Motion design for Flanders Research

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 19.55.19
Beautifully designed film for the Flemish government (belgium) by motion designer / director KITCHHOCK in collaboration with

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20+ Creative SVG Animation Tutorials And Demos You Should See


SVG is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics and graphical applications in XML. SV is a W3C Recommendation and forms the core of the current SVG developments.SVG works within the XML environment. This means the XML language creates the picture. Essentially, you use XML to describe what the image should look like by utilizing attributes.

There is certainly much more to working with SVG then the basics. Animation, filters, gradients all are available when creating SVG images. Like anything worth knowing, SVG takes some practice.

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Libero 2015

Graphic packaging for “Libero” of TyC Sports channel (Argentina). The libero is a position that has the particularity to play “free” within a playing structure. The aesthetic proposal is a tactical “wink” to all the football fans, lovers of this TV show.

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Famous Bald Heads, Can You Guess Them All?


Brasilian graphic designer Fernando Perottoni brought us this colection of the most famous bald heads of movies and TV shows.. This is “Notorious Baldies”, as himself call it. Can you guess them all?

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Nickelodeon 2015 Idents – Campaign Montage

Bunker were asked again to create a series of summer idents for Nickelodeon with a quirky Kiwiana theme. This is a quick montage highlighting some of our favourite moments from the campaign.

I led this project from concept to completion, with a role that ranged from Live Action Direction, 2D, 3D, Animation, Compositing, Editing, Rotoscoping, Art Direction, Prop Making & Stop Motion.

We delivered a total of 40 idents ranging from 5 to 60 seconds in duration.

Save The Date animation

Because animator Jordi from Superbeing is getting married on 4 September 2015, He created this fun short Save The Date animation. The characters He made to look like him and his girlfriend and the text and voice over they also did themselves. “The idea was to come up with an original and unique way to tell the Save The Date message to our friends and family. To make people laugh and extra excited for our wedding!”

TyC Sports Verano 2015

Graphic packaging for the program TyC Sports Summer 2015. A summery visual identity under the personal conceptual approach of TyC Sports.

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Holland & Barrett – new campaign by Jens & Anna


Flying chickens, gossiping snails and horny goats in Jens & Anna’s latest campaign for Holland & Barrett.

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Whiteboard Sketch Animation

Hand sketching whiteboard animation for the Australian client Cataccino. We have worked on storyboard of the theme. Draw the sketches of the wireframe screens. And final sketching on whiteboard by hand.

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Bildungsroman – Short film by Gerardo del Hierro

The film is a personal project, fully self-produced in CG, that tries to capture the tensions and self-doubt when growing up, using old alchemic symbology as imagery. The audio was composed by Fernando Domínguez especially for the film.

Directed and Produced: Gerardo del Hierro
Music: Fernando Dominguez

Beautiful animation for TamarinGo the game

This animation for this new iOS game is awesome. The game is called TamarinGo. Check it out.

Ink on Chinese Rice Paper Animation

This music video, sung by Chinese talent Miya, is animated from the Ink on Chinese Rice Paper paintings of Earthstone Chu. Animations Production by Gazing Element.

Dior Snapshot in L.A. with Marion Cotillard


Cotillard has been the face of Lady Dior since 2008, and has appeared to more than 200 cover magazines throughout the world. Apparently was named  “The Most Bankable French Actress of the 21st Century”. This video was made in Los Angeles in a beautiful villa. Cotillard was flirty, dancing or almost dancing during the video. The video, the music, the protagonist are awesome. Enjoy.

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God Squad Animation

God Squad Trailer from ZAC Creative.

In the near future, after the scheming of rival pantheons nearly results in a world war, international courts make it illegal for gods to interfere in the lives of men and order all supernatural deities grounded. As the power and existence of these deities is granted by humans, the gods must reluctantly agree. The seedy, crime-ridden Kings Cross district of Sydney offers asylum, so long as they obey human law. Most gods have little power left, having lost their followers centuries ago, and must take on menial jobs. Other deities, flush with popularity, quickly rise to positions of influence. Some feel compelled to help humans and take positions in law enforcement, whereas others go underground and become criminals. The God Squad is an elite unit of detective deities who are responsible for solving crimes that involve any of the fallen gods.


“Hi” is a short story about the important things in life.

Produced by Place Studio. Design & Animation (
Writted, directed and animated by Julio Cesar Velazquez.
Designed, art directed and 2D animated by Eloy Krioka.
Sound by Marcelo Baldin (