Poland-based photographer Alicja Zmyslowska takes the most adorable pictures of dogs we’ve ever seen. Photos she takes look supremely happy and relaxed, as if they are being photographed by their best human friend. To shoot these lively photos, Zmyslowska uses a variety of photo gear, such as her Canon 70-200mm, 85mm and 50mm lenses.

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These Animals Will Teach You How To Be a Good Parent


It’s amazing, if you think about it, that dogs get along with children as well as they do. Creatures large and small teach, delight, and offer a special kind of companionship. Parental love knows no boundaries — this simple truth is equally valid for both humans and for our little brothers. Animals have the same emotions and feelings — tenderness, anxiety, desire to care for their kids and protect them.

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Orphaned Kangaroo and Wombat Are Friends

Cute baby animals, kangaroo Anzac and wombat Peggy became stars on the Internet. Both orphans wound up in a cage in the wildlife rescue center in Victoria, Australia. And there they became friends.

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Puppies with Guns Calendar 2015

Initially the project started when I was working in Atlanta. About four years ago, a roommate of mine had a Yorkie and we thought it would be funny to take some photos of this really cute dog with a few handguns. Once my friends saw the photos they started asking me to take pictures of their dogs with other firearms. I moved back to Vermont, where I’m from, and it kept going on like this, and the series has been slowly growing. People see the photos and keep asking if I could take pictures of their puppies. As the series goes on, I’d like to start matching the dogs to firearms that match their personality or heritage. People really seem to like it; most people that I talk to think that it is hilarious. There have been a few people that have negative things to say, but with anything there are going to be people that don’t like it. The haters are the best, the reactions I get from completely irrational people are the most amusing part of the project. Photos from Kickstarter for Puppies with Guns calendar. Photos and caption by Ben Haulenbeek.

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14 Pets That Destroy Christmas

14-cats-and-dogs-that-destory-christmas 1
If you think that your cat or dog might be the most adorable and innocent creature in the world, think again. As soon as the holiday season comes around, they can suddenly turn and become wild, beastly destroyers. Your decorated home in all of its glory soon becomes their playground. Here is a compilation of images capturing some of the worst pets that destroy Christmas.

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December 5 – 13, 2014: Animals

A cat rests in a hammock during the International Cat Exhibition in Florence, Italy, December 7, 2014. (Photo by Maurizio Degl’innocenti/EPA)

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Female Lion Guards of India

Female forest guards (L-R) Rashila Ben, Sangeeta and Darshana examine a lion faeces as they patrol the Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Sasan in the western Indian state of Gujarat December 1, 2014. The sanctuary, which is home to Asiatic lions in India, has an area of 1,412 sq km in which female guards were employed for the first time in India in 2007. The guards fetch a monthly salary of around $148 for working almost 12 hours a day, six days a week, said one of the female guards. (Photo by Anindito Mukherjee/Reuters)

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November 29 – December 5, 2014: Animals

On a rainy morning in the Palisades neighborhood, two Labradors, Ricky Bobby and Samantha, play tug of war with a ball toy on a park path in Washington, DC, Tuesday, December 2, 2014. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

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South African Academy Trains Anti-Poaching Dogs

“Venom and Killer. These are members of a furry breed of anti-poaching operatives, dogs that can detect a whiff of hidden rhino horn in a suspect’s vehicle or follow the spoor of armed poachers in South Africa’s besieged wildlife parks. Dogs are a small part of an increasingly desperate struggle to curb poaching in Africa, where tens of thousands of elephants have been slaughtered in recent years to meet a surging appetite for ivory in Asia, primarily China. In South Africa, poachers have killed more than 1,000 rhinos this year, surpassing the 2013 record. Countries and conservationists are trying more robust patrols and surveillance, community programs and other tactics against criminal gangs that sometimes benefit from official corruption. As the conflict rages, elite dogs and handlers are drilling at an anti-poaching academy northwest of Johannesburg. The course prepares canine units to find firearms or contraband, track suspects in the undergrowth and abseil in harnesses from helicopters in pursuit of poachers. Dogs and handlers learn to trust each other and fine tune a relationship balancing control and aggression”. – Christopher Torchia via The Associated Press.

In this photo taken Wednesday, November 26, 2014 attack dogs and their handlers apprehend a “rhino poacher” center, after alighting from a helicopter into water, in a simulation exercise showing training at an academy run by the Paramount Group, near Rustenburg, South Africa. The course prepares canine units to find firearms or contraband, track suspects in the undergrowth and abseil in harnesses from helicopters in pursuit of poachers. Dogs and handlers learn to trust each other and fine tune a relationship balancing control and aggression. (Photo by Denis Farrell/AP Photo)

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Annual Monkey Buffet Festival at the Pra Prang Sam Yot Temple in Thailand

A long-tailed macaque grabs a necklace from a statue during the annual Monkey Buffet Festival at the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi, north of Bangkok November 30, 2014. The festival provides food and drinks to the local monkey population, which numbers more than 2,000, to thank them for drawing tourists to the town. (Photo by Damir Sagolj/Reuters)

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November 22 – 29: Animals of the Week

In this September 21, 2014 photo taken by hiker Darsh Patel and provided by the West Milford Police Department on November 25, 2014, a bear approaches 22-year-old Patel in New Jersey’s Apshawa Preserve. Patel was mauled to death by the bear shortly after the photo was taken. (AP Photo/Darsh Patel via West Milford Police Department)

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Venezuela’s Beloved Macaws

In this November 24, 2014 photo, macaws fly over the city in Caracas, Venezuela. Macaws are thriving amid the high-rises and traffic of Caracas thanks to a group of amateur birders who feed them and watch out for their nests. Visitors to Venezuela’s capital soon grow accustomed to lifting their heads at dusk and dawn to see the stately birds glide by, usually in a pair. (Photo by Ariana Cubillos/AP Photo)

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