Wall decoration with woodtypes

We made some home decoration with woodtypes we bought in a small town in spain…

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This transformable cabin, available exclusively through Neiman Marcus’ Christmas book, is designed by architect Michael Jantzen. Hurry though. With only 10 available, priced at $100k each, they’re sure to go fast. (…)

Architectural Photography Inspiration

From Spoonfed Design

Kim Høltermand is a great photographer whose main focus is architectural photography. Take a look at some of Høltermand’s amazing pieces. The buildings in these pictures are also very cool.

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Los Heroes Building.

Metabolic Media by Loop.pH

Searching for projects using new technologies systems, found Loop.ph a Design Research Studio located in London, directed by designers Rachel Wingfield & Mathias Gmachl, focused in design and the natural sciences.


Urban Street Art

SIXX Design

Interview with and inspirational photographs of New York design duo SIXX Design.

Via: We Heart Stuff

Edifício 360

From Gym to Apartment

From Spoonfed Design

It sounds hard, but the Apartment, an interior design agency, pulled it off. They completely converted a 7,000 square-foot YMCA gym into a beautiful 5 bedroom apartment building. Every aspect of the apartment is stunning, from the vibrant colors to the detailed wallpaper and carpets. This impressive building even has an indoor garden and a 12 person theater.

In converting the oldest YMCA gym, all of the colors were completely revamped, and a lot of restoration occurred, but the building still contains some of the original features. The original girders are still in place, although restored and painted to match the contemporary style. Green rugs and pink furniture are mixed with the unpainted concrete floors. The rooms are a mix of vibrant chairs, covering a wooden floor painted with court lines. The whole building is a perfect collaboration of the original gym, mixed with a new contemporary feel.

The Apartment turned the lower level into apartment space, while they decided to keep the upper levels as a showcase of the agency’s work.

From Spoonfed Design

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annis naeem

This kid is sick, his name is Annis.


Your Design City photography competition

Don’t Panic and the Design Museum have partnered with Flickr to invite you to share your photography on the theme of Design Cities.

The new Design Cities exhibition at the Design Museum commemorates seven key cities at their creative heights through contemporary design – London, Paris, Vienna, Dessau, Los Angeles, Milan and Tokyo.

We don’t mind where you come from though – we’d like to see contemporary design in your cities, so show us your favourite contemporary design, whether it be architecture, furniture, vehicles, technology or fashion. We want to know what makes the metropolis personal to you, so surprise us!

A panel of 3 judges (to be announced) will select 20 photos to be printed and exhibited in the Design Museum in January 2009. One photograph will be selected to be printed on 80,000 Don’t Panic posters and distributed across the U.K and some major international cities.

Please submit entries to www.flickr.com/groups/designcities/

Tokyo Twilight Zone

Amazing photography of Tokyo by night by Sato Shintaro !


lookout two
lookout three

The Aurland Lookout over Norway’s Aurland Fjord creates the dizzying effect of appearing to fall right over the edge into the abyss of the fjord.

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Concept007.ru — a site about architecture that is not boring. Projects here are not about schemes and layouts, they became a reason for a cartoon play.



When global warming raises the sea levels and the world goes underwater, you’ll be lucky to wind up living in one of these.