Cuban Couple Keeps Rodents Called Hutias as Pets

In this November 17, 2014 photo, Congui, a domesticated huitia, rides on the front door of an American classic car driven by its owner Rafael Lopez, in Bainoa, Cuba. Five years ago Lopez and his wife Ana Pedraza adopted Congui, their first pet huitia, a large rodent that lives in Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas and some of the smaller Caribbean islands. More than a half-dozen more of the furry animals have been born at their home after occasionally bringing in a male huitia in to mate with Congui. (Photo by Ramon Espinosa/AP Photo)

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Dog Has its Day as Mayor of San Francisco

Frida, a female Chihuahua, is carried by her owner Dean Clark in City Hall before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors issues a special commendation naming Frida “Mayor of San Francisco for a Day” in San Francisco, California November 18, 2014. Frida, a previously unknown female Chihuahua, has won her first political office, being named Mayor of San Francisco for the day as part of a campaign to support the city’s animal shelter. (Photo by Stephen Lam/Reuters)

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Tornado of Fish

It looks like an underwater tornado, but a diver was actually stuck in the middle of a huge school of fish. The fish swarmed around Mika Woyda in their thousands as she swam off the coast of Cabo Pulmo, Mexico. Her husband Caine Delacy snapped the breath-taking images of Mika in scenes he revealed he had never witnessed in 20 years of diving. Before entering the water the couple, who live in Boulder, Colorado, had some shots in mind but never imagined what they would capture. Here: photographer Caine Delacy with his wife Mika Woyda. (Photo by Caine Delacy/Mika Woyda/Caters News)

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November 8 – 15: Animals of the Week

A mandarinfish (Synchiropus splendidus) swims in its aquarium at the zoo in Basel, Switzerland, November 12, 2014. The zoo’s vivarium contains about 6,000 individual inhabitants from as many as 480 different species. (Photo by Georgios Kefalas/EPA)

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2014 Super Cat Show in Rome

A cat is examined by the jury during the first day of the Super Cat Show 2014, on November 8, 2014 in Rome, Italy. The Super Cat Show 2014, which takes place on the 8th and 9th of November, involves the participation of 800 cats of different breeds from all over the world. (Photo by Giorgio Cosulich/Getty Images)

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Baby Mammoth Yuka on Display in Moscow

The Yakutian baby mammoth “Yuka” delivered to the Central Artist House before the onset of the Russian Geographical Society Festival. (© RIA NOVOSTI. VITALY BELOUSOV)

The best-preserved mammoth carcass ever to be found, dubbed “Yuka” by scientists, was delivered to the Central Artist House on October 28 before the onset of the Russian Geographical Society Festival.

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No Rat Shall Pass: Cats of the Hermitage Museum

A cat called Bagira – a graceful miniature panther – rests on a pet bed.

The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, once home to Russia’s ruling Romanov dynasty, is now the centerpiece of the world-renown State Hermitage Museum; its new tenants are a population of stray cats, who control the local population of mice and rats that threatens the museum’s exhibits. (Photo by

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Best Wildlife Photos of 2014

The winners of the 50th Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition have been announced by London’s Natural History Museum.

Stinger in the sun by Carlos Perez Naval (Spain)

Aware of Carlos’s presence, the common yellow scorpion is flourishing its sting as a warning. Carlos had found it basking on a flat stone in a rocky area near his home in Torralba de los Sisones, northeast Spain — also a place that he goes to look for reptiles. The late afternoon sun was casting such a lovely glow over the scene that Carlos decided to experiment with a double exposure (his first ever) so he could include the sun. He started with the background, using a fast speed so as not to overexpose the sun, and then shot the scorpion, using a low flash. But he had to change lenses (he used his zoom for the sun), which is when the scorpion noticed the movement and raised its tail. Carlos then had to wait for it to settle before taking his close-up, with the last rays of the sun lighting up its body.

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Monty the Cat Without a Nasal Bone


If you love someone very much, you care very little about their looks. The beauty of their soul is the thing that matters the most, changing your perception of them for the better.

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Orphaned Sea Otter Pup Finds Home in Chicago

Weighing in at just under 6 pounds and at 22.6 inches long, the female pup arrived at Shedd in late October from Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, where she spent the first four weeks of her life being stabilized. The pup has been doing well since her arrival, receiving continual care behind the scenes of Shedd’s Abbott Oceanarium. Currently referred to as “Pup 681”, Shedd’s animal care and veterinarian teams are providing the continual, round-the-clock care she needs to thrive. Photos used with permisson from Shedd Aquarium. (Photos by Brenna Hernandez/AP Photo)

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November 1 – 8: Animals of the Week

In this file photo dated Sunday, November 2, 2014, shepherds lead their sheep through the centre of Madrid, Spain. Shepherds have guided a flock of 2,000 sheep through Madrid streets in defense of ancient grazing, droving and migration rights increasingly threatened by urban sprawl and modern agricultural practices. Tourists and city-dwellers were surprised to see the capital’s traffic cut to permit the ovine parade to bleat bells clanking its way past the city’s most emblematic locations. (Photo by Andres Kudacki/AP Photo)

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India Destroys Stockpile of Illegal Wildlife Parts

Indian authorities set fire Sunday to a stockpile of tiger skins, elephant tusks, rhino horns and other illegal animal parts in an effort to discourage wildlife smuggling in South Asia. Animal poaching and smuggling have flourished in India, driven by black market demand from China, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries where many believe exotic animal parts have medicinal or aphrodisiacal properties. In most cases, there is no scientific evidence that they do. Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar loaded more than 42,000 illegal animal parts into a large, blazing oven at the Delhi Zoo. The parts included tiger and leopard pelts, reptile skins, rhino horns and shawls made from endangered Tibetan antelope called shahtoosh. Wildlife officials and members of the media crammed into the small room at the zoo to witness the inferno.

Indian authorities hold a tiger skin as they set fire to a stockpile of illegal wildlife parts at the Delhi Zoo in New Delhi, India, Sunday, November 2, 2014. A stockpile of tiger skins, elephant tusks, rhino horns and other illegal animal parts were burned Sunday in an effort to discourage wildlife smuggling in South Asia. (Photo by Tsering Topgyal/AP Photo)

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Golden Retriever Adopted a Kitten

There is nothing more endearing than seeing true friendship and love. Especially, if it as improbable as that of a big dog and a tiny kitten. Somehow, animals feel when they are dealing with a baby. For example, no matter how much a toddler will tug on the tail of a cat and play roughly with it, it will never or very rarely fight back. This set of pictures taken by Jessie Pon shows a tiny kitten mistaking an adult golden retriever for his mother. Though it may hurt the dog’s nose with its sharp claws, the dog does nothing to harm the kitty. On the contrary, it’s watching over the kitty-cat as if it were her own puppy.

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Three Little Witches of Eastwick

Roxy, Bono and Blue in costumes inspired by Tim Burton’s films in Sonoma County, California, 2014. As Halloween draws closer even pugs are dressing up in costumes. But these outfits are unlikely to give anyone nightmares and are more cute than creepy. Philip Lauer, from California, has dressed his three pets Bono, Blue and Roxy, in adorable costumes – with witch hats and black capes. His home in Sonoma County, California, has its own studio to take professional pictures of the posing pups. Every year he and wife wife Sue dress their pets in creepy costumes and send pictures of them to their friends and family as a spooky treat. (Photo by Phillip Lauer/Barcroft Media)

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Animals “Celebrate” Halloween with Pumpkins

This photo provided by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park shows four-month old African lion cub Ernest plays with a pumpkin at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in San Diego, Calif. on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. Staff at the zoo set out pumpkins for the lion pride as a special Halloween treat. (Photo by Tammy Spratt/AP Photo/San Diego Zoo)

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