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Oakland Zoo Feeds Pumpkins to Animals

1109 Oakland Zoo Feeds Pumpkins to Animals
A tiger plays with a pumpkin at the Oakland Zoo in Oakland, Calif., on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013. Over the next few months visitors will be able to view animals feasting on and playing with thousands of the leftover donated pumpkins. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group)

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Terrifying Portraits of Indonesia’s Street-Performing Macaques

169 Terrifying Portraits of Indonesia’s Street Performing Macaques
“Terror often stems not from the unknown, but from something familiar that has been subtly – but unmistakably – transformed. This certainly helps explain why Finnish photographer Perttu Saksa’s series, “A Kind of You”, is so unsettling. Saksa, a portrait photographer by trade, was appalled when, traveling in Jakarta in 2012, he first caught sight of macaque monkeys that had been manacled and forced into roles as “actors” in street performances. In the fall of last year, with the help of an Indonesian journalist, Saksa began investigating people known as “monkey masters” – entrepreneurs who train and rent monkeys to beggars.

Saksa then photographed those monkeys, “in character”, that he found especially chilling; often clad in dolls’ masks and children’s clothes, his subjects convey an eerie, anthropomorphic spirit. Bound by chains and peering from behind masks that, at least ostensibly, evoke playfulness and innocence, the monkeys in Saksa’s portraits are emblems of a primal human fear: the terror of being enslaved, wholly controlled, at the mercy of forces greater than ourselves.

Along with the unease the images provoke, however, most viewers will likely feel another, perhaps deeper response. Namely, anger. How, we ask ourselves, is this sort of abuse allowed to happen, out in the open?

“It’s a matter of empathy”, Saksa once said in an interview with art critic Mika Hannula – an observation that suggests his photographs are more than mere portraits. They are an indictment of our own indifference to the suffering of others.

In early 2013, Jakarta tightened its oversight of the city’s “monkey masters”, making the ownership of monkeys a violation of a criminal code on animal abuse. And two weeks ago, Jakarta’s governor announced a cash incentive for handlers whose monkeys are seized and released from captivity.

Soon, Saksa’s images may serve as spooky vestiges of an archaic tradition. For now, they’re powerful – and eerily beautiful – reminders of a grim reality”. – Vaughn Wallace via The Time.

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Eating Breakfast with Giraffes in Kenya via @ongezondnl

giraffe manor hotel nairobi kenya africa safari 6 650x433 Eating Breakfast with Giraffes in Kenya via @ongezondnl

giraffe manor hotel nairobi kenya africa safari 9 650x433 Eating Breakfast with Giraffes in Kenya via @ongezondnl

Dating back to the 1930s, Giraffe Manor is one of Nairobi’s iconic historical buildings. Situated on 140 acres (57 hectares) of land, the property is a sanctuary for one of the most endangered subspecies of giraffe in the world, Rothschild’s giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi).

For the fortunate guests that stay at Giraffe Manor, they can expect a visit from the herd of resident Rothschild Giraffes that like to drop by in the mornings and evenings to sniff out some snacks before venturing back into their sanctuary.

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Best of the Week Cute Animal Pictures #12

l Ive got crabs Best of the Week Cute Animal Pictures #12

l Derpy bunny Best of the Week Cute Animal Pictures #12

l Professor Kitty Best of the Week Cute Animal Pictures #12

This post is part of our weekly series: showing some really cute and funny animal pictures around the world, so you can have a good mood after a week of hard work. If you want to share your cute animal pictures with our readers, just register and upload them to our site. Sit back, relax and enjoy the post.


Elephant Paints An Elephant

Who would have thought that elephants could paint? Not just paint but paint another elephant.
Amazing that such creatures can have the skill to paint on a white canvas, and paint even better then some people.

Watch this video of an elephant painting an elephant On FunOfArt!

painting elephant 650x433 Elephant Paints An Elephant


Halloween day funny pets costumes

Abra cat dabra Halloween day funny pets costumes

Wonder Pup Halloween day funny pets costumes

Dark Lord 650x546 Halloween day funny pets costumes

Many pets like to share in the festivities too every year October 31st they celebrate this Halloween day.

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Pets Dress Up for Halloween

1174 Pets Dress Up for Halloween
A dog dressed as a Zoltar fortune telling machine participates in the Halloween Dog Parade in New York. (Photo by Timothy Clary/Getty Images)

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Hilarious Portraits of Dogs as They Shake Off Water via @ongezondnl #photo #dogs

Hilarious High Speed Photographs of Dogs 1 600x534 Hilarious Portraits of Dogs as They Shake Off Water via @ongezondnl #photo #dogs

For her series “Shake“, photographer Carli Davidson used a hight speed camera curious portraits hilarious portraits of dogs shaking off water

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Thousands of Caimans Thrive in Rio’s Urban Sprawl

1150 Thousands of Caimans Thrive in Rios Urban Sprawl
In this October 14, 2013 photo, ecology professor Ricardo Freitas releases a broad-snouted caiman after examining it, at the Marapendi Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Some 5,000 to 6,000 broad-snouted caimans live in fetid lagoon systems of western Rio de Janeiro, conservationists say, and there’s a chance that spectators and athletes at the 2016 Olympics could have an encounter with one, though experts hasten to add that the caimans, smaller and less aggressive than alligators or crocodiles, are not considered a threat to humans. (Photo by Felipe Dana/AP Photo)

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Tour Guide Feeds 17 Foot Crocodile

To most of us, hand-feeding crocodiles might sound like a one-way ticket to a watery grave. But for Jose Eduardo Chaves Salas, 32, coming within inches of the fearsome creatures’ razor-sharp teeth is all in a day’s work. He runs Jose’s Crocodile River Tour on the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica, where tourists can watch him feed crocs up to 17 feet long.

“At first it’s very scary to be next to these huge creatures in their natural habitat, but with time and practice you lose the nerves and get used to it”, Jose said. The croc whisperers are based in the town of Tarcoles, in Central Pacific Costa Rica, around an hour’s drive from the capital of San José where Jose was born. Despite their terrifying reputation, the Costa Rican is keen to dispel the idea that crocodiles are aggressive and out-of-control. “They are not violent or dangerous if you are knowledgeable about them and know how to work with them”, Jose said.

1137 Tour Guide Feeds 17 Foot Crocodile
A tour guide dangles a piece of meat above the open jaws of a crocodile on the banks of the Tarcoles river in Tarcoles, Costa Rica. (Barcroft Media)

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Funny Dogs Shaking

shake 9 650x579 Funny Dogs Shaking

The photographer Carli Davidson shows us these funny photos of dogs shaking, that precisely the same name as the title, this album creative.

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Animal portraits by Wolf Ademeit

wolfademeit91 Animal portraits by Wolf Ademeit

German photographer Wolf Ademeit creates amazing portraits of animals. Let’s have a look at some of his works.


wolfademeit102 Animal portraits by Wolf Ademeit

wolfademeit131 650x399 Animal portraits by Wolf Ademeit


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SHAKE – Dogs shaking and drooling while listening to Mayer Hawthorne

shake dogs hawthorne 01 SHAKE – Dogs shaking and drooling while listening to Mayer Hawthorne

Shake off all the worries on your mind and smile! The dogs featured in SHAKE are simply here to offer you a couple minutes of wonder and laughter. SHAKE is based on a photography series of the same name by co-director Carli Davidson.

shake dogs hawthorne 03 SHAKE – Dogs shaking and drooling while listening to Mayer Hawthorne


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Most Fluffy Bunny

World s Most Fluffy Bunny 650x572 Most Fluffy Bunny

I have never seen a rabbit as fluffy as the Angora rabbitAngora rabbit is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, originating in Ankara, Turkey. I guess everybody wants to get one for the fluffing cuteness.

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Weird Bugs

Devils Flower Mantis Weird Bugs

Many people do not like insects, do not want to read it in paint, but it sure theseinsects themselves want them, they are awesome.

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