Nike Craft, a space mission apparel collection for Space Program:Mars

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Beginning tomorrow,Tom Sachs will launch SPACE PROGRAM: Mars, a detailed recreation of a 30-day shuttle mission to explore the red planet.From a launchpad on the Upper East Side.

To go with the demonstration, Sachs and Nike have launched a capsule collection of clothing built for space travel.

More Information and Images at LooksFeelsWorks!

Recycled Pull-tabs Bags & Accessories

Based in San Francisco and Brazil, Escama Studio makes beautiful recycled fashion accessories using crochet and recycled aluminum pull-tabs…..


Blow Up by Anna Sponza

The Italian designer Anna Sponza pays tribute to the fashion with a dress made ​​of air.

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We first came across Australian artist Caitlin Shearer’s work back when we were running this blog under a different name and still have the photo prints she kindly mailed us (in pristine condition might we add). We have been huge fans of hers ever since. Join us as we discuss her Kate Bush obsession, love and talking chiwawa’s…


Daily Inspirations no. 424

Okey guys, there are new inspirations coming … now focus! :) There are several fashion related photos available in today’s photo section … the one I like is called MaxFowles Fall 2012 by Adam Rindy. Very sexy. The other powerful one is the green mamba snake portrait photo. Before we’ll leave this section, I got another one that needs your attention … check the two owls in love. Isn’t that cute?! Of course you may expect very creative artworks in the illustrations section as well. This time, most of my attention goes to Pinups by Steve Scott. It’s been a while since I highlighted something from the 3d artworks … the time has come though – make sure to check the Heart by Aleksandr Kuskov. Amazing! It’s already a tradition that our art / digital art section is full or positive surprises … today, I like the Anima by Nanoo G. the most, but make sure to check every single artwork – it’s definitely worth it. If you liked yesterday’s free flyer, make sure to check today’s freebie as well .). Enjoy!

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Amazing Photography by GregÔry

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Dress me up

Look of the day, new ideas and new inspirations.

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Alex Nash was invited to headline at the Middle East annual cultural event “Sole DXB Sneaker Summit “ held in the city of Dubai.
The challenge, to create a custom hybrid that represents not only Dubai but its sneaker culture and the sun drenched granule region, that is the Middle East.

Nash came to Dubai a week prior to the Sneaker Summit to meet with the creators of Sole DXB’s,
Hussain, Josh and Kris, who’s purpose was to highlight and represent the growing sneaker culture in the Middle East,
and to offer enthusiasts an event that they can call their own.

Finding inspiration in the local markets of Satwa, amongst the haberdasheries & high-density shawarma cafes.
The founders were adamant that Nash brought their goals to life in one of his signature Visvim hybrids. The Visvim to represent luxury, together with a twist of performance and one of a kind mash-up with the New Balance.

check more of the images here: sneaker freaker


Tracey Neuls s/s 2012

Fluo accents for the new spring/summer 2012 collections of shoes by the designer Tracey Neuls.

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More 30 Captivating Dark Website Designs

Great website designs don’t have to be the clean or with white background (although, to tell the truth, we get used to black font on white background since it`s more readable and, moreover, some other colors don`t decently stand out from black background so it`s very difficult to choose properly) but if you pick the right colors for your dark website, it will definitely be competitive and in some cases get a great advantage over light website designs.

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More 40 Exceptional Free Fonts

Typography is a vital part of any website design. Despite the fact that fonts are in abundant it`s really difficult to pick up the right one that will perfect fit your project needs. In addition, it is a baffling problem to find a unique font that will attract users’ attention

That is why today I have decided to save your precious time and round up 46 top exceptional free fonts that will make your design definitely stand out.

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The Best Digital Vector Artworks by Cristiano Siqueira

Cristiano Siqueira is a digital illustrator from Brazil. He is also known as CrisVector. With very little formal training, being mostly self-taught, he has risen to become a truly talented designer. His stunning creations blends 3d characters, vector graphics and amazing uses of vivid colors. If you are looking for a great source of inspiration, this designer showcase of Cristiano Siqueira is a must see. Here are the best his artworks. Check them out!
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Josefinstrid s/s 2012

The spring/summer 2012 collection by “Josefinstrid”, a Swedish brand by the designer Josefin Strid.

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tee by G.Kero

G.Kero started to paint tee shirts during her study, this is the first release MORE PICS HERE

Tee by Vicious History

Vicious History released its spring collection made of 4 new designs VIEW THE ENTIRE COLLECTION HERE