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Geometrical Construction by Nakkna

“Geometrical Construction”, the capsule collection of the Swedish brand Nakkna.
1o8 Geometrical Construction by Nakkna2o6 Geometrical Construction by Nakkna
MORE INFO & IMAGES > Geometrical Construction by Nakkna
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Daily Inspirations no. 415

Paris is one of the most romantic cities from all around the World … let’s start with a nice photo from there .) Check Yellow Eiffel by Edi Nugraha … majestic! Romance and beauty go along, so guys .. why not checking few nice model photos? .) Don’t miss Margarita Pugovka by Sergi Jasanada and Great Comeback by Aleksandra Zaborowska. From the illustrations section it’s the Laurel and Hardy caricature by Paul Hutchinson I like the most. Good job Paul! Not sure what to highlight from the art / digital art section though .. there are several candidates. Vanity Verde by Leilani Joy is so colorful and unique. The ones looking for a nice gothic navi bar … look no further … we got a nice one in our freebie section. Enjoy!

i1a16 Daily Inspirations no. 415

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Gaudriole By Veni Vedi Vici

Veni Vedi Vici SS 2012 21 Gaudriole By  Veni Vedi Vici
French tee brand Veni Vedi Vici released its new lookbook. VIEW THE ENTIRE RANGE HERE

tee by Zirkus Zirkus

zrkszrks 04 tee by Zirkus Zirkus
German brand Zirkus Zirkus launched its spring summer collection, including this awesome Star Wars tee. VIEW THE FULL COLLECTION HERE

tee by Genius Inc

homepage tee by Genius Inc
Genius Inc released its new tee collection full of fun VIEW THE FULL COLLECTION HERE

CXXVI – New Lookbook

CXXVI 04 CXXVI   New Lookbook
CXXVI released it spring collection of hand crafted apparel and accesories. VIEW THE FULL LOOKBOOK HERE

Balibaris – Directors Serie

directors david Balibaris   Directors Serie
French brand Balibaris pays tribute to Woody Allen, David Lynch, Claude Chabrol and Steven Spielberg with this directors collection.VIEW THE FULL COLLECTION HERE

Tee by So So Yeah and Remy Dautin

03 ssy04 Tee by So So Yeah and Remy Dautin
The awesome german blog So So Yeah collaborate with french artist Rémy Dautin to create a great tee and a cool tote bag. MORE PICS AND INFO HERE

New lookbook by Boro

03 BORO DIVISIONARIO ADV New lookbook by Boro
The italian brand Boro launched its spring/summer tee collection called “Divisionario”

Wear Your Pasta

tumblr m3d54u6yx31rse1ipo1 500 Wear Your Pasta

Japanese design studio Microworks created a wearable Farfelle Bowtie. Made from bright acrylic, the clip-on tie is an imitation of the pasta shape, for an amusing twist on men’s party attire…:)

See More At The Khooll

Charlotte Taylor f/w 2012

The fall/winter 2012 collection by the designer Charlotte Taylor.
1o2 Charlotte Taylor f/w 20124o3 Charlotte Taylor f/w 20123o3 Charlotte Taylor f/w 2012
MORE INFO & IMAGES > Charlotte Taylor f/w 2012
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Daily Inspirations no. 414

Although we have a day off up here, it doesn’t mean we’ll be keeping you waiting till tomorrow. Fresh dose of creative inspiration is a must .). Let’s start as usual in the photography section. There are some unique pieces that stand out. I am speaking about a kitten taking bath in milk in Giochi Con il Latte, Ethereal wind by Element5 and a modern architecture photo called Symmetries by Mathias Guillin. Nice start, right?! My choice from the illustration section is the Zodiac Signs by Tony Ganem … love it. Right below, you’ll find another interesting artwork called Free style bmx by Chris Thornley. I have to say, today’s art / digital section is full of interesting inspirations. For example, there is a sexy female painting / drawing called Lithium by Sandra Jawad, fairytale style Girl and Shroom by Sabrina Eras and another sexy female, this time tattooed though … in HAPPINESS by MARTIN GROHS. I’ll pick one ad that deserves to be here … it’s the Vigineo Home Security: Henry by Ogilvy & Mather. Make sure to check the freebie section as well … there are some nice icons. Enjoy the rest!

i1a8 Daily Inspirations no. 414

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The Nineteenth Inning T-Shirt – Stephen King x The Dark Tower

Nineteenth Inning shirt DYT 750x416 The Nineteenth Inning T Shirt   Stephen King x The Dark Tower

WOW! Awesome mashup of Stephen Kings love of the Red Sox and his opus The Dark Tower. Apparently this is only for sale for 48hrs and Stephen King himself has expressed interest in purchasing one!

See more here

Pieces of Epic Geek Jewelry For Nerdy Girls

I personally have a few geeky shirts and other misc apparel – so if I was a girl, I would totally rock these things. I hope the geekyness inspires you to get creative, and make your own, or possibly give you some ideas for your next gift (gotta think about the holidays!) or your next project! (Look at us geeks, always thinking about the future!)

Ear Biting Chain Chomps Super Mario Nintendo Earrings

il fullxfull.314680625 Pieces of Epic Geek Jewelry For Nerdy Girls

Super Mario YOUCH Piranha Plant Earrings

the original youch super mario piranha plant earrings 750x1125 Pieces of Epic Geek Jewelry For Nerdy Girls

The Original Portal earrings

The Original Portal earrings Pieces of Epic Geek Jewelry For Nerdy Girls

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Hickies – turn your kicks into slip ons

pies cruzados colores 750x491 Hickies   turn your kicks into slip ons

A ground-breaking lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces and lets you easily slip in and out of your shoes while keeping them snug and secure. Never tie or untie your shoes again!  Get rid of the bows and customize your footwear.

HICKIES turn any footwear into slip-ons, but keep them snug!  You can easily slip in and out of your shoes because of how flexible they are.  

Get more Info, pictures and where to get one at LooksFeelsWorks!