Paper Sculpture, Forever 21!

What do you do with a year’s worth of old A4 paper? Don’t throw them away! just crush them up and make a sculpture of the number 21 for a party!
Event Design by Changzhi Lee,

Townhouse in Landskrona by Elding Oscarson Architects

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Serett Metal Works

Serett Metal works portfolio of fabrication and design. More work to be added soon…

‘Fujitsubo’, Tokyo

Sjakket Youth Club by PLOT Architects

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church turned home

The Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

Born of a vision to create a hotel that is “as creative as an ad agency”, The Michelberger in East Berlin throws modern hotel convention to the wind…. instead delivering something truly unique!

More SENSATIONAL images of this truly unique hotel…….

Soccer City Photographs by Rasmus Norlander

More Images of the beautiful stadium that will play host to this years World Cup final!!!!!

1970s New York

Loads of great images of New York in the 1970s in a thread on the Wired New York forum.


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Shipping Container Architecture

Camp Cinco by Rhotenberry Wellen Architects (Shipping Container Architecture) (5)

Container office + house sculp(it) (Shipping Container Architecture) (9)

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PR 34 House by Rojkind Arquitectos

PR 34 House by Rojkind arquitectos (7)

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House on a Slope by Sepka Architekti

House on a Slope by Sepka Architekti (15)

House on a Slope by Sepka Architekti

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Architectural Cantilevers

Architectural Cantilevers

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The Lego Kitchen

20,000 Lego pieces for this Lego Kitchen by French Duo Munchausen – More info and pics HERE