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Atelierworkshop Architects created the Port-a-Bach container home. The up-cycling containers can be an effective answer for large scale projects if portability, site access, robustness and security are required. They also developed prototypes that use the existing container connections to attached solar and wind equipment. The Port-a-Bach container is not in production yet, they are looking for commercial partners in order to mass produce it.

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Dayereh Snack Bar

Farsha Mehdizadeh’s unique façade design for the Iranian snack bar continues into the sidewalk pavement. More on collabcubed.

Holman House, Sydney, Australia by Durbach Block Jaggers

Sited on the edge of a 70-metre high cliff, the plan of Holman House refers to Picasso’s painting The Bather. It contains a complex series of fluid living spaces set within a meandering perimeter that arcs, folds and stretches in response to sun, landscape and views. Living and dining areas cantilever out over the ocean, allowing dramatic views up and down the coast. The lower floor forms a base that is built from rough stone walls like an extension of the cliff below. These walls continue along the cliff edge to form a series of eccentric terraced gardens and a vase-shaped rock pool.

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Projeto de Bernardes + Jacobsen

A casa AMB é um projeto totalmente integrado na natureza. Projetada por Bernardes + Jacobsen, está localizada no litoral do estado de São Paulo, na cidade do Guarujá em meio a serra da Mata Atlântica. Vista da rua a casa de estrutura metálica parece térrea, no entanto se distribui em três andares nesse terreno de acentuado declive, tocando o solo em apenas cinco pontos.

jacobsen arquitetura rio de janeiro

jacobsen arquitetura rio de janeiro-4

jacobsen arquitetura rio de janeiro-5

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California Roll House by Violent Volumes

California Roll House by Korean practice Violent Volumes, a prefabricated structure uses the latest in sustainable technologies, to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

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Goodwin Floating Airport in the Thames

The Goodwin Floating Airport in the Thames, a proposal built on the Goodwin Sands, featuring four-runway air hub, at an estimated cost of 40 billion dollar.

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The Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi

The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, located 200 km (124 miles) north of the Arctic Circle.

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The New Theatre of Montalto di Castro, winner at the International Property Awards 2010, was built by studio MDU Architetti in Prato (Italy, founded in 2001), whose initials stand for “measurers of urban differentials”.

According to Valerio Barberis (1971), Alessandro Corradini (1964), Marcello Marchesini (1970) and Cristiano Cosi (1974), “multiple ‘invisible cities’ exist apart from the official ones, with new trajectories and transgressive gazes to be cast on every landscape”.

Mas La Riba

Girona-based studio Ferran López Roca Arquitectura has turned this old stone farm into a contemporary single family home in Vilallonga de Ter, a village in the province of Girona, Spain.

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Casa La Punta by Elías Rizo Arquitectos

This minimalistic residence surrounded by beautiful landscape design is located in Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico. It was designed by local Elías Rizo Arquitectos in 2012.

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Never Built- Los Angeles

Never Built: Los Angeles exhibition in Architecture and Design Museum, will explore the ‘what if ‘ Los Angeles. A thorough compendium of projects that only saw the drawing board.

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Transparent housing concept by Santambrogiomilano

The transparent housing concept by Santambrogiomilano, named Simplicity, are designed to be built almost in any place, allowing to be completely immersed in nature.

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A photographic journey in the works of Oscar Niemeyer

“I am not attracted to straight angles or to the straight line, hard and inflexible, created by man. I am attracted to free-flowing, sensual curves. The curves that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuousness of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean, and on the body of the beloved woman. Curves make up the entire Universe, the curved Universe of Einstein“.

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Curvaceous Absolute Towers by MAD Architects

Beijing-based MAD Architects won out in an international competition to build the glorious and curvaceous Absolute Towers.

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Portable Container Holiday Home

Atelierworkshop believe up-cycling containers can be an effective answer for large scale projects and if portability, site access, robustness, security are issues…an interior fabric screen system gives the versatility of creating rooms within the large open living space : includes bunk beds, double bed room, dressing room, kitchen and bathroom.

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