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Eddi Törnberg, Escritorio Unplugged

La estación de trabajo Unplugged, creada por el diseñador Eddi Törnberg, busca y examina la posibilidad de trasladar el diseño y la producción de energía sostenible lejos de las exigencias morales, y en cambio responder, con la ayuda de la tecnología, a la vida diaria de las personas.

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Foto 16 Eddi Törnberg, Escritorio Unplugged

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Turin t-shirt

VINTAGE Cities Turin Turin t shirt

Torino. A city that crosses every boundary blending traditions, cultures, religions… The sentence on this t-shirt is Turin itself: a happy heart is helped by the sky.

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Historic Architecture

There is, definitely, something special about visiting old buildings, where the atmosphere still keeps the memories about previous inhabitants and the events, which took place there centuries ago. Obviously, thanks to such atmosphere strong charisma of historic architecture is formed, which keeps attracting tourists, visitors and inspiring artists. The collection of historic architecture photographs is presented below as part of our mission to share inspiration by showcasing the brightest creative works of the most skillful and talented photographers, illustrators, and designers of today.

hist 1 Historic Architecture

hist 2 Historic Architecture

hist 3 Historic Architecture

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Barceló Raval Hotel

 Barceló Raval Hotel

The Barceló Raval Hotel has become one of the most representative buildings of Barcelona in a few years. It is located in the heart of the city, within Raval district, one of the most modern areas of the Catalan capital.

 Barceló Raval Hotel

The hotel was built as an elliptical construction, made up from two basements, a ground floor and ten high-rise floors. The project was born with some specific volumes marked by “PERI” of Raval in Barcelona, and all the attention goes in the direction of the axes of the elliptical plant. In the same way, depending on the direction from which it is seen, the building is perceived in a more or less volumetric way. The main objective is to allow viewers to perceive the formal continuity of the building from outside, as well as, two large volumetric pillars, on the ground floor, which withstand all the activities related to hotel management, leaving the rest of the floor free.

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House in Marbella by A-cero

This modern property is placed on the outskirts of Puerto Banús, in one of the most famous and exclusive developments in the Sun Coast.

marb 1 House in Marbella by A cero

marb 2 House in Marbella by A cero

marbg 3 House in Marbella by A cero

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The Ark Hotel Provides Protection Against Extreme Floods

 The Ark Hotel Provides Protection Against Extreme Floods

The Ark is a floating biosphere that provides escape from climate change effects such as extreme floods and other natural disasters.

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Auto Family House

 Auto Family House

The Auto Family House is a single family dwelling that creatively incorporates the automobile into the living space.

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A Table With Swinging Seats…Yes, Please!

 A Table With Swinging Seats...Yes, Please!

With a design similar to Newton’s Cradle, the table includes a suspended GEO lampshade and eight suspended hanging chairs that allow your guests to playfully sway.

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Cove 3 by SAOTA

This home by SAOTA and Antoni Associates is nestled in the cliff-top estate “The Cove” in Pezula, Knysna, South Africa.

ph 14 Cove 3 by SAOTA

ph 24 Cove 3 by SAOTA

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A Modernist Masterpiece

Check out this amazing place in South Yarra, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Experience every luxury, comfort and convenience in this masterfully designed and flawlessly conceived architectural marvel by Sue Carr.

1172 A Modernist Masterpiece

2100 A Modernist Masterpiece

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Impossible for Bape Exhibition

impossible for bape exhibition bape gallery kyoto recap 4 Impossible for Bape Exhibition

View the whole gallery here.
Showcasing the recent SX-70 Polaroid camera for The Impossible Project and its capabilities, NIGOdisplays a few samples at his IMPOSSIBLE for BAPE exhibition at BAPE GALLERY KYOTO this week. With photographers such as Keiichi Nitta, Meisa Fujishiro, TAKAHIROMIYASHITA, Takashi Kumagai, Tetsu Nishiyama and NIGO himself, the gallery displays the original Polaroid images as well as 900mm prints of each for sale to the general public for ¥150,000 JPY

impossible for bape exhibition bape gallery kyoto recap 9 Impossible for Bape Exhibition

impossible for bape exhibition bape gallery kyoto recap 8 Impossible for Bape Exhibition


A Spacious Scandinavian Apartment

10600 3992 A Spacious Scandinavian Apartment

The bedrooms have good storage facilities and one of them has access to a lovely terrace. The living room is the core of the house and has no less than 35 square meters. With plenty of natural light, high ceilings and charming decorations, this particular part of the apartment gets a subtle “royal” touch.

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Straw Hat Factory Apartments, Stockholm

straw hat factory 750x600 Straw Hat Factory Apartments, Stockholm

“Straw Hat Factory” is one of the most beautiful apartment blocks in Stockholm, check out more photos here

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House in Gualba by H Arquitectes in THISISPAPER MAGAZINE

House in Gualba by H Arquitectes in

HARQUITECTES house 712 07 House in Gualba by H Arquitectes in THISISPAPER MAGAZINE
 House in Gualba by H Arquitectes in THISISPAPER MAGAZINE
 House in Gualba by H Arquitectes in THISISPAPER MAGAZINE
 House in Gualba by H Arquitectes in THISISPAPER MAGAZINE

The proposal wants to occupy all the buildable part of the parcel by means of a ground floor house, entailing a triangle shaped plan with each side parallel to its correspondent plot limit. This triangular geometry minimizes the distribution spaces (having only a central one), reduces the cost and allows a constant and homogeneous relation between both the inside and the outside…

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Wimberley House on the Edge of a Steep Bank

WimberleyHousedesign7 Wimberley House on the Edge of a Steep Bank
Texas-based studio Cunningham Architects designed the Wimberley House. A 5,000 square feet residence located in the Texas hill country, completed in 2010.

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