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Daily Inspirations no. 414

Although we have a day off up here, it doesn’t mean we’ll be keeping you waiting till tomorrow. Fresh dose of creative inspiration is a must .). Let’s start as usual in the photography section. There are some unique pieces that stand out. I am speaking about a kitten taking bath in milk in Giochi Con il Latte, Ethereal wind by Element5 and a modern architecture photo called Symmetries by Mathias Guillin. Nice start, right?! My choice from the illustration section is the Zodiac Signs by Tony Ganem … love it. Right below, you’ll find another interesting artwork called Free style bmx by Chris Thornley. I have to say, today’s art / digital section is full of interesting inspirations. For example, there is a sexy female painting / drawing called Lithium by Sandra Jawad, fairytale style Girl and Shroom by Sabrina Eras and another sexy female, this time tattooed though … in HAPPINESS by MARTIN GROHS. I’ll pick one ad that deserves to be here … it’s the Vigineo Home Security: Henry by Ogilvy & Mather. Make sure to check the freebie section as well … there are some nice icons. Enjoy the rest!

i1a8 Daily Inspirations no. 414

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Wooden horse

20120428 205612 750x562 Wooden horse
Do you have some wooden wine boxes left (plus some free time) and you just don`t know what to do with them? No? But it seams like the owner of that wine shop in berlin had a great idea! You can even buy wine boxes on amazon Wooden horse.
Submit by the coreinceeightyfour blog. Stay updated on the facebook page if you like.

Character Design and Concept Art: John Carter of Mars

In this post we showcase awesome character design and concept art of “John Carter of Mars”. These extraordinary artworks are done by Michael Kutsche for John Carter, directed by Andrew Stanton. Hope you like it.

whiteapes Character Design and Concept Art: John Carter of Mars

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Art of Alister Dippner

Alister Art of Alister Dippner
View or buy more of his art here


Enjoy this cool #272 Tuesday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.


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Dark Matter by Alexander Semenov

Many marine species can’t be photographed underwater for a variety of different reasons. Some animals are too small, some spend their life burrowed in the seafloor, and some live in the dark depths where nobody can dive. At our station, we collect specimens using different methods and as a result are able to make photos and then show a wide range of animals, which we haven’t previously seen in their natural environment. You can see some of them here in this project, and also it contains photos of some more common, yet very beautiful White Sea inhabitants.

i1a2 Dark Matter by Alexander Semenov

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The Evolution of Man

“Evolution” is a charming stop-motion film by Boolab that depicts the evolution of man. (Click here to watch the video)
evolution of man stop motion film 1 The Evolution of Manevolution of man 44 The Evolution of Man
Check out the awesome Evolution of Man video. Via Enpundit

Daily Inspirations no. 413

I am sure your mind is perfectly relaxed after the weekend and we may dive into another fresh set of creative inspirations our team put together. The ones following us know what our daily inspirations consist of … it’s not about the photos, illustrations and traditional art only … there is something for everyone. So let’s take a look what we got. In the photo section do not miss the swimming ape in Are you looking at me by Oat Vaiyaboon. There are several cool illustrations … but today I’ll pick just one, and it’s gonna be very cartoonish. Love it. Anyway, the artwork is called Digital Painting & Illustration, and Daniel Djanie is the talented author behind it. I believe we were already featuring artworks by Jenny Liz Rome … some of you may remember. If you do not remember it doesn’t matter … just check her latest artwork here at Cruzine called Bear #2. How sexy is that?! At the very end of my intro I am gonna recommend a nice poster freebie at the bottom called Black & Orange PSD Flyer Template by Flyerheroes. Enjoy!

i1a178 Daily Inspirations no. 413

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Weird Space by Alexander Semenov

Red Sea in February is full of strange translucent creatures. It’s the jellyfish, ctenophores and salps. They have appeared on our planet long before us, but now for us they look like alien race, but not the typical representatives of the animal world. Ocean and the creatures who inhabit – it’s another universe, the cosmos, and you can see it by yourself. Here they are.

i1a174 Weird Space by Alexander Semenov

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A donkey on a boat

tumblr m39gugE2vd1rse1ipo1 500 A donkey on a boat
Photographed by Paola Pivi at the coast of the island Alicudi.Paola Pivi is an Italian multimedia artist who lives and works in Anchorage, Alaska. In her work, she uses a wide range of art techniques, such as photography, sculpture and performance. Some of her works contain performance elements, at times involving live animals and people. In 1999, she received Golden Lion Award at the Venice Biennale.

See More At The Khooll

Three Dimensional Goldfish Sculptures Made by Layering Paint and Resin

With his pet goldfish as inspiration, Fukahori has created these unique sculptures by meticulously painting and pouring resin, layer by layer. (see more pictures and a truly amazing video here)
3D painted goldfish 1 Three Dimensional Goldfish Sculptures Made by Layering Paint and Resin3D painted goldfish 6 Three Dimensional Goldfish Sculptures Made by Layering Paint and Resin
Check out more photos of Three Dimensional Goldfish Sculptures Made by Layering Paint and Resin. Via Enpundit

Cute Animal Artworks

As yesterday’s collection had a huge success, we decided to do something similar in terms of grouping various artworks and styles into one cool collection. All these artworks have something in common, and that is … they’re all animal related. This collection is a must-see. There are plenty of amazing pieces you would regret missing. Anyway, scroll through and enjoy. Believe me, there is something for every single one of you.

i1a168 Cute Animal Artworks

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Hypnotic Line Art Faces

Patrick Seymour from Montreal Canada uses bold lines and strong symmetry to create hypnotic line art faces.Patrick Seymour faces 1 Hypnotic Line Art Faces
Patrick Seymour faces 9 Hypnotic Line Art Faces
More picture here
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Daily Inspirations no. 411

Again, there are some exceptional photos available today. They’re a mixture of flora and fauna photography …. plus some female beauty .). Let’s be concrete though. Do not miss the amazing flower shot called Sun Dancers by Joel Olives, breathtaking primate photo called Ape by TOMAS RAK and the beautiful Irina Sheik taking a bath in modern tub. Today, surprisingly I’ll pick just one representative from the illustrations .. it’s the Best Alpinist Ever by Freakland that deserves to be featured. On the other hand, when speaking of today’s art / digital artworks, seems every single one would deserve to be here. Anyway, got to pick just few … I do not want to flood you with inspiration right at begin :). Make sure to check the HOROSCOPES ELLE RUSSIA PART 1 by Laura Laine, Papillon by KunstFabrik Manu Jobst and Under Water Love by Sita. If you’re into futuristic / high-tech architecture, do not miss the Motril Footbridge by Gijon Arquitectura. And for the ones looking for some freebies .. there is a nice WordPress theme available at the bottom. Enjoy!

i1a165 Daily Inspirations no. 411

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Tattooed poster by Chaos Crew Tattoo

Awesome tattooed poster by the talented tattoo artists from the German studio Chaos Crew Tattoo.
2o22 Tattooed poster by Chaos Crew Tattoo3o6 Tattooed poster by Chaos Crew Tattoo
MORE INFO & IMAGES – VIDEO > Tattooed poster by Chaos Crew Tattoo
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