Global warming storyboard by Straut Niekas

Check out this storyboard for an animation about global warming made by Straut Niekas


Sensational Collection Of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics extend past the many commonly used techniques of frame-by-frame footage and also animation. The most popular motion graphics tools is a particle system; a motion graphics tech that is utilized for generating multiple animated elements. This type of animation is commonly called procedural animation.

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15+ Stunning Motion Graphics For Your Inspiration

H.U.D. test
Motion Graphics always a group of different elements for create motion graphic animations. The technologies are advancing fast, not only in web design, but also in motion graphics and we’re seeing new things every day with which masterpieces are created thanks to the people’s rich imagination that they combine with a handful of talent and hard work.

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Awesome Motion Graphics Inspiration

motion graphics
Motion graphics are used in things such as commercials, title sequences, and other forms of animation. Using motion can bring a piece of art to life, It is so interesting to see how these talented artists create stunning designs and put them into motion so they can tell a story.

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Short movie : “Papaye”

Discovery of the short film “Papaye” directed by Geoffrey Godet from the animation school Supinfocom. View the full movie here.

Full movie here.
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JLB ATHLETICS – Interview with (British Record Holder) Montell Douglas

An interview with Montell Douglas
100m British Record Holder
Twitter : @MontyTrackStar

Follow JLB On Twitter: @jeffrey_lb . Also Check Out For All The Latest Updates on Jeffrey Lawal-Balogun Athletics.

Filmed with a Panasonic GH1 / Edited on the 27″ iMac using adobe premiere pro and after effects CS5.5. You can find me on twitter @Phillyatchi & Facebook

Animation by T. Enami

3D effects applied to 100-year-old photos by T. Enami.

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Enjoy this cool #267 Saturday daily inspi­ra­tions for all DYT read­ers :) with great pho­tos and artworks.

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Mr Kyle Mac

Web updates from designer & illustrator Mr Kyle Mac

Bizarre Animated GIFs Of Monsters

In a vast universe, the world would be made out of illustrations more than any. That’s probably what Dain Fagerholm, an illustrator from Seattle has drawn in his animations.

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Daily Inspirations no. 398

It’s Friday again and it seems the time is flying. Anyway, as we all love animals … it would be more than appropriate to start with two cool animal photos. The first one is featuring marching elephants. It’s called Masai Mara and it was shot by Marina Cano. The other one is featuring a nice horse silhouette. Unfortunatelly we do not know the author, nor the artwork name. It’s still nice though … and quite inspiring. It’s going to be pretty hard for me to pick something from today’s illustrations as all of them are amazing. I’ll give it a try. My favorite is Victoria by Jennifer Healy and Penny by Robi Pena. And do not argue with me … I know there are many possible favorites :). In the art / digital art section I am pretty confident though with my pick … it’s the Glasstide by Anne Angelshaug. Love pretty much everything … idea, style as well as the colors. How about a cool ad …? Check the England vs France RATP: Frog by Euro RSCG C&O :). Pretty nice. Enjoy the weekend … and be back on Monday again! :)

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Dal filo alla t-shirt

doncvoilà productions

E se per fare un tavolo ci vuole il legno, per fare una t-shirt ci vuole il filo. Vi presentiamo un video realizzato per Petit bateau prodotto da Doncvoilà Productions e con le illustrazioni di Emmanuel Lyet che racconta il processo produttivo di una semplice t-shirt.


theMonsterMec vs pasqua!!

Daily Inspirations no. 397

To tell the truth I am at least as curious as you are what’s new in today’s set of creative inspirations .). There are two hot photos that caught my attention right away. The first one is called A M A N D A by Carlos Williams, which is a black and white female portait photography. The other one is a sexy Chinese girl (Fan Bing Bing) photography obviously being brave. There are some exceptional illustrations just few spots below. Make sure to check the Angelic Curse by Helen Rusovich, Tattoeums II by Giulio Rossi as well as the Pappy Poopdeck – Popeye’s father, dirty old sailor by LAMBUJA!. My today’s pick from the traditional art section would be the painting called La Mélodie des tuyaux by Benjamin Lacombe. If you guys are in need of a nice graphic user interface, get the one offered in the freebie section today called Moonify UI by Joachim Löfstedt. I promise, the quality won’t disappoint you. Have a day full of inspiration! .)

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Funny TV moments and Favorite TV characters on mugs

PeachyApricot is a small business created by two people who love Art and silly TV series characters. They created a hilarious and creative way of paying tribute to their favorite TV characters, shows and memorable TV moments.
To see more click here.

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