Kowtow Clothing on Rawtee

fourFacesTeeFront white grande Kowtow Clothing on Rawtee
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Two new giclee prints by Mr.Frivolous entitled “MOODSWINGS 1″ and “MOODSWINGS 2″. A3 in size. Very limited edition of 10 each. Check out his store for more here.

Artwork by Auguy

20101012 vs  by auguy 600x424 Artwork by Auguy
Auguy is a native of South Western France. He joined the Colagene agency in August, 2006. Self-taught since his youngest age, he was inspired by diverse influences such as Phil Hale, Ashley Wood, Stéphane Goddard, Stéphane Tartelin and many others.
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Cláudio Cigarro — worx

ITSBOSSY South American Tattoos

ITSBOSSY 1286904771787 600x1018 ITSBOSSY South American Tattoos Collection of really cool tattoos can be found at ITSBOSSY.com

Japanese and stuff

Jared’s illsutration

Surreal Monsters by Dan May

 Surreal Monsters by Dan May
Jacksonville, Florida-based artist Dan May recently updated his online shop with a variety of new prints and originals. His paintings are best described as delightful yet haunting and you’ll find it really easy to get caught up in his dreamlike world. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Free Brush Vector Set (140 shapes)

brush01 Free Brush Vector Set (140 shapes)

Professionally designed 140 vector brush shapes, varying from regular lines and strikes to circles, spirals, waves, and to flowers and dogs. Believe it or not, but we have wrapped up all these into a gift covering and now we are presenting you with this free stuff as part of our freebies program for web designers, who regularly follow all the posts, published at our online Cruzine magazine. Vector shapes are an incredibly convenient form of source graphics to be used in multiple design projects, and brush still remains a popular and commonly used shape. With this stock vector set, featuring over a hundred of brush variations, you will no longer need to further seek for a particular brush type, capable of suiting your project ideally. We bet you will be able to find one in the set, offered here.

brush02 Free Brush Vector Set (140 shapes)

With this post, Cruzine continues its tradition of proffering professional but absolutely free tools and resources to our readers. Fonts, Photoshop shapes and actions, vector graphic sets, and much more free stuff are regularly added to our Freebies section. Though it is distributed for free here, be assured in the quality of the presented resources here. These brush vector shapes, for example, were authored by the FlavaFX company, which specializes in creating vector design packages for multiple commercial applications. Cruzine strives for delivering its readers the best and the most updated information on the design-related issues, as well as offering helpful and fresh resources and tools one can use to maximize the efficiency and value of his graphic works.

brush03 Free Brush Vector Set (140 shapes)

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fbc30 Free Brush Vector Set (140 shapes)

Halloweek Sale @ DesignByHumans

halloweek scare sale Halloweek Sale @ DesignByHumans



Cool free modern fonts part 1

Leicht book font
01 leicht book Cool free modern fonts part 1

Simplistic font
02 simplistic Cool free modern fonts part 1

Kraken-Bold font
03 kraken bold Cool free modern fonts part 1

DOAURA Regular font
04 doaura regular Cool free modern fonts part 1

Valken Regular font
05 valken regular Cool free modern fonts part 1

More free fonts!

fbf6 Cool free modern fonts part 1

Flavio Melchiorre x Citroën DS3

ds3awards Flavio Melchiorre x Citroën DS3

Making of: Flavio Melchiorre’s personalised Citroën DS3, winner of the first international competition “Citroen Créative Awards“. Photos by ©Nicolas Zwikel / Citroen Communication en credit photo.

Acrylic Paintings by Jason Edmiston

20101012 5e049b3a64433546202430ad5cbc9acc Acrylic Paintings by Jason Edmiston
A commercial illustrator since 1996, Jason has created work for advertising, editorial, packaging and book publishing clients internationally. He is a traditional artist, painting in acrylic on watercolour paper or wood panel. His style ranges from realism to exaggeration, usually emphasizing the figure, and a certain degree of humour or caricature. Jason is often asked to emulate a specific genre of illustration, such as movie posters, pulp covers or retro style advertising. His fondness for pop culture, especially movies and toys often creep into his work.
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Beautiful Digital Eyes

Castles Photography

cas01 Castles Photography

Castles – these majestic monuments of the glory and power, which survived through centuries of great changes, have always been among any country’s top tourist attractions. Besides, castles have always inspired artists to portray the beautiful sceneries, where these imposing architectural forms are seamlessly integrated into the natural terrain by the skillful hand of an ancient builder. Looking at the photographs with old castles, the feeling of deep respect appears for the exceptional skills of the architects who created such masterpieces, where harmony with nature as well as extreme aesthetic taste were elevated to their highest point.

cas02 Castles Photography

Beautiful and powerful, impressively towering above the tops of the trees, castles at the times of their prosperity were much more than just a place of residence for a noble family. Castles were the embodiments of military strength, social importance, and cultural advance. Built in accordance with the most progressive construction and defensive techniques and decorated by the most prominent artists of their time, castles live through the ages, continuing to impress people and inspire artists. Not everything is transitory on planet Earth; and castles work like obstinate evidences of this statement, withstanding the destructive influence of time, humans’ activity, and climate just to show all the future generations the rich heritage, accumulated for them by the forefathers. This heritage is the background for our further progress, and our aim is not only to save but also to multiply it.

cas03 Castles Photography

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fbc29 Castles Photography