Pritzker Prize Goes to Peter Zumthor

Peter Zumthor is the 33rd laureate to receive the prize, which consists of a $100,000 grant and a bronze medallion and is awarded at a different architecturally significant location each year. This year’s ceremony is to be held on May 29 in Buenos Aires.

The project most closely associated with Mr. Zumthor is the spa he completed in 1996 for the Hotel Therme in Vals, an Alpine village in Switzerland. Using slabs of quartzite that evoke stacked Roman bricks, Mr. Zumthor created a contemporary take on the baths of antiquity.

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Ryuji Nakamura

Ryuji Nakamura : design of architecture, landscape, interior, furniture, and so on..
Wonderfull and stunning rooms, installations, and photos here. via Booooooom

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Kanopi House

Portland and Long Bay – Jamaica

[vimeo 3403943]

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Mercabarna-Flor : Flower Market-Barcelona

Geometric patterns, colors, stripes. Impressive building by WMA Willy Müller Architects, innovative flower market including plant and accessory wholesalers, offices, education centrers, event spaces. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

See more pictures by Ricardo Loureiro and Jordi Pulg via Yatzer

The Conga Room.

Benetton in Teheran



The basic content of the building – is a parallelepiped. The areas in it vary, using atrium spaces, which vertically connect floors with identical functions, and at the same time, horizontally divide space, playing a role of partitions. The parallelepiped is closed by a construction, on which the tubes, making the media screen, are fastened.

This screen represents strips of light emitting diodes, located on distance from each other, so that illumination of premises remains natural, and also for creation of multilayered volume, attracting attention. The screen can display both natural changes of environment by means of web camera, and changes artificial, broadcasting photosessions, firm advertisement or simply bright ornaments and patterns.

The form of the building in itself is a symbol, showing the theme of clothes: threads and a cloth. The bright folded media screen is connected with the ground by means of ropes with neon tubes, continuing sides of plaits. The screen personifies an original «parti-coloured volume-sweater», knited of fibres – ropes. The neon tubes, fasten on them, play a role of street lamps, which invite to enter the building.

The inner layout is oriented to connection with nature. The abundance of atrium spaces creates a pleasant atmosphere for work and living. Division of office floors by atriums allows to achieve visual increase in space, opening it for air and nature, that together with gardening influences well on ability to work. Besides, mobile partitions, which allow to vary the areas of offices, are used to enclose office areas.

Oscar Niemayer

Oscar Niemeyer is often thought of as the father of Modern Brazilian Architecture, and godfather of Brasilia’s construction. Many consider him to be a pioneer for many reasons, including being the first in exploring the formal possibilities of reinforced concrete solely for its aesthetic impact. He was also a big believer of Le Corbusier’s ideas about architecture itself.

For more pics, go to COLECTIVA!

Photography by Constantin S.

Interactive Work by James Clar

KOZO lighting series by – DEMO / design clinic

KOZO series by DEMO / design clinic - a unique design ‘with little authentic rust at the joints’ . New lamps designed for a wide range of indoor life scenes and atmosphere.

The idea was to assemble a new product out of a number of different parts and products that already exist . By doing so , we elliminate the need of a new industrial production. And we bring something that can be handcrafted and still have the unique industrial look.

Talk20 Beirut [third edition]

Haig Papazian and Carla Aramouny have just finished cooking Talk 20 Beirut for the third time. Prettiness served on AUB grounds on Friday March 27th, 2009 :)
Talk 20 Beirut has been an outlet for students and professionals in the creative field for a while now and this edition’s recipe smells delicious . .

Karim Najjar (ARD faculty/ Najjar & Najjar Architects)
Katrine Holmfeld + Mirene Arsanios (Ashkal Alwan association)
Lamia Joreige (video artist / Beirut Art Center founder)
Joey Abu Jawdeh + Anthony Khoury (4th year architecture students)
Bernard Mallat (ARD faculty/architect)
Jade Souaid (musician/ DJ / the Basement)

Maha Issa + Gamar Markarian (landscape architects / atelier Hamra)
Milia Maroun (fashion designer)
India x20 (photo journal / ARD group)
Salma Mousfi (musician / vocalist)
Lina Ghaibeh (ARD faculty / animation artist) + May Ghaibeh (graphic designer)
Raed Abillama (architect / RAA)

live music by Mashrou3 Leila featuring Salma Mousfi at 6:00 pm, before the event

*designed kisses in safe zones*R

House on Stilts

I guess this guy isn’t scared of heights. Designed by architect Terunobu Fujimori, Takasugi-an is located in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan and built atop two chestnut trees, cut from a nearby mountain and transported to the site.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Light Up Your House with a House

Peter Waltz’s house-shaped light fixtures put a whole new spin on “leaving the light on at home”. The light fixture are not only cool decorations, they also serve a purpose by providing light in dark spaces. The shadows and lines shot out of the houses are quite remarkable.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis.

Photography by Kim Høltermand

A interview with danish architecture photographer Kim Høltermand. You can read the interview here.