LightSpin Documentary Film – Motion Graphics Inspiration

LightSpin or Twirl was the trial Photography art project to finds its basis in a sole light painting technique. The movie has made of thousands pictures that are exclusively set on fire by hand with broken flashlight in which artists are in action to perform contemporary dance by the center of a ring where 24 cameras are fixed.

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Romain Laurent’s Absurd and Laugh-Out-Loud Animated Portraits will Make Your Day

These ironic, hilarious, and surreal animated portraits are part of commercial photographer Romain Laurent‘s photography challenge. Laurent’s desire to break the routine (of working on commercial photography) ended up on a quest to create silly-looking looped animated portrait each week since last September. He says the bizarre and often laugh-out-loud experiments are a low-pressure way to experiment and be creative without expectations.

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Motion Graphics – MTV Indie Beats

Under the philosophy ‘Independent Spirit’, MTV and Jack Daniel’s implement a series of events within the Spanish territory under the name ‘Indie Beats’.

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“The butterfly effect” BBC World Service

Proposal for “Bring the News to Life: A global creative challenge” BBC World Service. Between October and November 2013, YCN and BBC World Service invited international creatives based outside the UK, aged between 18-34, to develop an advert or advertising campaign that encourages young audiences to engage with the BBC World Service.

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Thierno Bah Reel 2013

Thierno Bah Reel 2013 from Thierno Bah. Hey there, this is my latest reel. Thanks for watching.
Breakdown available on Vimeo. A lot of spots are from Buck so if you want to see the full credits and more work it’s on their website

Showreel 2014 from Brikk!

Now presenting Brikks new Showreel!

Premier Inn’s Great British Stories Campaign – Spotlight on Exeter, Lincoln and Shewsbury

The latest campaign from Premier Inn, Great British Stories combines the spirit of adventure and a healthy dose of British character with a series of colourful and light-hearted tales from the great outdoors. These stories have been gathered from all the corners of the UK, with animations narrated by enthusiasts from around the country.

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Dona Baratinha

CANÇÃO DE NINAR – animaçāo da HGNProdutora

Amazing Stop Motion!

Stop motion made with paper and everyday objects! Enjoy :)

Feliz 2014/ Happy 2014

Tarjeta animada. ///// Animated greeting card.


Titles animation as a visual set (screen loop) to be projected in FORMA ™ | R ¹ (, a design and illustration event in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Shilo’s Holiday Homage to HBO Classic

Director Anthony Furlong and his colleagues from the Emmy Award-winning creative production company Shilo have created a cinematic holiday card for HBO as shown in the following Behind the Scenes presentation. HBO’s holiday video begins in the home of a family sitting down to watch HBO together, then recreates the network’s renowned 1983 intro by flying through New York and then moving through the vast landscapes of the United States. For Shilo, attention to detail was paramount as they designed and built every New York building to match the original within this updated style. The paper world they created provides a unique holiday twist connecting to cards, gift wrappings and handmade charm.

According to Furlong, his team’s research and development phase consisted of building practical houses and characters from paper, which gave them an understanding of how to realistically model each object in their world and which paper weaves would provide the best stand-ins for real world materials. “We wrote a variety of concepts and scripts, with our favorite being a take on the original HBO intro from 1983,” he says. “Not only is it a celebration of the iconic intro’s 30th anniversary, but it became a perfect holiday journey by visiting the homes of viewers throughout the country. For us, home is what the holidays are all about.”

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GIF Art By James Kerr

James Kerr started his project “Scorpion Dagger” without any real direction, except for the intention to make one GIF everyday(ish) for one year. He had been making collages for some time and “Scorpion Dagger” started out to be a test of discipline and a way for him to learn how to animate. Making GIFs was a logical evolution to him.

The project represents many different things to him, the works from which he draws upon are so powerful and inspirational to him, that he is now nearly obsessed with repurposing them to share his vision of the world, and perhaps inspire people to look at art differently. The project is tremendously personal to him, it’s a lot more than the humor that’s at its surface and he is still trying to work out what “Scorpion Dagger” really is.

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Adorable & Funny Christmas Gifs You Would Love To Share


Today there is a fun collection i have for all of you which you can share and enjoy with your folks. These are some adorable & funny Christmas gifs that would make you giggle and laugh all the same. Santa Claus is in its full mood to spread happiness and sheer joy by doing hilarious stuff in these gifs. [Via Designbolts]

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TRI[RAFT by Davide Franceschini

TRI[CRAFT Spacecraft

Background photo: Iphone 5
Spacecraft sketch: Pencil on paper
Spacecraft drawing: Sketchbook Pro
Spacecraft 3D model, animaton, lighting and rendering: 3ds Max, Vray and Mudbox
Compositing, VFX and Color Grain: After Effects

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