Chaos und Ordnung by Simon Prades

Images of daily newspapers have been collected and arranged in large ink drawings, filling shapes of three animals with disasters of the human race.

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How To Create a Cute and Cuddly Vector Dinosaur Character Tutorial in Illustrator

Today I have an Illustrator tutorial for you! Today we will learn how to make a character – a cuddly dinosaur! Roarrrr!

I hope that this tutorial will help your drawing & Adobe Illustrator skills, and help you relax, have some fun, and subscribe to keep the good times rolling in the future.

Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, and just really engage and get involved with these tutorials in Illustrator. We want to help you succeed, and we also want to sharpen our own skills and take your comments into consideration for future tutorials.

What we are creating

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30 Fantastic Examples of Lion Photography

In this post we bring you 30 fantastic examples of lion photography. Lions range in color from nearly white to tawny yellow, ash brown, ochre, and deep orange-brown. They have a tuft of dark fur at the tip of their tail. Now let’s jump to the lion pictures and enjoy!

Lion Eye

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Daily Graphics Inspiration – 527

This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most Inspired Graphics selected by some of the webneel moderators and users.

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Yoga Bear

Yoga Bear by Marco Angeles

Parody design for those who love yoga and a bear more flexible than the average bear.

Available on American Apparel Tees at Also as art prints and other products.

Designed by Marco Angeles
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Spectacular Gravity-Defying Elephant Sculpture

This elephant, created by French artist Daniel Firman, appears to have suctioned its trunk to a wall adjacent to the floor. The remarkable result is this enormous animal seemingly hovering over the ground. That’s one strong trunk!

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James Bond Print by @needledesign

Marking the release of the new Skyfall Teaser trailer online today, here is the @needledesign “50 YEARS OF JAMES BOND” print.
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Para personas con pecas.
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Creative Graphic Concept and Print Ads – Eurovision Song Birds

Metro Sweden (newspaper) is the official sponsor of the Swedish selection for The Eurovision Song Contest 2012. To communicate this, Morris Pinewood Stockholm created a design platform and a communication concept based on the insight of song birds and the link between birdcall and music. Simply called Eurovision Song Birds. A thought seeded from a comic strip printed on the inner sleeve of the LP “Birds” by the dutch group Trace (1975).

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Daily Inspirations no. 428

We’ll be starting today with several beautiful flower photos. Make sure to check Poppies by Mandy Disher and the Purple Carnation by Anahita Narimani Cole. Let’s stick with the nature … instead of flora though, it’s gonna be about animals. Check the staring sheep photo titled Look. It’s definitelly worth it. Let’s move one section down … from the illustrations I would like to highlight Mercedes deBellard. Another one I like is the one at the bottom of the section called Fog by E338. If you’re inclining more towards traditional artworks, do not miss Solvent by Olga Noes. There are quite creative ads featured today as well … make sure to scroll through. At the very end, there is a nice Apple style navi bar available in the freebie section. Enjoy!

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Is this really a drawing?

Amazing, amazing! Pencil and graphite drawings on paper by Paul Lung. Most are done at A2 size (16.5 x 23.4 inches). They’re so realistic!

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Brilliant Photography Inspiration From NatGeo Archives

I feel enthusiastic to explore into the NatGeo photography collections and carefully selected to share a bigger inspiration for tired pandas.

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Yay! Bath Time!

Yay! Bath Time! by ivejustquitsmoking

Happy black and white animals all excited for the their colorful bath time!

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Art Work by Alexey KaranaK

He is name Alexei (aka Karanak), and he is one of concept artists working on Star Conflict’s design.
Today we’re starting a “making of” series with this post about one of the largest ships in the game. he’ll guide you through the work process.

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