The International Bird Rescue in California

A bird is cleaned at the International Bird Rescue in Fairfield, California January 20, 2015. A gooey, unknown material discovered on the eastern shores of San Francisco Bay is clinging to the feathers of birds, and more than 100 birds, mostly species of oceangoing, diving ducks, have died after their feathers were fouled by the viscous substance now undergoing testing at state labs in Sacramento. (Photo by Robert Galbraith/Reuters)

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Hippo is Scared of Birds

This is the hilarious moment a terrified baby hippo ran screaming for its mum when a flock of bird landed on its back in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. The hippo was seen screaming, running and twisting from side to side in a desperate bid to shake off the red and yellow ox-pecker birds. Ox-peckers and hippos usually have a mutually beneficial relationship where the birds help free hippos of ticks and other parasites by feeding on them. (Photo by Marc Mol/Caters News/SIPA Press)

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January 10 – 16: Animals

Young and old elephants play with a Christmas trees before eating them at the zoo in Prague, Czech Republic, Monday, January 12, 2015. The animals at Prague Zoological Garden enjoy Christmas trees donated to the zoo by vendors who could not sell them before the holidays. (Photo by Vit Simanek/AP Photo/CTK)

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Social Network for Animals

A cat wears a “Tsunagaru Col” gadget next to a smart phone displaying the connected app, at the Anicall Corp booth during the Wearable Device Technology Expo in Tokyo January 14, 2015. The gadget (“Tsunagaru” means connection) for animals tracks information about pets, such as the location and other animals the pet might be interacting with, with the purpose of providing “social networking” for animals. The expo runs until January 16 as a part of Japan’s largest electronic exhibition expected to attract around 77,000 visitors, according to organisers. (Photo by Yuya Shino/Reuters)

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15 Before And After Adoption Pictures That Will Take Your Heart Away


The pictures below show the huge difference one day makes in the life of a pet , while in many of these dogs the road to completely heal is still long , you can see it in their eyes , they’ve realized they just got a new life. They understand . We encourage adoption , obviously every house hold should consider the pros and cons of adoption , but if you already made up your mind and the house is ready we say good for you for saving a life ! just look at the images below and tell us you’re not touched.

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January 3 – 10: Animals

In this January 3, 2015 photo, a monkey carries her cub inside Machia Park in Villa Tunari in Bolivia’s department of Cochabamba. Machia Park is a state park that serves as a refuge for wildlife, and is the beginning of Bolivia’s section of the Amazon rainforest. (Photo by Juan Karita/AP Photo)

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Cat and Mouse Metal Body Armour by Jeff de Boer

Jeff de Boer is a Canadian artist and he started a sculpting project over 30 years ago. He creates impressive metal armour suits for cats and mice based on different historical eras. He has everything covered from Ancient Rome gladiator armor, to Renaissance knight armor suits. Jeff sculpts with a variety of metals but mostly bronce and copper. Just to give you an idea of his dedication, one tiny mouse armour suit takes from 10 to 40 hours to make, and a cat armor takes from 50 to 200 hours.

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The London Zoo’s Annual Stocktake of Animals

Sumatran tiger cubs and their parents walk around their enclosure at London Zoo in London, January 5, 2015. The annual stock take and animal count, a requirement of London Zoo’s license, included additions to the international conservation breeding programme such as the three tiger cubs and Philippine crocodiles. (Photo by Toby Melville/Reuters)

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Riding a Snail

Frog legs it! Indonesian flying frog tries to hitch a ride on snail’s back before realising it would be quicker to hop it alone. A tiny frog struck up an unlikely friendship with a giant African land snail after clambering onto its shell to catch a ride. The bright green Wallace’s flying frog was spotted giving the snail a quick kiss before it hopped onto its back where it sat for a few minutes. Photographer Hendy Mp, 25, captured the unusual antics in the woods near his home in Sambas, Indonesia, and sat just 30cm away from the friendly pair while they played. “I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw them, it was very funny. I haven’t seen anything else like it”, he said. (Photos by Hendy Mp/SOLENT/Visual Press Agency)

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Sunny Butterflies of Winter California

A monarch butterfly rests on a visitor’s hand at the Monarch Grove Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, California December 30, 2014. Monarch butterflies may warrant U.S. Endangered Species Act protection because of farm-related habitat loss blamed for sharp declines in cross-country migrations of the orange-and-black insects, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said. (Photo by Michael Fiala/Reuters)

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December 27 – January 2, 2015: Animals

An injured hippo lies on the street after jumping off from a truck in Miaoli county, December 26, 2014. One witness said she rushed outside after hearing a loud commotion as she was watching TV at home and saw the hippo butting its head furiously against a parked car. The hippo was eventually overcome with exhaustion and lay down on the ground, appearing to be suffering from injuries including broken teeth and a broken leg. Witnesses said the hippo had tear-like watery secretions coming from its eyes. Staff at the farm said it was one of two hippos that was being transported from a temporary shelter to their renovated home at the farm. Staff members suggested that the hippo must have been startled at some point in the trip, leading it to jump through a ventilation window in their container and collide with a parked car. As the owner could not provide legal import documents for the hippo, an internationally protected wild animal, Miaoli police decided to turn him in to prosecutors for breaching the Wildlife Conservation Act. The Miaoli County government will also slap a fine of NT$15,000 (US$472.45) -NT$75,000 (U$2,365) on the owner for his failure to protect the animal. New transportation arrangements have been made to return the two hippos back to their habitat in Taichung, this time under sedation by veterinarians, according to a farm official. (Photo by Reuters/Stringer)

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December 20 – 27, 2014: Animals

A baby orangutan plays with a Christmas costume at the zoo in Dvur Kralove nad Labem, 146 kilometers east of Prague, Czech Republic, Sunday, December 21, 2014. Christmas Day came early for some animals in the zoo, where the employees prepared presents for them filled with dried fruit, nuts, clothes or dishes. (Photo by David Tanecek/AP Photo/CTK)

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Seth Casteel’s Cute Puppies Learning To Swim


Seth Casteel‘s underwater puppies are the perfect portrait subjects: Full of personality, snuggle-worthy, and ready to play ball.

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Amazing Polar Bear Photos by David Jenkins

These adorable images of new born polar bears are bound to warm the hearts of even the biggest Ba-humbugs this Christmas. The stunning collection of photographs, taken over the space of ten years, manage to capture the tender bond between both mother and child as they emerge from their den for the very first time. But this photo opportunity isnt just available to anyone, photographer David Jenkins, 42, had to first apply for a special permit to enter the denning area in Wapusk National Park, Canada, an opportunity only given to the most accomplished of wildlife photographers. Whether they are hitching a ride on mums back, playing in the snow, or coming in close for a cuddle, Irish photographer David, managed to show a softer side to the huge polar predators. But if the experience wasnt special enough, David even managed to capture such magical moments as seeing a mother with three surviving cubs, a sight rarely scene in the wild, as well as a mother and cub snuggling in front of a gorgeous winter sunset. Here: a Polar bear with its cub. (Photos by David Jenkins/Caters News)

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December 13 – 20, 2014: Animals

A northern white rhinoceros named Angalifu that died on Sunday is seen in this San Diego Zoo Safari Park handout photo released on December 15, 2014. Angalifu, one of only six northern white rhinoceros left on earth, died over the weekend at a San Diego zoo, bringing the species closer to extinction, zoo officials said on Monday. (Photo by Ken Bohn/Reuters/San Diego Zoo)

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