Paintings by Morgan Penn

Morgan Penn is an English portrait painter based in Chelsea London. He is completely self taught artist and is often referred to as the British Norman Rockwell. He is well known for an unusual and quirky approach to portrait painting and his loud opinions on the established London Art Institutions.
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Rosewood Wall Unit

Entertainment / Wall Unit TorontoInspired by 17th century “Ethan Allen” and its early-American furniture style, I took this challenging task very seriously. For this particulate configuration I used Indian Rosewood, for its strong and unpredictable grain structure and excellent polish taking ability. Wall unit has tall, open shelving on bought sides, that can be also closed with doors and used as a bookshelf plus curved, front drawer faces that are coping bent middle part of the whole unit. The whole structural integrity of this unit lies in its legs and solid wood posts on each corner, witch was a very typical construction type for this style of furniture at that time. I have to say, even though I’m not a traditional furniture dude “I like this one”.

Daily Inspirations no. 28

If you like digital art and technology innovations, today we have a new portion of resources to satisfy your creative appetite and recharge your inspiration. In this set of inspirational materials, we’ll present the works of modern photographers, digital illustration artists, typographers, and video makers. Besides, we have found some fresh news on technology innovations, such as a super portable printer and sea vessels of the future. Of course, new typography ideas, advertising concepts, as well as a couple of free resources to enforce your designing work performance are here as well. So, go ahead and get some inspiration from our Friday set, and do not forget that Cruzine provides you with fresh inspirational ideas on a regular basis – 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Radio Kiss FM: Gene Simmons by Lua Branca

Fruity Flash by Jose Maria Andres

Photo by Melodie McDanie

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the Design Cove | Celebrity Photography

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it’s full of stars

…it’s full of stars

Adam Martinakis | adoredesign

the Design Cove | Paintings by Ekaterina Grigorieva

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Tattoo is not fashion, but PASSION – Incredible facebook Tattoo related page!!!

Tattoo is not fashion, but PASSION – Is an incredible Tattoo related group on facebook, with incredible tattoo pictures posted daily also some non tattoo related posts are made but all art related.

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Legs T-Shirt and Print by Lady Love @ LTD Tee

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Kick ass Ralph Lauren video-mapping, one of the best i’ve seen.

In celebration of 10 years of digital innovation, presents the ultimate fusion of art, fashion & technology in a visual feast for the 5 senses. Watch as the New York women’s flagship at 888 Madison Avenue disappears before your eyes and is then transformed into a series of objects and images rendered in 3-dimensional space.

New York:

One of the best video-mapping I’ve seen recently.


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Michal Kubacki

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Interview with Stéphane Massa-Bidal

Interview is with the very talented french artist Stéphane Massa-Bidal, also known as Hulk4598 or Rétrofuturs.

Simon Danaher 3D Artwork

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Designer Drugs on Rawtee (+ a datamix to download)

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Unique Illustrations and Artworks by Davel F. Hamue

…”A mysterious face”…

VIEW IMAGEN: Alejo Malia

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