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[youtube X85A1dCpzsI]

obscura mint plaza building projection – 7 HD projectors over a 6,000 pixel plate.

Journal of Geebird & Bamby Ltd.

This is the journal of Geebird & Bamby Ltd., a venture by two guys who like the arts, especially photography, design and architecture. It will focus on late modernism and deal with the current urban changes that some people call the end of the american age. Further it will look back at the icons of the 20th century in design, art and architecture.

The Orphans go Big in London

Some larger pieces of street art…illustrated madness! more at or inside the post

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Google Maps Typography

Rhett Dashwood, Creative Director based in Melbourn, spent some of his spare time searching Google Maps hoping to discover land formations or buildings resembling letter forms.
Via SwissLegacy

Taipei Performing Art Center

This is one of the latest project propose by NL Architect for The Performing Arts Center in Taipei. It’ s to serve a variety of large-scale performances, including dramas and operas. The structure will contain three theatres: a 1500-seat Grand Theater, and two 800-seat theathers for repertory performances.

All about this project!

Nice Hut Archie

Inspirational Architecture from all over the world. 100+ pictures !

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intelligent cutting patterns reveal a hidden three dimensional world inside ordinary plates of steel. full spread here.

Bicentennial Arc Mexico City (proposal)

SofaFish by João Kaarah

João Kaarah Website

Berlin and Munich

Pritzker Prize Goes to Peter Zumthor

Peter Zumthor is the 33rd laureate to receive the prize, which consists of a $100,000 grant and a bronze medallion and is awarded at a different architecturally significant location each year. This year’s ceremony is to be held on May 29 in Buenos Aires.

The project most closely associated with Mr. Zumthor is the spa he completed in 1996 for the Hotel Therme in Vals, an Alpine village in Switzerland. Using slabs of quartzite that evoke stacked Roman bricks, Mr. Zumthor created a contemporary take on the baths of antiquity.

Full article.

Ryuji Nakamura

Ryuji Nakamura : design of architecture, landscape, interior, furniture, and so on..
Wonderfull and stunning rooms, installations, and photos here. via Booooooom

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Kanopi House

Portland and Long Bay – Jamaica

[vimeo 3403943]

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Mercabarna-Flor : Flower Market-Barcelona

Geometric patterns, colors, stripes. Impressive building by WMA Willy Müller Architects, innovative flower market including plant and accessory wholesalers, offices, education centrers, event spaces. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

See more pictures by Ricardo Loureiro and Jordi Pulg via Yatzer