Villa Saitan by Eastern Design Office

Villa Saitan in Nishioji-hachijo, Kyoto is sitting on a 16m x 19m lot size which has proved that the architects, Anna Nakamura and Taiyo Jinno from Eastern Design Office has provides an architecture answer on how to build a low collective housing in a quiet but dense place. The villa itself were inspired by the idea of an “immortal tree”. This is because the villa land was once the site of shihachijo-palace, the residence for the hero of Japanese classical tragedy, Tale of Heike. The tale was at the stage of the rise and fall of a clan in the 12th century, because of that such old and sad memory is cherished and still told among the people of this neighborhood. Therefore, Eastern Design office think collective housing that is built on a place with such historical value should not be of any average apartment house and because of that too, they came out with this Villa Saitan, which does not take vaguely a shape of a tree, but rather an intense and massive form with a hint of movement.
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Amazing Seaside Kiosk Wrap in Ribbon-like Skin

The East Beach Cafe is no ordinary seaside kiosk, rising like a piece of weatherworn driftwood washed up on Littlehampton’s East Beach; it is at once familiar and alien to its coastal surroundings. The Cafe is a bold statement that has already made Littlehampton a destination for day tripping design and architecture junkies, while at the same time providing local residents with a local cafe to call their own. More pics & info here.


Manned Cloud is a whale-shaped airship hotel with a capacity of 40 passengers and staffed with 15 persons, that on a 3-day cruise in 170 km/h permits man to explore the world without a trace: to re-experience traveling, timelessness and enhance the consciousness of the beauty of the world…Jointly developed by Jean-Marie Massaud and French national aerospace research body ONERA. For more info & pics of Flying Hotel, click here.

Sydney Inspiration: Opera House

As one of the busiest performing arts centres in the world, providing over 1,500 performances each year attended by some 1.2 million people…

Sydney Inspiration: Opera House

Allandale House | A Creative Outdoor Hideaway

This unique “triangular” cabin called the Allandale House, is a modern version of the forest cabin based on an extruded A-frame that was constructed for an idiosyncratic connoisseur and her family. More images and info here.

Artist Day: Addoy

Discover here the portfolio of Addoy, also known as “addoy55” on deviantart. Addoy is a 3D designer from Indonesia; realistic renderings and great architecture skills result in fantastic interior/exterior scenes to our appreciation. Enjoy!

Artist Day: Addoy

Uk Pavilion 2010

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Political Illustration By British Designer/Illustrator – Matt Needle.

Needle is a Freelance Designer & Illustrator with a diverse style and client list to match.
He is currently looking for freelance projects to work on/ and collaborations.

He is also selling this image, so any editorial commissioners out there contact him:
he is also selling prints of his movie posters….

‘Box’ Architecture in Japan

Nestled House is a private residence in Tokyo, Japan designed by Milligram Architectural Studio. More photos on this impressive house here.

Amazing Sea Architecture in Denmark–Kastrup Sea Bath

A sculpture to walk on. And dive from. My idea was to achieve a sculptural, dynamic form that can be seen from the land, from the sea and from the air.- White Arkitekter

A 100m long pier extends out from a newish beach into the Oresund, the narrow channel separating Denmark from Sweden. The pier docks with a sculptural, circular structure resembling a palisade. This encloses a generous area of water and is protected by the curved embrace of a windbreak. Rising from 1.5m to 8m at its highest point, the timber screen shelters bathers from the wind and also catches the afternoon sun. Click here for more info & pics.

Vertical Garden for your home

Great for nature lover & the environment!
Plantwall is a new way of integrating greenery in home or public spaces. It’s suitable for home with limited spaces but still like to have some greenery…. Click here for more pics & application of Plantwall.

The Longest Dining Table in the World–Long Table Bangkok

Long Table is claimed to be the longest dining table in the world. With an impressive 24 meters teak dining surface, long table seats around 70 peoples at one time. More info & impressive photos of the Long Table here.

World Expo–Urbanian Pavilions

Amsterdam-based design studio Kossmann.deJong has developed the design of Urbanian, one of the most prestigious pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. In the ‘Urbanian Pavilion’, six families from six different cities in the world are followed and compared in their search for happiness. …More pics & info here.

Man of Steel–Richard Serra

He emerged out of a radical art scene in the 1960s and went on to become one of America’s most controversial artists – provoking some New Yorkers to threaten him with death. Now 70 and hailed as the world’s ‘greatest living sculptor’, he remains a combative figure in the art world. Read more on Richard Serra & his works.

Discoery – an Egg Shaped Child-Care Center by GPAC

German studio GPAC has designed an egg-shaped children’s nursery called ‘Discoery’ in Dresden, Germany.

The facility features a ‘discovery zone’, which connects the ‘eggs’ to create a unified space. The discovery zone design stimulates the children and aids in the development of their sensory perception through hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling. It is a common area to be used multi-functionally for various group activities such as arts and crafts, exercise, and theater and stage productions. The room ‘Blind Man’s Bluff,’ located over the sanitary tract, can be fully darkened and used as an observatory or planetarium. The glass roof of the building will feature a graphic or floral pattern. The interplay of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ roof spaces creates sunlight patterns and illuminates mythical creatures on the walls and floor spaces.

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