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Lion Fights Crocs Over Hippo

1177 Lion Fights Crocs Over Hippo
“These photographs show the food chain in action as a hungry lion braved a river full of crocodiles to try and sink his teeth into a dead hippo. The photos were taken in the Maasi Mara nature reserve, in Kenya and show hungry lion braving a crocodile-infested river to get to an upside down hippo, which had died overnight of natural causes.

The incident was witnessed and captured on camera by Richard Chew, an IT manager from San Francisco, USA who was on holiday with his wife. Semi-professional photographer Richard has travelled the world taking pictures but said it was a really unique moment”. – Caters News. (Photos by Richard Chew/Caters News)

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The Bond of Two German Shorthaired Pointers

1158 The Bond of Two German Shorthaired Pointers
The two dogs Travis, 10, and Gus, 5 have become an Internet hit on Instagram. These images were taken by Canadian photographer Steph McCombie.

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Kitten Who Likes To Travel In A Backpack

1156 Kitten Who Likes To Travel In A Backpack
Higgs the kitten loves exploring the great outdoors – by going on holiday in his owner’s rucksack. The adorable five-month-old took his first steps outdoors while holidaying in the Highlands with owners Christian Witte and Kimia Mohammadi last month. But scared by the strong winds along the coastline of Sanna Bay, he scrambled up on Christian’s back before hopping into his backpack.

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Pink Champagne Fox Miko

0 Pink Champagne Fox Miko
Meet this Miko, a 4-month fox color “pink champagne”. Fox this color were first bred on the Canadian farm, one hundred years ago. They are so rare species that currently exist in the world only two such individuals: one lives in Ontario, and the other is Miko. Such foxes bred in captivity and contain only as pets in Canada.

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A Cheetah Encounter in the Serengeti

“This is the heart-stopping moment a photographer came within inches of a young cheetah when it stuck its head through her sun roof. Australian Bobby-Jo Clow, 31, was on safari in Tanzania when the juvenile started heading towards her Landrover with his sibling. She snapped away as the young male dangled its paws in front of her face and smelt her hair before its mother called it away into the wilds of the Serengeti National Park. But not until Bobby-Jo, a full-time elephant keeper at a Tanzanian Zoo, had leaned forward enough to capture the perfect shot, causing the cheetah to hiss and bare its teeth”. – Caters News

1138 A Cheetah Encounter in the Serengeti
The cheetah approaches the windscreen. (Photo by Bobby-Jo Clow/Caters News)

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Twiggy – The Water Skiing Squirrel

 Twiggy   The Water Skiing Squirrel
The most famous squirrel in the world Twiggy, who can water ski, does not get tired to show its skills. The squirrel was taught to hold onto skis by her owner.

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Chinese Cats Saved From The Cooking Pot

1132 Chinese Cats Saved From The Cooking Pot
A truck filled with 500 cats thought to be destined for restaurants was intercepted on Wednesday in Xuzhou, eastern China’s Jiangsu Province. Officer Sun Hai said he and a colleague pulled the vehicle over during a routine traffic check. The officer commented, “The driver said it was a full load of rabbit, but after we instructed him to uncover the load we were shocked to find a full load of living cats.”

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Python Meets A Crocodile See What Happened Next

1108 Python Meets A Crocodile See What Happened Next
What happens in the wild is sometimes hard to imagine. Sometimes other animals can be others prey. In this case, here is a python and a crocodile who come across each other in Australia. This is a bit graphic, so beware.

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Hippo Saves Gnu from Crocodile

This is the amazing moment a heroic hippo saved a gnu from certain death. After being bitten by a crocodile, the large antelope is seen being dragged slowly under the water. But in a miraculous turn of events, a nearby hippo is seen making its way across the water to help the animal in its hour of need.

After chasing the giant crocodile away, the unlikely hero is then seen guarding the creature and even nudges the gnu to the edge of the river in effort to move it out of harm’s way. The jaw dropping moment stunned onlookers, including Israeli photographer, Vadim Onishchenko, 34, who managed to capture the rare moment on camera. Captured whilst on safari in Masai Mara in Kenya, the exhausted antelope later managed to escape to safety.

1107 Hippo Saves Gnu from Crocodile
The gnu struggling to get to the bank of the river is dragged back by the crocodile. (Photo by Vadim Onishchenko/Caters News)

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British Dog Lover Spends £30,000 On Her Nine Pets

“Like most Brits, Emmie Stevens is dog mad. But the 25-year-old has taken it to the next level, spending £30,000 on her nine pets. Emmie’s dogs enjoy regular manicures and fur dyes and have their own walk in wardrobe to store their £15,000 clothing collection.

Rather than wear out prized pooch Bambi with tiresome walks, Emmie pushes her in one of three baby buggies – but only when there’s no room in her handbag. She admits loving her “fluffies” more than her boyfriend Barry Stears, 31,and says previous relationships have failed because men are jealous of the love she gives to her dogs”. – Daily Record

1104 British Dog Lover Spends £30,000 On Her Nine Pets
Bailey the Staffordshire bull terrier, holding a red rose. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

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Free Diving with Hammerhead Shark

247 Free Diving with Hammerhead Shark
“This is the terrifying moment a diver came head to head with a shark as it swims inches away snatching a bite for dinner. The close encounter, captured off Bimini Island in the Bahamas, shows the hammerhead approaching diver Eli Martinez who bravely stands his ground as the giant beast approaches. Eli, free diving outside of a protective cage, carefully handled the sea creature despite its menacing razor-sharp teeth – but admitted they are extremely shy and need a lot of work to allow divers close to them. After multiple trips and hours of diving nearby they finally got used to Eli in January this year – hammerheads regularly visit these waters during the winter season”. – Caters News. Photos: Eli Martinez with hammerhead shark. (Photo by J. P. Zegarra/Caters News)

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Puppies Around Fire Pit For Warmth

160 Puppies Around Fire Pit For Warmth
Despite their thick fur, this group of dogs and puppies in China feel the cold. Luckily, in the winter, they’re allowed to huddle round a staff canteen stove in their home in Jiulongjiang Forest Park, Rucheng County. (Photos: HAP / Quirky / China News / REX)

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Animal Architects Bowerbirds Design

150 Animal Architects Bowerbirds Design
Turkeys strut, peacocks preen, and bowerbirds design. Of all the strange things that male birds do to attract a mate, the bowerbird’s ritual is the only one that could make it into the MoMA. They use two distinct types of “architecture” and have a keen eye for color as well.

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Florida’s Friendly Manatees Photographed By Alexander Mustard

126 Floridas Friendly Manatees Photographed By Alexander Mustard
Snorkellers approach an adult manatee at Three Sisters Spring, Crystal River, Florida. You might imagine that coming face to face with one of these enormous underwater mammals would cause some concern. However, the likelihood is that the rotund creature just wants you to scratch its belly while it floats around happily, as world-renowned underwater photographer Alex Mustard discovered. (Photo by Alexander Mustard/Barcroft Media)

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Freediving with Great White Sharks

“Meet the woman dispelling the myths about one of the worlds most feared ocean predators by swimming without protection with great white sharks. Petite beauty Ocean Ramsey travels the globe swimming with many species of sharks hoping to prove they are nothing like their Jaws film reputation.

In these incredible photographs friend Juan Oliphant caught on camera the moment a massive 17-foot Great White let Ocean tail ride through the deep. Shark conservationist Ocean, who is also a scuba instructor, model and freediver, swam with the massive fish in waters off Baja Mexico”. – Caters News

1266 Freediving with Great White Sharks
Ocean Ramsey freediving with a shark. (Photo by Juan Oliphant/Caters News)

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