Brilliant Digital Art Wolf and Hoof by Maxim Shkret

We have been used to share creative and inspiring stuff with you. Today brilliant digital art Wolf and Hoof by Maxim Shkret will be shared for inspiration.

Art is beyond limitations and artist having creative mind crossed every limit to introduce new form of art. Illustration, digital art, surreal photography, digital photography, nature photography, sculptures making etc. are types of art. Artists remain busy to create, make and introduce new things. They do their best to make perfect piece of work of their selected field. We too remain busy to bring out such work for our users’ inspiration.

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New Mural by Eduardo Kobra in Recife, Brazil


Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra paints a 80 meters high wall in the city of Recife, Pernambuco – Brazil. Depicting the image of Luiz Gonzaga – singer musician, composer and a great icon of Brazilian culture – the artwork is one of the highest walls in the world.

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Gotta To See Pregnant Belly Paintings


Pregnant belly painting, although not a new concept, is taken beyond the imagination with Christy Lewis. She does face paintings as well however, I found her pregnant baby collection more fascinating and truly inspiring. It makes me remember being pregnant with my son. You wish and pray for the 9 months to be over so you can see this beautiful creature you and someone you love have created. But at the same time, do not remember feeling the truly artistic way that a pregnant woman glows. It is a time and place in this universe for a woman to feel emotions and feelings that she never has felt before nor since. These paintings are a symbol of that time and love. I hope you enjoy these paintings as much for me. I hope that you not only see the true art in Christy Lewis but the art of being a pregnant woman.

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Kaleidoscopic Floor Installations by Suzan Drummen

Artist Suzan Drummen creates beautiful floor installations from individually placed mirrors, crystals, chromed metal, and precious stones.

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45 Crazy Tattoos on Head


James Franco surprised his 2.7 million Instagram followers when he shared a picture of tattoo on his bald head. The temporary body art depicted Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in 1951 film A Place In The Sun. In the world of tattooers, there are real people inked with real tattoos on their heads.

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Hyperrealistic Paintings By Patrick Kramer

Artist Patrick Kramer has created stunning photorealistic paintings. Working from photos, he paints from still lives and portraits to city scenes or landscapes.

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HYPERBALL Kinetic Light Sculpture – Synchronized Lights Play Ball on Russian Court


“Hyperjump” explores the idea, set by this paradoxical combination: the basketball court, representing the physicality, we have from the nature, together with the architecture of the classicism period, the symbol of the human rationality.

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“Smoke Posters” – Vibrant Portraits of Famous Personalities & Superheros Illustrated with ‘Smokey’ Lines


Romanian artist Octavian Mielu has created a wonderful poster series of famous people and superheroes that are strikingly vibrant. The posters feature different superheroes, like the Hulk, Spider-Man, Batman and Iron Man, rendered in smoke-like effects to create the outline of their silhouette. Octavian also uses iconic colors of these superheroes to represent them in his portraits. For instance, Superman is seen in blue and red outlines, and the Hulk in green and blue outlines.

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Intricate Paper Forms by Rogan Brown

Artist Rogan Brown creates intricate forms by scrupulously cutting layer by layer of paper that resemble microorganisms and topographical forms.

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Most Famous Historical Photos recreated in Miniature Sets


Commercial Swiss photographers Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger started out the project by recreating Andreas Gursky’s famously lucrative landscape image, Rhein II. The pair painstakingly recreate each scene in miniature using paper, cotton balls, plastic — and plenty of their own spare time.

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Artist Maria A. Aristidou Uses Coffee To Create Detailed Paintings Of Her Favourite Characters


UK artist Maria A. Aristidou has created a collection of impressive paintings using coffee. Combining her love for art and coffee, she paints wonderful portraits of her favorite movie and pop culture characters, including R2D2 from Star Wars, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and Super Mario.

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Paintings by Eric Fischl


His style resembles Jack Vettriano, both figurative painters. In my interpretation Vettriano is more illustrative, Fischl is more raw, but both are vast in what they do. In this article Fischl’s overall painting career is presented. Enjoy.

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Impossible Objects Created by Giuseppe Colarusso

Artist Giuseppe Colarusso created a series of images where he imagines funny objects that are improbable, impossible or useless.

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Watercolor Posters of Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch and Martin Scorsese by Stellavie


Some people change how we look at the world, and these 3 iconic directors did it with style. Hamburg’s Stellavie recently collaborated with illustrator and artist Julian Rentzsch on a series of beautiful watercolor posters that pay tribute to the brilliant cinematography skills of Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch and Martin Scorsese.

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Canadian Artist Creates Miniature Dioramas in a Old Vintage Ring Boxes


Canadian artist Talws creates miniature dioramas in old vintage ring boxes. The canvas is quite limiting, but that’s doesn’t stop Talwst, who has transformed the tiny boxes into variety of scenes. Some reference pop-culture, other history, and some are just artist’s memories made manifest.

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