Influencers, a movie about opinion makers. Full version.

I highlighted this short movie recently, now in full version. A movie about opinion makers.

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Mr Perro Ki (aka m10)

..from Buenos Aires - Argentina
dj sets:
soundcloud / perro-ki
letsmix / perro_ki

Creative Retouching Living-Room

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See the video click here
Agency: NewSound Productions
Director: Bilal Alsurri
VFX : Isaam Aldeek
Post-Production: Nine Productions
Music: Immortal

Incredible fighing game character collages

Compilation of amazing artworks featuring characters from fighting games like street fighter, final fight, darkstalkers and guilty gear.
Via Cuded (Click here for more)

Military Fonts – You’re In the Army Now

Solid lines, increased font weight, accurate proportions and alignment, stencil-like shapes, sometimes spiced up with army-relevant graphics at the background – these are the most common features of the military fonts. Web designers often use military fonts in the projects, where it is necessary to set up an atmosphere of strength, courage, and security. Fortunately, a lot of commercial and free military typefaces has already been developed and published on the web. To make searching easier, today we offer Cruzine readers the shortest cut to an incredible set of free military fonts, compiled by our editors. Professionally designed, these military fonts will definitely become a valuable addition to a designer’s tool box.

HVD Peace

Armalite Rifle

Napalm Vertigo


More free fonts!

Age of the Anger

Corner of art design studio : design by abdullah alhourani

More and More designs on my site: Corner of art design studio

Soon I will give you the source file.

Dreaming of Italy

New Zealand-based photographer and designer Andrew Smith of Cuba Gallery recently took a trip to Europe and came back with some exquisite shots. See them at My Modern Metropolis.

She is Nađa Berberović

Photo editorial for Sub magazine.

Monster cartoon art showcase

Dust by Selvatici Fabio

Earth Elemental by Nicolás Peña

Sang Goro Api by Zamzami

More monster artworks!

Electric Man 2 From Stick Games

Click here to play Electricman2

Savanna Walkers Cardboard Animal

Matko Stankovic // A Problem Solver, A Guy Who Tries Take Gutsy Shots @ 100 Best Flash Websites

Most of my assumptions about photography turned out to be wrong. In the beginning, there were shots that I thought were cool, artistic, edgy. Only months later, after reading a few books and learning a couple of new tricks, I realized they were actually mediocre crap. The speed at which my taste for my own work has changed astounded me. And while it’s frustrating to evolve so rapidly, I believe my self-searching and self-criticism have contributed to better photography.


Visit 100 Best Flash Websites HERE

Matko Stankovic // A Problem Solver, A Guy Who Tries Take Gutsy Shots @ 100 Best Flash Websites
Matko Stankovic // A Problem Solver, A Guy Who Tries Take Gutsy Shots @ 100 Best Flash Websites
Matko Stankovic // A Problem Solver, A Guy Who Tries Take Gutsy Shots @ 100 Best Flash Websites
Matko Stankovic // A Problem Solver, A Guy Who Tries Take Gutsy Shots @ 100 Best Flash Websites

Are You Ready For Some Fun?

Designing work has nothing to do with dull and monotonous activities, has it? So has not the art of photography. To prove this to you, we have selected the best quality funny photographs and mixed them here to form a fabulous mixture of funny situations, compositions, and characters. The world around can be pretty funny and humorous; you only have to learn to recognize fun among all the hustle and bustle of the modern life. Alternatively, you can simply look through this funny photography gallery to see comic moments, captured by others. Some of the photographers could not go without manipulating with the pictures a little just to highlight the funny nature of the real-life situations or create some unreal, yet very funny ones.

It is interesting to note that it is not only humans, who can be funny or act in a funny way. Animals are not deprived of sense of humor either. Meditating monkeys, a dove, voting for Coca-Cola, or a horse, laughing in the unique horse-way – you can find these at the photographs below, and we bet they will bring a smile onto your face. Cats and dogs are also at the leading positions among the characters, featured at the funny photographs. As the true friends of humans, these animals are also good at making real fun. Well, sometimes it may cost us a few broken cups or ruptured sofa, but it is all about fun, isn’t it? After all, fun is always about smiling, and, they say, smiles can help us live longer… or happier guaranteed.

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30 Best iPhone wallpapers for November

iphone wallpapers for november
Here are 30 most beautiful and cute iPhone wallpapers for November 2010. We collected these wallpapers after checking profiles of popular artists and designers.
30 Best iPhone wallpapers for November