Gorgeous Traditional Art

Rodrigo Luff is a 23-year-old artist from Sydney, Australia who uses traditional mediums like pencil, pastel, and oil to create ethereal works of art. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Funny advertisments

Whisky Dean’s – Manly Marilyn Monroe by Unknown

Virgin Radio – Keep Fresh by Hemisphere Droit

Marble Mountain, Newfoundland: Yeti by Target

Nissan Cube: Blonde by TBWA

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Beautiful Winter Digital Paintings, 3D Environments and Artworks

Winter artworks showcase some of the crispest, cleanest beauty in nature. The purity of snow, the crispness of blue skies and the angle of the sun offer amazing opportunities for breathtaking digital art. Winter is loved by many, including snowboarders and skiers, it is also disliked by many due to cold temperatures and snow. However, it is part of a continuing cycle of life, and winter offers a chance for rebirth in the springtime.

In this post, you’ll find some beautiful winter digital paintings, 3D environments and other digital artworks that show off the natural beauty of the winter season. From snow covered villages, the northern lights, to distant mysterious planets, you’ll love the artworks in this collection.


Free script fonts part 8


LT Chickenhawk

MA Sexy

Burst My Bubble

La Jolla ES

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Dominique Fung

@_Isolated Documentary Film Logo

Check out the amazing cutting edge logo + motion graphics by MRKD for the new feature film ISOLATED, which was produced by Something Kreative, directed by Justin LePera, and Executive Produced by Ryan Phillippe. www.isolated.tv

Isolated Logo

ISOLATED - Documentary Film Trailer from SK Productions on Vimeo.

Giannis Germanidis Interiors – Mixing Style, Glamour, and Traditions

If modern architecture and innovative interior designs belong to the sphere of your interests, we proudly invite you to the enchanting world of conceptual shapes, classic materials, and innovative interior solutions from Giannis Germanidis, a talented Greek architect, representing a new generation of art-devoted interior designers. With his studio of professional interior designs, located in Kifisia, Greece, Giannis specializes in creating premium interiors with the extensive use of innovative materials and clear understanding of style, clients’ expectations, and traditions in residential and commercial interior architecture.

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Bubbles & Sparks by Jorge Aragon for Ben Trovato

Bubbles & Sparks by Jorge Aragon, full story here.

From Dusk to Dawn – Sun Photography

Long before the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus with his revolutionary scientific idea of heliocentrism, people believed that the Sun was a supreme god (named Ra in ancient Egypt or Helios – in Roman Empire). According to ancient beliefs, this god wakes up every morning and starts moving across the sky in his golden chariot, bestowing all the people on Earth with the blessed light. Though these legends have nothing to do with the real state of affairs, they are, actually, much more valuable, interesting, and creative from the point of view of art.

Sunset in Thailand by laurentlesax

Now & Forever by Bruno Abreu

Horizon in Mind by Craig Hunter Parker

Sunrise to Sunset by Pedro Afonso

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Daily Inspirations no. 58

History knows so many artists, who created their great masterpieces, drawing the inspiration from their night dreams. Indeed, isn’t it amazing, that even when we sleep, our brain continues its activity, producing incredible images and travelling to fantastic undiscovered worlds? Scientists say that our night dreams are nothing but revisions of the previous real life experience. If that is true, we hope that our daily inspirational sets, compiled with bright and prominent photographs, illustrations, motion pictures, 3D drawings, and digital art works, will support your best night dreams, feed your imagination, and motivate you to create something unique, peculiar, and artful.

Malibu by Seb NIARK1 FERAUT

Tearing Out by Tarin Yuangtrakul

ADDMINIMAL CREATIVE STUDIO 4 “ICONIC” _ campaign 2010 by Adriana Gerasimova


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Masha Voronina by Michelle Du Xuan for Tush winter 2010


Designers Against Child Slavery by Chris Valentine

Photo by nexion

Recent works – furniture by Velichko Velikov

Personal Robot 01 by Franz Steiner

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Lenlee Represents // The Vintage Airstream Self-promotion Kit Unfolds @100BestWebsites

This story began with my dream of owning an airstream of my own, and has evolved into a lovely self-promo. in short, i was looking for a unique and different concept for a self-promotional piece that my entire roster could each contribute to in their own respective styles. I asked them to shoot a story about the vintage airstream in their own interpretation and they all came through with artfully crafted and compelling visual series…


Visit 100 Best Flash Websites HERE

Lenlee Represents // The Vintage Airstream Self-promotion Kit Unfolds @100BestWebsites
Lenlee Represents // The Vintage Airstream Self-promotion Kit Unfolds @100BestWebsites
Lenlee Represents // The Vintage Airstream Self-promotion Kit Unfolds @100BestWebsites
Lenlee Represents // The Vintage Airstream Self-promotion Kit Unfolds @100BestWebsites

Free script fonts part 7



Be safe


FFF Tusj Bold

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Somewhere Over The Pond – Episode 1 (Video)

Corey Davis and the City of Ink crew head to the London Tattoo Convention in this episode of Somewhere Over The Pond.

Watch it at inkbutter.com.