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Pets Portrait Series

feeldesain pets portraits Pets Portrait Series

Amazing Pets Portrait Series photography….very funny….


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Low-Cost Cremation Of Pets Preferred Over Burial As Downturn Persists In US

Pet owners in the US are looking at the lower-cost option of cremation rather than burial of their deceased pets as the economic downturn continues to affect them. A report by the Los Angeles Times states that pet owners are lured by an $80 expense on cremation as compared to a burial, which is $800 on average. There are about 291 pet cemeteries and pet crematories in the US that offer both burial and cremation services. However, most cemeteries have suffered due to the economic crisis as pet owners have started opting more for cremation services.

The Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery in Huntington Beach, California, which opened in 1961, is one such cemetery that has faced the crunch. Some of its customers, who had pre-selected memorial property for their pets, ended up going in for cremation. The cemetery now provides cremation services for pets and returns the remains to owners in an urn. To benefit the maximum from cremation, the cemetery also sells these urns, which are available in different styles and sizes to choose from.

182 Low Cost Cremation Of Pets Preferred Over Burial As Downturn Persists In US

A memorial is seen at a pet cemetery in Huntington Beach, California, April 4, 2012. The cemetery opened in 1961, and is one of 291 pet cemeteries and pet crematories in the US. An increasing number of pet owners are choosing the lower-cost option of cremation because of the economic downturn, according to the Los Angeles Times. (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)

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Glen Milner – Alone in a Nuclear Zone

Glen Milner Alone In A Nuclear Zone Glen Milner   Alone in a Nuclear Zone

Naoto Matsumara is the only resident living in the 20km exclusion zone around Fukushima nuclear power plant. He has refused the government’s plea to leave his hometown of Tomioka as he vows to take care of the animals left behind. The high levels of radiation meant that all 16,000 residents were evacuated in 2011 when the earthquake caused a nuclear meltdown at the nearby power plant. A year on, Naoto still vows to stay on.
Watch the video on Le Blog de Yoland.

The Crab by Kenyon Manchego

The Crab
Still life photography
Photographie nature morte.
Photographe : Kenyon Manchego

hd 159dfbf5c708964052c40d5573ad028d 750x500 The Crab by Kenyon Manchego

Bug on a Bike

bug Bug on a Bike

Beautiful, detailed capture of a praying mantis by Tustel Ico.

More infos here.

JLB ATHLETICS – Interview with (British Record Holder) Montell Douglas

An interview with Montell Douglas
100m British Record Holder
Twitter : @MontyTrackStar

Follow JLB On Twitter: @jeffrey_lb . Also Check Out For All The Latest Updates on Jeffrey Lawal-Balogun Athletics.

Filmed with a Panasonic GH1 / Edited on the 27″ iMac using adobe premiere pro and after effects CS5.5. You can find me on twitter @Phillyatchi & Facebook


Enjoy this cool #267 Saturday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.


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Sarah Illenberger

sarah illenberger 01 Sarah Illenberger
Here is the work of the German artist Sarah Illenberger. Since 2007, she launched is own studio, and she already works for a large client range with…
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Daily Inspirations no. 398

It’s Friday again and it seems the time is flying. Anyway, as we all love animals … it would be more than appropriate to start with two cool animal photos. The first one is featuring marching elephants. It’s called Masai Mara and it was shot by Marina Cano. The other one is featuring a nice horse silhouette. Unfortunatelly we do not know the author, nor the artwork name. It’s still nice though … and quite inspiring. It’s going to be pretty hard for me to pick something from today’s illustrations as all of them are amazing. I’ll give it a try. My favorite is Victoria by Jennifer Healy and Penny by Robi Pena. And do not argue with me … I know there are many possible favorites :). In the art / digital art section I am pretty confident though with my pick … it’s the Glasstide by Anne Angelshaug. Love pretty much everything … idea, style as well as the colors. How about a cool ad …? Check the England vs France RATP: Frog by Euro RSCG C&O :). Pretty nice. Enjoy the weekend … and be back on Monday again! :)

c1a8 Daily Inspirations no. 398

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Canine Chronicles by Winnie Au

A Century of History’s Most Notable Dogs. A selection of images from my upcoming book project. Enjoy :)

i1a35 Canine Chronicles by Winnie Au

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Egg Draw Doodlers Anonymous Submission by Súa Agapé

Egg Draw Sua Agape 2012 750x500 Egg Draw Doodlers Anonymous Submission by Súa Agapé

My submission for the Egg Draw Doodlers Anonymous Showcase#14 is ready! :D Take a look at the amazing submissions! Let’s Vote Now!

More info:

Twitter: @_Suacide


Daily Inspirations no. 397

To tell the truth I am at least as curious as you are what’s new in today’s set of creative inspirations .). There are two hot photos that caught my attention right away. The first one is called A M A N D A by Carlos Williams, which is a black and white female portait photography. The other one is a sexy Chinese girl (Fan Bing Bing) photography obviously being brave. There are some exceptional illustrations just few spots below. Make sure to check the Angelic Curse by Helen Rusovich, Tattoeums II by Giulio Rossi as well as the Pappy Poopdeck – Popeye’s father, dirty old sailor by LAMBUJA!. My today’s pick from the traditional art section would be the painting called La Mélodie des tuyaux by Benjamin Lacombe. If you guys are in need of a nice graphic user interface, get the one offered in the freebie section today called Moonify UI by Joachim Löfstedt. I promise, the quality won’t disappoint you. Have a day full of inspiration! .)

c1a6 Daily Inspirations no. 397

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Webneel Logo design Inspiration – #2

 Webneel Logo design Inspiration   #2
In this post we have added 28 creative and inspiring cat themed logo designs for your inspiration. My favorite logo designs are Banjo cat, Curly Cat, Miau, CAT(last). Please tell us your favorite logo. My favorite logo designs are Banjo cat, Curly Cat, Miau, CAT(last). Please tell us your favorite logo design.
Best Cat Logo%20(17) Webneel Logo design Inspiration   #2

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