A 16-year-old NY Teen Runs Sneaker Pawnshop

In this January 12, 2015 photo, a wall of collectable sneakers are displayed at Sneaker Pawn in the Harlem section of New York. Basketball sneakers can re-sell for hundreds of dollars, depending on the model, the size of the production run and how easy it is to find a pair in good condition. (Photo by Seth Wenig/AP Photo)

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Yoga Bear Project


Started as a simple parody, Yoga Bear Project has now grown into ongoing series of designs that lightheartedly invites all to experience the joy of Yoga :)

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Sankakel Mask Neck Cover Denim

For protection from the wind and cold seeping under your jet helmet, neck warmer in the series ‘ classic Stay ” is ideal. Tested and approved , it keeps your face warm and comfort is perfect : no discomfort to turn the head , it is not felt.

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Aposemetic Jacket is Disgusting But Lifesaving


‘Aposematic Jacket’ is a wearable camera for self-defense. The lenses on the jacket give off the warning signal, I can record you, to prevent possible attack. When the wearer pushes a button under threat, the jacket records the scene in 360 degrees and sends the images to the Web.

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An important, though little-known, era of artistic expression, these works describe the convergence of two scenarios that, while realistic in content, existed aeons apart from one another. The elements of surrealism are profound in this form of art, as the lumbering giants of the distant past immerse themselves in the familiar scenery of today.

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Outside / Inside Pocket Square


llustrator Samuel Ho had the idea and created the design. The words I’m always outside on the inside were hand-lettered by 16-year-old Mark van Leeuwen, a designer based in northern Italy who specializes in typography, lettering, and branding. Finally, screen-printing studio the Half and Half produced them.

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Dustrial, Sci-fi Inspired Streetwear Fashion

sci inspired streetwear dustrial

Dustrial explores the parallels of science fact and science fiction over the last century. How it shapes our perception of the past, present and future.

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The 10 Best Fashion Tights Outfits by Bloggers

Printed Tights are a huge trend in fashion, you can create amazing outfits easily using different patterns and prints, we gathered the 10 best Tights outfits created by fashion bloggers:

Rebecca from “TheClothesHorse” in Back line of hearts print tights from TrendyLegs

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Team Targaryen T-shirt Design

Team Targaryen T-shirt Design front
“We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!” – Daenerys Targaryen
Team Targaryen will take what they believe is rightfully theirs, and they will take it with fire and blood.

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The Zip Fit shirt by Teddy Stratford

Teddy Stratford Zip Fit

Most men’s shirts are too baggy, but fitted shirts, because they fit closer, tend to pull open around the buttons, making you look and feel like an overstuffed sausage. The Zip Fit shirt by Teddy Stratford solves this problem by placing a zipper behind the placket, enabling men to wear better fitting shirts. The result is a slim, athletic fit that is unmatched by traditional men’s button downs.

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Kookla Moonlight Bridal Wear

Shot for the Kookla 2015 bridal collection, photographer Andrey Yakovlev and Art director, Lili Aleeva have created a wonderfully attractive advertising outcome, with models Alina and Maya from ABA models. The soft light reflections over the contrasting dresses, compared to the foreground, produces vibrant set of shots which are eye-popping and fitting for the ‘Moonlight’ theme.

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Assassin’s Creed® Unity Design Contest Grand Prize Winners



The Grand Prize winner of the Assassin’s Creed Unity contest is here. This stunning one color design by OKPDESIGNSERS streaks across the shirt as Arno performs a controlled descent down into Paris. An homage to the parkour system used in the game, this design will make you feel like you want to leap through your own city. Read more about the winner on fancy-tshirts.com

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Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Windrunner


The Men’s Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Windrunner offers the ultimate in innovative warmth in a versatile, 2-in-1 style that takes its design cue from the iconic Nike Windrunner track jacket. Nike Tech Fleece is a unique thermal fabrication that merges a smooth jersey fabric with a nylon spacer to trap body heat for optimum warmth. A built-in Nike Aeroloft vest features premium 800-fill down in an innovative bonded baffle construction for the ultimate in warmth without weight. Tiered perforations allow excess body vapor to escape.

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Stone Island AW’014’015 Tortoise Camouflage


Tortoise Camouflage is the new graphical concept that draws from a classic and noble material: the tortoise shell, with the intention of redefining the camouflage virtues.

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I Can Haz by Budi Satria Kwan & Lord Of the Ring by Vo Maria & Kimby Dawson & Beauty Immortal by Lidija Paradinovic & Kimby Dawson

I Can Haz T-shirt Design by Budi Satria Kwan Design
I Can Haz T-shirt Design by Budi Satria Kwan

Word from Budi Satria Kwan: “I am an illustrator. My designs are narrative or abstract with colorful burst. My approach is either surreal, minimalist, or simple and friendly. I started by designing extensively for t-shirts and various clothing items. Over the past few years my designs evolved in terms of style and how they are being applied.

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