Hylozoic Soil.

“Hylozoic Soil” is an incredible, interactive, artificial life installation created by Toronto digital media artist and experimental architect Philip Beesley.

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Alexandre Duret-Lutz’s Panoramas

Renate Buser

Renate Buser‘s large-scale site-specific photo installations are phenomenal.

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A car on the Wall ??

A Californian Millionaire decide to fix his Lamborghini on his Wall !! Crazy story… More info & pics HERE

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Architecural photography – Kim Holtermand

Kim Holtermand is a Danish photographer. He made architectural photography as his speciality. He captures emotions in what i like to call “urban moments”. Thumbs up !

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Window Bars

Great series of photographs of amazing window bars found in Guatemala City, by Ambush Studio.

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Design Store – Neil Barrett

Neil Barrett flagship store by Zaha Hadid Architects in Tokyo

A Puzzle on the House

People of Lvov city in Ukraine decided to add another attraction for the visitors of their city. According to the artistic project it was decided to place a giant 100 feet (30 meters) tall at the wall of the one of the multi-stored residential houses.

There is one interesting detail about the design of the puzzle. It looks like an empty puzzle during the day-light, but at night when special lights are on the words in the puzzle become visible with a lightly-glowing fluorescent color.

The questions for this crossword puzzle are located in different point of interests of the city, like monuments, theaters, fountains etc. So people while walking around the city can try to answer the questions and writing down the answers. When the night comes to the city they can meet at this house and check their degree of intelligence.


Amazing 3D house for Justice

Trompe L’oeil

Swiss Trompe L’oeil artist Felice Varini, Dont be fooled by your first perception of this work. These are not photo rendered images, not Photoshoped, it is master craft! – More Info & pics HERE

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Experience Design by LaShay Carr

LaShay Carr is a New York City/L.A. based designer whose work consists of fresh illustrations and 3d designs from a budding genre called Experience Design.

Surface Architects

Surface – Birkbeck College Film Studies
Surface has already win Riba award 2008 with the Birkbeck College remodelling, in Gordon Square, London.

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Street Art : Colors + Pixel


Nicholas Creevy 2009
Check out my 2009 portfolio release! www.nicholascreevy.co.uk

Expandable Bookcase

Expandable REK Bookcase, by Reinier de Jong : Five parts for your book collection.