In The Long Run by IOCOSE

inthelongrun 600x469 In The Long Run by IOCOSE
In The Long Run (Trailer)
In the Long Run is a reconstruction of a possible future high profile media event. The death of pop star Madonna is described in a BBC News special edition, with a journalist and studio guest who go over the details of the fatal car accident, the statements of the VIPs and the reactions of fans around the world.

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Stickers in London

R0031668 Stickers in London
R0031999 Stickers in London
R0031676 Stickers in London

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Majestic Photos of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the Earth, located in Arizona in the United States. Erosion caused by the Colorado River, which cuts through the middle of the canyon, has resulted in a majestic canyon and rock formations. Over the past 17 million years, as the canyon itself was uplifted, the Colorado River and its tributaries etched their way through the canyon and still flow today, exposing much of Earth’s geological history. When one visits the Grand Canyon, they are literally looking into the past, and seeing the layers of rock from past eras.

The Grand Canyon is naturally one of the most popular destinations for photographers, both amateur and professional alike, and there are many Grand Canyon photographs in galleries across the web. So, today, we decided it would be fun to take a visual trip through the Grand Canyon with these majestic photographs.

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canyon 3 600x410 Majestic Photos of the Grand Canyon

The Smiths

how soon is now The Smiths

what difference does it make v2 The Smiths

this charming man The Smiths

Set of posters inspired by The Smiths song lyric, recreated as iconic Penguin book covers.
Created by Raid71 and available at Hunting Bears

Blood Is The New Black on Rawtee

8314 large image  Blood Is The New Black on Rawtee
more from Blood Is The New Black on R△WTEE, every day a new tee label


Art made from Prescription Pill Bottles

jean shin 02 Art made from Prescription Pill Bottles

“Chemical Balance” is an art installation by Jean Shin. He used thousands of recycled pill bottles to make these chandelier style objects.


33 Daily Inspirations no. 5

It is Monday today and it’s time to start a new week with the fresh load of inspiration. So, get yourself a cup of invigorating coffee and open your mind to receive a new portion of design ideas from Cruzine. Following our daily tradition, we are publishing here 33 inspirational works. In addition to a gallery of photographs and art illustrations, here you will also find information on some cool technology innovations and architectural concepts. Finally, to give you more benefits from visiting Cruzine, we are offering here set of vector flourishes. Enjoy!

Tower of evil by Xueguo Yang
di5a 33 Daily Inspirations no. 5

Wumonster by Matt Roussel
di5b 33 Daily Inspirations no. 5

Gods Rays by Michael Poliza
di5c 33 Daily Inspirations no. 5

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fbc45 33 Daily Inspirations no. 5

Qwert Identity!

qwert weareplace Qwert Identity!
New SMS graphic design campaign for kids.
Entirely new concept + art direction + identity design.
by weareplace

Quentin Blake Studio Visit

20 Unique Rotundity Business Cards

Japan Photography Gallery

jap01 Japan Photography Gallery

There is an old Japanese proverb saying that if a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty. So, we suggest you to take a cup of tea before you proceed with reading this post.

jap02 Japan Photography Gallery

The noble Mountain of Fuji, cherry trees in blossom, tea ceremony, and beautiful yet mysterious geisha – there are many symbols, commonly associated with the Land of the Rising Sun in the minds of Western people. Today we offer you a chance to dive into the amazing world of Japanese culture and lifestyle through this gallery of professional photographs featuring Japan, its entrancing sceneries, architectural masterpieces, and, of course, its people.

jap03 Japan Photography Gallery

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fbc44 Japan Photography Gallery

Amazing Fine Body Art By Chadwick and Spector

20101015 cosmetic advertisement 600x800 Amazing Fine Body Art By Chadwick and Spector
20101015 chadwickspector9 Amazing Fine Body Art By Chadwick and Spector
Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector are artists out of New York City currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Via Recave.

The fan-tas-tic art of Don Lawrence

The fan-tas-tic art of Don Lawrence

Storm and Ember by Don Lawrence 600x723 The fan tas tic art of Don Lawrence

Storm The Return of the Red Prince by Don Lawrence 600x653 The fan tas tic art of Don Lawrence

More fan-tas-tic-art by Don Lawrence at

Guerillaz: Day 3 & 4

bug1 600x300 Guerillaz: Day 3 & 4

tribal1 600x400 Guerillaz: Day 3 & 4

Wheat pastin’ is good for the environment. Totally Bio-degradable.

Lagrange34- The Architecture Chocolate

lagrange34 1 Lagrange34  The Architecture Chocolate
lagrange34 4 Lagrange34  The Architecture Chocolate

A collaboration between Jjuice Design Agency and Pasticceria Gertosio from Italy, the Lagrange34 chocolate is a new line of chocolate bars that combine the traditional quality of chocolate with a contemporary design approach- to involve all senses- sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.