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la Nouvelle hand-made newspaper

Hand-made newspaper in the format 470x351mm.

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ABP Professional Communication Award 2010: Desert by Heads

Olla Prolong by Mariano Steiner

Free Brush Fonts to Create Impressive Designs

Custom Mini Jumping Brain from no. 41 to 52 by Emilio Garcia

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logo designs for Inspiration

Here we collected 20 amazing logo designs for your inspiration from our network blog Logo Design ideas
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50 Best Creative Logo Designs from 2010

2010 logo designs showed an increasing amount of creativity, with typography logos playing a great role, as well as negative space logos, monogram logos and shape logos as the main logo design trends from this past year.

Logo designers get paid a lot to come up with a creative concept for a brand, and with good reason, as a logo design is a lasting memory of a brand or website. Often, the logo conveys something about the brand itself, the name, or the mission of the company. The 50 best logos from 2010, as presented here, are no exception, they all are highly creative with great use of memorable elements.

Back in 2009, we did a post on the best logos from 2009 as well, so you might enjoy checking that out and comparing the logo trends for 2009 and 2010.





The Repression Of Frustrations by Osvaldo Haver

Caricature by Marco Calcinaro

2010 Range Rover LRX

Ethiopia OMO Valley by Albino Tonnina

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Creative business card Designs

Business card is very important for your brand and identity. A Beautiful designed business card can help you to stand out in the crowd. In this post we collected 20 creatively designed business cards for your inspiration.
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Jaw-Dropping Designs #7

This post is part of our series of posts showing selected jaw-dropping designs around the world. The idea is surround you with innovation, beauty and functionality, because a life with design, for sure, refresh ourselves to continue the building of a better world.

Jaw-Dropping Designs #7


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the collection of CD covers, you were waiting for!

The Wrong Eyes On The Wrong Prize

New photographic works from İstanbul based artist Çiğdem Ayın The Wrong Eyes On The Wrong Prize

Daily Inspirations no. 68

If you are going to San Francisco,
be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…

The words of this famous song would be a bit different if it wasb written especially for all the artists and creative personalities. The lines would perhaps sound like:

If you’re creating some masterpieces,
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A single image, thing, or sound is often enough to give a real powerful push to the creativity of an artist, and we daily offer 33 of them! Thus, there must be something for you that will be able to inspire you on designing your special holiday artworks. The combinations of colors, the curves of the lines, the ornateness of shapes, simplicity and pomposity – everything here is at your service.

Freelander 2: City vs Nature by Young & Rubicam

Blobby chair by Vasiliy Butenko

Scary children by Michal Dziekan

.101115 Hope by Fabio Selvatici

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40+ High Quality Colorful 2011 New Year Wallpapers

We would like to suggest you to start a new year with new fresh computer look, therefore we create this post, where we gathered together more than 40 creative beautiful free New Year’s 2011 wallpapers and backgrounds to spice up your desktop for the year ending 2010.

Happy New Year 2011 Wallpaper

Party 2011 Year Wallpaper

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