An eye-like design house

Don’t be surprised if you see a huge eye-like object at a tree. Maybe it’s an eye-like design house , called free spirit sphere, designed by Tom Chudleigh. It is a very unique design. This object is attached on a tall tree. Actually they have their show unit on on private land near Qualicum Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, where you can rent it and try to stay on there.

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Mandarin Oriental @ Dellis Cay

“My inspiration was the light. I have designed all the buildings trying to capture this light, I have tried to have the light going through all the spaces like a blade. The design is sophisticated but based on simplicity.”–Piero Lissoni

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FLOS at Superstudio in Milan

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Okinaha Store Interior by Coast and As-Built Architects

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Amazing Museum Concept: A Bird Skimming Over the Surface of a Body of Water

Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture LLP, this Wing Museum- A prototype of a museum on a lake or ocean harbor is reminiscent a bird skimming over the surface of a body of water. With its wings unfurled as if in midflight, this powerfully poetic structure is an evocation of the natural world at its most graceful, dynamic, streamlined and ecologically interdependent. More pics after the jump!

Pixel-like Winery Building Designed by Santiago Calatrava

The Bodegas Ysios winery’s roof, when seeing from exact 90 degree, giving us a pixel-like visual, thus create the effect of an unreal building when photographed. Designed by Santiago Calatrava. Read more here!

Rainbow Stairway

I love what they’ve done to this staircase. Just imagine u are walking up rainbow, each step would be such a delightful journey! Found these lovely images through The Townhouse, they have all these photos on stairway while searching for idea for their own stairacase. These stairways are the work of art by Horst Glasker, an artist professor in Germany.
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The Lotus Tower– A homage to centuries of Hanoi culture and history

The Malaysian firm Thinkscape Team3, beat competitors worldwide to win the design of The Lotus, soon to be the tallest tower in Hanoi. Named “The Lotus’, the design was inspired by the lotus bud, a homage to centuries of local culture and history. The flower, which blossoms from mud, is symbolic of pureness and elegance. More photos & info after the jump!

Japan Pavilion unveiled at Shanghai Expo 2010

The Japan Pavilion, unveiled at the Shanghai Expo 2010, is a solar energy generating structure, which has been officially nicknamed as ‘Purple Silkworm Island’ by the Chinese people.

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Impressive Pharmacy Design With Non-Traditional Approach

Spanish architecture firm Mobile M, has renovated the Conde Lumiares drugstore in Alicante, Spain, offering an innovative, non-traditional approach to pharmacy design . The 256 tubes hang from the centre of the shop, without doubt, the originality of this interior architecture. More pics & info on this project here.

Blueprint Magazine’s ‘Big Breakfasts’

This year, Blueprint will be hosting its fourth series of bi-annual Big Breakfasts during the London Festival of Architecture. At these events, we invite leading critics, writers, artists broadcasters and commentators to speak about their views and personal reactions to London. It is all done in an informal atmosphere, over a full English breakfast, providing an inspiring, thought-provoking start to the day during the Festival. Expect strong opinions, spontaneous discussion and a wide range of views in two of London’s most popular breakfast venues.

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k:fem–Building Special Designed Solely For Fashion

k:fem is Sweden’s first pure fashion department store in a building that is specially designed solely for the fashion. It has been described as a luxurious lacquer box or as a beautiful woman dressed in white silk and veil. The interior is a heavenly light experience and in the evening the exterior is transformed into a giant lava lamp with red lacquer ceiling and large glass facade. More amazing pics & info here.

Castleford Bridge – Award winning pedestrian bridge in West Yorkshire

Castleford Bridge, a pedestrian crossing which snakes across the River Aire in West Yorkshire and over the boiling waters of a weir, inspired a creative approach. It has won the 2009 RIBA CABE Public Space Award and a Civic Trust Award among others.

Designers have used light to make a new pedestrian bridge in West Yorkshire a focus for the community as well as making the turbulent post-weir water below it a sensational feature.

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