VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron

VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron (6)

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An Android’s Memories

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Freshbump 2009 Awards

To illustrate how constructive and inspiring 2009 was, Freshbump has collected the most exciting and most creative submissions into the Freshbump 2009 Awards. The round-up and best-of consists of the most diverse artworks from creative fields such as illustration, interior design, photogr aphy and product design by international artists like Posterchild, Kai Linke, Corey Arnold and even Mercedes-Benz.

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Hua Qiang Bei Road by Work AC

New impressive design for a 1-kilometer section of Hua Qiang Bei Road in Shenzhen, born by the hard work of Work Architecture Company was awarded first prize. The design responds to the area’s growing commercial character which has unfortunately created traffic problems. For the proposal, the road becomes a series of “strategic interventions” where “five iconic lanterns”, (twisting bands of required program) create unique, visible destinations through a process of “urban acupuncture”.
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Hoto Fudo, Mount Fuji, Japan


Forms #1 – Architecture. Photo by Pietro Bagnara

Pietro Bagnara is an italian Milan based photographer.

Twitter Office

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at the Twitter? Find out at KeepInspiring.Me | Twitter Office.

Elok House By Chang Architects

Chang Architects Elok House

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Kolelinia Urban Bicycle Sky Lanes

Kolelinia Urban Bicycle Sky Lanes

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Leolux Furniture and the Design Academy Eindhoven

Some Great pics of a few pieces of furniture at of a collaboration between Leolux Furniture and the Design Academy Eindhoven. The furniture was exhibited at a show this past summer. Really Great Stuff.

The Office POD Prefab Home Office Unit

For those who prefer to work at home… but away from home, OfficePOD has developed a prefab home office structure to be installed right in your own back yard. The OfficePOD Prefab Office is a 7′ x 7′ home office that brings freedom and a contemporary work environment to anyone with yard space and a will. More at TheCoolist.

Beijing Noodle No. 9, Las Vegas

Whale-Shaped Mobile Garden Cleans Europe’s Rivers

Vincent Callebaut has created a whale-shaped mobile garden designed to drift through Europe’s rivers while purifying their waters. “The Physalia is a self-sufficient ecosystem that generates all the power it needs from the sun and works to reduce water pollution through bio-filtration,” notes from Inhabitat. This project sounds like a good idea!


The Xeros Residence by Blank Studio

The Xeros Residence by Blank Studio

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