Hotel Label

Immagine+4 Hotel Label

One of the most interesting use of modern graphic design is no doubt that the labels of the hotel, just those labels in the collective imagination of the last century, are attached (glued) on the cases of cardboard and twine our grandparents. The history of these labels is developed around 1800 when (it seems) was glued to the very first label to the Savoy Hotel San Remo, then became a real tradition, it is for the luggage room of the hotel, and pay their last friendly paste salute to the case of the client host. Today, those labels are part of an enormous historical and cultural heritage, but above all we show the evolution of graphics by both strangers and good designers, that’s true artistic geniuses like Mario Borgoni, J. Paschal, F. Romo and Fortunato Depero, a graphic made up of choices accurate, illustrations and characters that use specially designed er, a graphic that has contributed in large part to create that cultural modernism to which we refer to many charts.

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Immagine+18 Hotel Label

Poketo x Gary Baseman Wallet Series

BASEMAN PROMO 600x396 Poketo x Gary Baseman Wallet Series

Poketo is excited to release the Poketo x Gary Baseman limited-edition wallet series, which includes three exclusive wallet designs created from his paintings. The interior images of the wallets were taken from Baseman’s sketchbook archive, where he generates the ideas that eventually become his paintings. Each wallet offers a rare view into the prolific artist’s process from idea to finish, and shows the development of his recent work: surreal landscapes and the morally ambiguous inhabitants that play in them. The wallets encapsulate iconic Baseman: featuring his oozing “Chou Chous,” seemingly innocent girls, and images of death and enlightenment.

BASEMAN 01 600x396 Poketo x Gary Baseman Wallet Series
Like Poketo, Baseman has always sought to break down the rules of the art world to make art accessible. He built his creative empire around this notion, and through his illustrations, toys, games, animations, performances, exhibits, television, and more, an international audience has become enraptured with the world he has created. We present Poketo x Gary Baseman not just as collaborators, but as fans.

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Watercolor comic book paintings by Alex Maleev

watercolors03 600x461 Watercolor comic book paintings by Alex Maleev
Alex Maleev is a Bulgarian-born comic book illustrator.
Via Cuded (Click here for more)

Sexy Newspaper Wardrobes

sexy newspaper wardrobe1 600x900 Sexy Newspaper Wardrobes
Who knew newspapers could be so fashionable? “Extra, Extra Paper Doll” is a memorizing series by photographer Amy M. Phillips and Fairlight Hubbard of Eye Management. In vintage scenes that are reminiscent of the 1920’s era, newspapers are used in place of fabric to create sexy garments and accessories. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Sodium Magazine – Calling for Artists

logo 600x139 Sodium Magazine   Calling for Artists
Hey everyone!

We are looking for new artists to feature on our #6 issue.
Go to and learn how to send your works
Let’s wrap 2010 with the best issue so far!

500+ Free Professional Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions are recorded series of tasks in Photoshop, such as filters, adjustments and more. When packaged up, it packs all the power of these effects into a single, easy to use action. Actions can significantly improve workflow, particularly for bulk processing of images, but they can also help with graphic design and digital art by enhancing colors, contrast or other aspects.

Designers and photographers are always creating new actions, so this post has gathered up 500+ free Photoshop actions that yield professional results that you can use in your own works. We’ve included some awesome packs that have a variety of actions, and also some individual ones for specialized effects. Just click on the image and you’ll be taken to where you can download it, but please remember to read the terms of use with regards to redistribution and commercialization.
actions 19 500+ Free Professional Photoshop Actions

Basic Instinct Exploiting in Food Advertising

ads01 Basic Instinct Exploiting in Food Advertising

It may be an unexpected discovery for the majority of people, but many modern sociologists do support the idea that humans no longer have instincts. What has been known as instincts for many years before, for example sex or hunger, is now recognized as strong drives. Scientists say that these cannot be instincts as a human being can override them, while instincts can never be overridden. Well, it is rather a debatable statement, isn’t it? In any event, advertising industry still considers hunger as one of the human basic instincts and widely exploits this fact, introducing new approaches and building provocative concepts just to seduce consumers with some novel food product or an eating facility.

ads02 Basic Instinct Exploiting in Food Advertising

Fortunately, there is not less art in modern food advertising as biology and marketing. To be efficient, advertising, whether it is a TV trailer, restaurant logo, or a menu decoration, should work in a very sophisticated way. By stimulating visual receptors of a potential customer (this is the art component in advertising), it should affect his basic instincts and form irresistible desire (this is where commerce starts) to drop into a supermarket for a new type of organic ham or rush into the nearby restaurant and satisfy his instincts with the extra portion of taco. Not to be accused in advocating emotional eating , let us publish here some examples of food advertising concepts, where art component is strong enough to overwhelm (at least for some time) the basic instincts and let one enjoy the aesthetic value of advertising itself before tasting the culinary values of the advertised product.

ads03 Basic Instinct Exploiting in Food Advertising

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fbc50 Basic Instinct Exploiting in Food Advertising

Massive Attack – Atlas Air

Massive Attack ‘Atlas Air’ videoclip is a stunning work directed by Edouard Salier with a great CGI work.

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RA Supercar

RA Supercar1 RA Supercar
RA Supercar3 RA Supercar

Bespoke carmaker, Wa-el Rizk of Rizk Auto is bringing yesteryear motor-sport best design elements into production with today modern materials & aerospace technology. The RA is a light and powerful, with curvaceous bodywork inspired by 1957 Aston Martin DBR2 LeMans racing cars.

Micha Lamp

Abstract 3D artworks

Lost Souls by Mauricio Gomez
ab01 Abstract 3D artworks

Technologis by Jeremias Virtanen
ab02 Abstract 3D artworks

Reverend by Caust1c
ab03 Abstract 3D artworks

More 3D artworks!

fbc49 Abstract 3D artworks

Banksy style wall graphics

han solo room Banksy style wall graphics

Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon now available as a vinyl wall graphic from STUK

Monster Kings on Rawtee

mygd 1 Monster Kings on Rawtee
more from Monster Kings on R△WTEE, every day a new tee label


Banana Wall Art Installation

bananas1 Banana Wall Art Installation
bananas3 Banana Wall Art Installation
bananas7 Banana Wall Art Installation

With 10,000 bananas & some glue, Stefan Sagmeister created a giant Banana Wall, part of an art installation on Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far exhibition. The interesting thing about this installation is that it change over time. As the banana ripen further, the motto will disappeared and the background become brownish-yellow.
More photos here.

Energy Harvest