Fine Art Body Painting

Fine art and body painting are two genres that typically aren’t associated with each other…

More pics and info at My Modern Met.

Typography artworks

Bad Romance by Dean Martin

Outsmoked by Jeffrey Osborne

A Very Lazy Tutorial by 3rror404

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Calligraffiti: An Explosive New Art Form

By mixing beautiful and traditional calligraphy with the rawness and grittiness of graffiti, Niels Meulman gives a whole new way of appreciating both art forms. Read an interview with Muelman over at My Modern Metropolis.

Krisztian Szantoi’s works

Stunning Paintings by Leonid Kozienko

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Kosi Kosi on Rawtee

more from Kosi Kosi on R△WTEE, every day a new tee label

Poem about the gifts

Artwork inspired in the poem of Jorge Luis Borges.
Available for print!
Poem About the gifts

Wrinkles of Shanghai

Fresh off his TED Prize win, JR traveled to Shanghai to start a new project entitled “The Wrinkles of the City.” In this powerful series, the French street artist/photographer captures images of the elderly, who represent the memory of the city.

More pics at My Modern Met.

Felix Weigan

Awesome invitations by Felix Weigan, an Amsterdam based graphic designer.

Awesome invitations by Felix Weigan, an ...

Artist Day: Stan

Discover here the portfolio of Stan, also known as “stanbos” on deviantart. Stan is a young traditional artist from France; his trained hands enjoy drawing from celebrities photos he likes and see on the Internet. The result is amazing realistic portraits.

Artist Day: Stan

Sport photography

TYR Swimwear by Tim Tadder

Sports: Building Block to Performance by Mike Campau & Sam Robles

Surf Life by Chris Hannant

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Matthew Woodson — worx

Top 10 Apps to Make Your Photos Pop!

You probably already know about Hipstamatic and Adobe Photoshop Express but what other iPhone apps are out there to help you turn your photos into works of art? Check out a great top 10 list over at My Life Scoop.

Justin Allen Paintings

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30 seconds of mind blowing 3D printed weirdness

How does it work?
Check the video of Gyro the Cube by Virtox to see…

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