Painitngs on Wood by Sean Mahan


Sean Mahan lives and works in Florida. His main techniques are graphite and acrylic painted on wood. By using wood as a surface he tries to depict “a sense of wonder about the innate warmth of the human character and its conflict with structures of power and control” as he describes is in his site. His work has been exhibited in the coasts of US: New York-NY, Miami-FL, Jacksonville-FL, San Francisco-CA.

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Wrapped Wire Sculptures by Seung Mo Park

Korean artist Seung Mo Park makes amazing aluminum sculptures by wrapping wire on fiberglass forms.

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Realistic Ceramic Sculptures by Brett Kern

American sculptor Brett Kern makes stunning hyper-realistic ceramic sculptures that look very similar to inflatable toys.

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Miniature Sculptures Carved Into Pencil Tips by Russian Artist Salavat Fidai


Intricate sculptures carved out of the fragile tips of pencils by Russian artist Salavat Fidai. From pop culture characters like Batman to hands with spray cans, the sculptures are mind boggling. Salavat also experiments with different media such as recreating master paintings like Van Gogh’s Starry Night on pumpkin seeds.

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Retro Food and Drink Illustration Art Prints

Apple Print

New collection of bold and bright illustration art prints designed by UK based Illustrator and Designer Sam Osborne. The collection is inspired by Sam’s love for colour and cooking and is available as Giclée prints, framed prints and canvas prints.

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Dinosaur Light Paintings By Darren Pearson

Darren Pearson is a photographer, but he’s no ordinary photographer. At day he works as Creative Director for ‘Danger Brand’. At night he puts on his photographer cape and goes out to make some incredible looking light painting. The work he does only permits him to go out at night, he’s kinda like Batman. Light painting goes by some other names like light performance photography and light art, just to name a few.

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Amazing Pumpkin Carving by Marilyn Sunderland

American artist and sculptor Marilyn Sunderland, for a long time is engaged in fine arts. Then she started sculpting in wood and glass. Now she sculpts in pumpkins.

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Animal-Shaped Dishware by Marta Turowska

Polish artist Marta Turowska creates these whimsical ceramic bowls and plates that resemble different kinds of animals—cats, hedgehogs, whales and others.

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Shaolin Monks Soar Into London

Shaolin monks pose for a photograph in Chinatown on February 23, 2015 in London, England. The monks practice Shaolin Kung Fu which is believed to be the oldest institutionalised style of kung fu and are demonstrating their skills while in the UK. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

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50+ Examples of Colorful Tattoos


Tattoo is considered as an expressive and artistic statement for modern people. After you have decided to ink the tattoo with meaning, the next consideration would be deciding with your artist which kind of style the tattoo should be, colorful tattoo or black and grey.

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Rocco Malatesta is a Berlin based artist who already boasts and extremely impressive body of work and his latest limited edition series of prints are equally as fantastic as all that has gone before it and they are both visually engaging and brilliantly crafted.


Gabriela Beltramino – Senses

“Senses” is a conceptual album in which the artist’s intention is to remember through songs twelve unforgettable moments of her own lifetime. Starting by her childhood and finishing in the way she looks at life today, “Senses” is a different approach to jazz standards and the American songbook, with the aim of reaching emotions and those feelings that hide in de depth of every soul.

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Paper Hummingbirds by Cheong-ah Hwang

Ohio-based paper artist Cheong-ah Hwang makes beautiful hummingbirds out of paper. He cuts the paper and by layering it gives the bird depth and form so it looks three-dimensional.

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Circular Land Art by Martin Hill and Philippa Jones

Artist Philippa Jones and photographer Martin Hill for more than 20 years have been creating spectacular works in the genre of land art.

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Stolen Childhood by Henrique de Franca


Henrique de Franca lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. De Franco has a first degree in Plastic Arts and a postgraduate in Graphical Design. His work has been exhibited throughout Brazil though he has been exposed also in the North East America, more specifically to Pennsylvania, Washington DC and Toronto. In this project he used pencil and charcoal to express some aspects of childhood, more specifically some aspects of his own childhood with respect of Catholicism in Latin America.

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