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Neybers – a new way to play with interior design

neybers room 3 650x319 Neybers   a new way to play with interior design

Neybers is a mix between a game and a community, where anyone can decorate rooms with photos of real life products. Users can play with over thousands of products from more than 500 fantastic interior design brands, stores and designers from all around the world.

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Ryple – Fishing Locations Finder

ryple fishing app large 650x444 Ryple – Fishing Locations Finder

Ryple is a fishing location app developed for the fisherman with a busy lifestyle looking to maximize his/her schedule by identifying when and where insect activity should be the greatest, therefore when and where fish should be feeding.

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REVS digital #1 Out Now for iPad/iPhone!

covers 1small 650x867 REVS digital #1 Out Now for iPad/iPhone!

REVS digital issue #1 Out Now! It is a free to download app for iPad/iPhone hosting Fashion & Art issue of REVS magazine exclusive content for the digital platform.

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Color of a Hashtag

Screen Shot 2014 03 26 at 10.45.18 PM 650x302 Color of a Hashtag

Have you ever wondered what is the color of a hashtag?

Search a hashtag, we’ll pull the latest 70 photos that have been tagged with that hashtag on Instagram and then proceed to find its color palette and predominant color. :) Wonder no more!

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Medium App

medium app large 650x444 Medium App

Medium app is the cleanest, simplest way to access the stories and ideas shared on Every day, hundreds of new voices publish their unique experiences, views, and reflections, helping create the largest, most diverse collection of writing on the internet.

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Sooshi App

sooshi app large 650x444 Sooshi App

Sooshi is all about one of the most delicious foods. Whether you are new to the whole topic or you are already a fan of sushi: You will find tons of information about what sushi is, how to prepare sushi and where to find the best sushi places.

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Paper App | by Facebook

paper app large 650x444 Paper App | by Facebook

Paper is a new app by Facebook that helps you explore and share stories from friends and the world around you. Paper makes storytelling more beautiful with an immersive design and fullscreen, distraction-free layouts. We’ve also made it easier to craft and share beautiful stories of your own.

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Momentage: The New Community for Creatives

Momentage combines the things we love about different social media image sharing apps and adds to them. Not only can you take a photo or video, you can create a photo/video collage, add music to it, edit it anytime, and then share your story with the world.It’s hard to think that somebody could come up with a photo sharing app to rival Instagram.

momentage image 650x382 Momentage: The New Community for Creatives

While some have ripped off the idea, designed it somewhat differently, and slapped a new name on it, feeling like they’ve added to the conversation, in reality, they may be missing the point. They’re just repeating the person who spoke before them. This is not the case with San Francisco based startup Momentage. Momentage is a community for the new creatives, by allowing creatives to tell a whole story using multiple images, video, and sound: A collage of their moments.

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20 Beautiful Free Weather Widget PSD Files for Designers wetaher widget psd 20 Beautiful Free Weather Widget PSD Files for Designers
We continue to collect and share free .PSD files with our readers and today we have gathered free weather widget PSDs to use either in your web applications or mobile applications. In recent years showing the instant weather condition have become very popular and especially almost every mobile phone user downloads a weather widget. The below weather widget UI’s are all fee to download and use in your design projects.

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AppTemplatez, a static library project for iOS developers

1 650x866 AppTemplatez, a static library project for iOS developers
iOS developers are always looking for ways to make their apps more visually appealing. AppTemplatez offers a static library project that iOS developers can use to add visuals to their apps. All you have to do is drag and drop the template library into your project and it will automatically be integrated into your app.

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Deapz for iPhone – Share your own world!

deapz pictures 2 Deapz for iPhone   Share your own world!
Deapz is a free iPhone app created by a passionate (me!), which lets you create maps of your favorite places and share them with friends and loved ones! Create map of your world but also discover the best places your friends recommend and find new places to explore: bars, restaurants, views, shopping, nature, entertainment, etc. You can also easily share your map and your places on the Internet and social networks, even with those who do not have the app thanks to a simple link! Deapz is totally free with no ads.

More information here : Deapz
Or download it directly on the app store : Deapz on the App Store

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65 Awesome Photoshop Tutorials

In The Moment 65 Awesome Photoshop Tutorials

We have compiled 65 awesome photoshop tutorials created by some of the best photoshop gurus. They cover a range of topics including graphic design, typography, art, illustration and photography editing. These tutorials range in difficulty but many will be suitable for beginners with a basic understanding of photoshop but there are also plenty of of advanced techniques experts can get their teeth into. Most will provide the source files to download before you start on the tutorial so you don’t have to start from scratch. See all 65 photoshop tutorials here. 


A Deeper Look into the Design of the BlackBerry UX

deeper look into blackberry user experience design mobile app ui ux design tech geek smartphone resource 2013 600x280 A Deeper Look into the Design of the BlackBerry UX

With the BlackBerry 10 operating system raising the industry bar for user experience, BlackBerry is once again showing why it is still a business smartphone competitor. While other brands have stretched a consumer paradigm to fit business needs, often compromising security in the process, BlackBerry has built on its solid business base to create a platform that accommodates consumers without sacrificing enterprise standards. BlackBerry’s new OS poises the company to entrench itself more deeply among business users while expanding its reach into the consumer market.

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THE NEW YORK TIMES 2.0 an Ipad App by Steve Fraschini


DragDrop – a haptic digital kids game

DragDrop Logo1 650x380  DragDrop   a haptic digital kids game


DragDrop is an educational gaming experience for kids. It teaches basic colors, shapes and how to combine them.

The game will be played on the iPad using building bricks which represent the different colors aswell as the three basic shapes — circle, triangle and rectangle. The display on which the matching bricks need to be placed on shows one of the three basic colors, secondary colors, different shapes or their combination.

The player can choose one of three different game modes — Infinity, Countdown or Multiplayer.


Fred Fahlke
Carsten Hinz

HAWK Hildesheim Digitale Medien


DragDrop Touchpoints1 650x380  DragDrop   a haptic digital kids game

DragDrop Gameplay 650x365  DragDrop   a haptic digital kids game