Minimalist House In Tokyo

Minimalist House In Tokyo
Minimalist House In Tokyo
Minimalist House In Tokyo

This minimalist creation in Tokyo is a duplex house with court. Through beautiful lines, the home shows that simplicity and sophistication can live in a perfect harmony. It was designed by K+S Architects / Nobuya Kashima + Aya Sato.

Minimalist House In Tokyo

Glass house with glass furniture

An amazing house by Italian design team Santambrogiomilano. via Lost At E Minor

Hollywood Sign Hotel

Danish firm Bayarch proposed the Hollywood Sign Hotel – preserving the landmark
while at the same time making use of its unique location.

The Hollywood Sign Hotel will have a height of 105 feet ( today 45 feet). There will be 308 rooms divided into 10 floors and an observation deck. Behind the letters up against the hillside are all the amenities, such as – conference room, movie theatre,
pool area, restaurants, a hollywood sign museum, cafés etc.

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Four Hotels with Romantic Designs for your summer vacation

Lesic Dimitri Palace, Korcula, Croatia: An 18th century bishop’s palace and five medieval cottages have been upgraded with modern necessities like high-speed wireless Internet, plasma televisions and iPod docks.

UXUA, Trancoso, Brazil: Rather than creating a hotel with rooms, houses were chosen to provide privacy and accommodate longer visits. Décor is composed of antiques and local art as well as hand-made furniture and fixtures crafted on-site.

Sanctum Soho, London: Bohemia meets rock ‘n’ roll glamour, all in the name of indulgence. Six distinctive schemes for the bedrooms and suites allow guests to choose from a selection of room types, such as ‘crash pad’ for short stays or a junior suite with in-room, freestanding baths.

Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Åre, Sweden:

Some 2,000 tonnes of slate was sourced from nearby Offerdal and used both inside and on the exterior, from flooring to a soaring lobby fireplace. Oregon pine features on the ceilings and wall panels in the rooms, suites, in parts of the reception and restaurant, along with other natural materials including spruce and leather.

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10 Excellent Must-Read Books For The Passionate Architecture Fan

Are you a fan of architecture? The best way to expand your architectural experience, short of world travel, is to study the must-read books on architecture like these. These 10 excellent architecture books cover architecture’s history, its philosophies, its forms and even its fiction. A great way of rounding out your experience and appreciation of architecture. More at TheCoolist.

Lisboa Photography by Stefan Oury

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The First Real Architecture in Las Vegas?

Helmut Jahn, architect of one of the six towers on this 27ha site, has compared the skyline of Las Vegas to a collage rather than a profile like Chicago or New York. ‘Until now, the memory of Las Vegas’s skyline was graphic; our goal was to make it architectural,’ he says. These boasts come from the very top.

the CityCenter that’s not a city centre –

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Khan Shatyry Entertainment Centre – Tallest structure in Astana

The Khan Shatyry Entertainment Centre in Astana, Kazakhstan, a huge transparent tent structure designed by UK-based architectural design firm Foster + Partners, has reached its final stage of completion.

The 150m high building is set to become the tallest structure in the city when it is completed in mid-2010.

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12 Houses Stacked Upon One Another by Herzog & de Meuron

12 Houses Stacked Upon One Another by Herzog & de Meuron
Via cretique

Balıklar / Fish

Design: Süleyman Fahri KURT

Belém Inspiration: Mangal Das Garças Park

Mangrove of Herons in Amazon
Mangrove of Herons in Amazon
Mangrove of Herons in Amazon

This is a beautiful park in Belém, Brazil. It has very sinuous architecture inspired by Amazon nature forms. One strong point in this project is the possibility of very close contact with exotic birds of the region. In English, the name of the park is Mangrove of Herons.

Belém Inspiration: Mangal Das Garças Park

Kumsal 2 / Beach 2

Süleyman Fahri Kurt

Arsız / Cheeky

Süleyman Fahri KURT

CasaCor SP –

“It is through the kitchen door that close friends and visitors enter Brazilian homes. And that’s where they hang out for hours, chatting, sipping sugar cane brandy, which is never wanting, accompanying bread, cookies of all sorts and cheese, all homemade, always beautifully set out on the table, covered by a dishcloth. The house is where the fire is kept burning to prepare dinner.”
(Marcelo Simon Manzatti)

Food has always been and will continue to be an excuse for getting together.
And there is no better temple than the kitchen for this celebration. The kitchen is the meeting point of simplicity, the place of communion and generosity. The Brazilian kitchen is necessarily located next to the living room, the heart of the house. To create Cozinha Clube (Kitchen Club), with Estar (Living), space for the Batuque (Drumbeat) and Prosa (Chat), is nothing further than a return to our traditions.
This is our way of eating, happy and festive.

With, we propose a space conveying a strong and true story built on our observations of simple things, everyday elements, Brazilian cultural roots, the fluke occurrence, an improvisation. So we will work with trash collectors who will discover an informal curatorship of objects transformed into furniture for the space. From an ordinary selection of obsolete objects, we will make random collages, fun and nonsensical, generating a fresh, more rational, emotional and esthetic dimension. A translation to the design of a collage that is the image of Brazilian people.

Our idea is that for the final product to be glamorous and sophisticated, even to the point of mystifying our visitor. At first sight, he may not recognize the origin of the materials, inducing a quiet, non-aggressive pondering. We want to show the real possibility of new luxury and comfort. Meaningful consuming based on experience. appears as a fruit of the new “trysumer” trend, the consumer wave that is more prone to try out new ideas than simply to collect objects.

Proposed are plastic, paper, vinyl floor tiles, rubber and rejected, disposed of and forgotten materials.
To document all this construction process of the kitchen club and experiments that are to happen in the space during the Casa Cor 2007 show, we proposed the creation of a blog with daily updates by a hired blog journalist, to pass on to the public in text and photos what is going on at


Projet by Rosenbaum®
Location: São Paulo – Brazil
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World’s most eco-friendly skyscrapers

The headquarters of Deutsche Bank located in Frankfurt, Germany, are currently undergoing a $271 million renovation program that is expected to transform the complex to one of the world’s most eco-friendly skyscraper.

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