Let it snow!

the elephantom will bring you lots of snow

Architecture by Steven Holl

Plus House by Mount Fuji Architects

Plus House by Mount Fuji Architects

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Nuevo Trecool

Trecool Nuevo, Mecanicas Fiestas
Bueno, acá estamos. Todavía nos falta colgar algunos cuadros, hacer pequeños retoques de pintura y ni se les ocurra mirar debajo de la alfombra. De todas formas, amigos míos, este es el nuevo Trecool.

Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates

Amazing Pencil Drawings by Patryk Kuleta

There is an amazing story behind those illustrations. Fantastic work by polish artist Pat Kuleta. It must have been labour to draw these pieces. But its worth every inch of paper. Just look at them.

more: http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Axis-Cylinders-From-Year-1995/339205


Post Panic Office by Maurice Mentjens Design

House in Pozuelo de Alarcón by A-cero Architects

awesome 3D Graffiti by graffiti technica

Sliding House by dRMM Architects

Creative Room Gingerbread Archictecture

Vancouver design collective Creative Room has launched a contest to raise money for Architecture for Humanity– by challenging 11 talented architects to create gingerbread homes. Whether you want to eat them or admire them, these examples of gingerbread architecture have to be the tastiest homes on the planet. More at TheCoolist.

Facebook New Office

How cool is the new Facebook Office !! More info & pics HERE

Architecture Renders

World’s Largest LED Project | YAS Hotel