40 Impressive examples of Typography

Gore Guts Glory typography
I-O-T-P-O-H typography
There are many factors that designers have to consider at the time of creating typographic design, like fonts, color etc. Here we collected 40 Stunning examples of Typography.

Altru Apparel on Rawtee

more from Altru Apparel on R△WTEE, every day a new tee label

Crisp Moments of Street Life

Life as the philosophic category can have different forms and meanings – we can distinguish social life, personal life, physical life, spiritual life, etc. Street life is also among those specific forms of life. With a firm affixment to outdoor environment, street life represents the form of universal co-existence between people, animals, transport, architecture, and many other objects of the animate and inanimate nature. When you cross the threshold of your house or apartment, you immediately become part of the street life. It can be funny and inspiring, sometimes even scary or desperate, but always dynamic, vivid, and live.

With the following photography showcase, we offer you to make a virtual tour to the street life. Vagrant musicians and police officers, beloved couples and pigeons, umbrellas and taxi cab lights – it is the street that mixes and combines all these different components into a fabulous mosaic, just like a kaleidoscope mixes different colored glass pieces to form a versatile yet well-ordered ornament of colors and shapes. Cities are often compared to living organisms, and wondering around the streets is, perhaps, the best way to feel the soul of that organism, its uniqueness and inimitableness. Photographs, presented below, are nothing but portrays of the street life, captured and imprinted by a skillful photographer for us to be able to see things, which often escape from the passing glance of a preoccupied passerby.

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Indoor and Outdoor Wicker lamps

wicker lamp

wicker lamp

The partnership between Flos and Dedon renowned for lighting technology and excellent wicker designs respectively, has resulted in the new exclusive outdoor wicker lighting range. The Play collection is a marriage of casual, easygoing feel of this natural woven material with a modern twist.
outdoor wicker lamp

outdoor wicker lamp

Masahisa Fukase | Photography

New Full Screen Flash Website for MI Lighting by Media Novak

The new web site for Mi-Lighting.com was developed from the ground up – corporate branding, logo design, web site build, and full content management. The design needed to be unique, appealing to its target market and easy for users to understand. We hope you will enjoy it.

Visit Our Official Website HERE | Visit Mi Lighting Website

New Full Screen Flash Website for MI Lighting by Media Novak
New Full Screen Flash Website for MI Lighting by Media Novak
New Full Screen Flash Website for MI Lighting by Media Novak
New Full Screen Flash Website for MI Lighting by Media Novak

Modern Past

Getty Lamp

A limited edition lamp designed by Marcus Tremonto, the Getty Lamp doesn’t appear to be particularly practical, but it is certainly artistic.
More photos here.

Daily Inspirations no. 19

Trying to distract you from gloomy and depressing autumn weather, the team of Cruzine have made their best to collect the most interesting, vivid, and emotions evoking images. We genuinely hope this selection will ensure that your inspiration level raises to its maximum and consequently motivates you to create your own impressive works.

No matter what category you choose to look through for your inspiration – illustrations, freebies, architecture, photography, or some other – every little piece there is going to be a real surprise for you. All the images are so different that every designer will be able to find the one, or a couple of pictures to awaken the creative spirits inside his soul. So, let’s go into the world of digital masterpieces!

The Prodigy by John Wright

Drawing Blood by Nykolai Aleksander

Futura by Craig Ward

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“The Social Network” shot on RED cameras. David Fincher behind the scenes.

“The Social Network” shot on RED. Director David Fincher behind the scenes. – Full article Here

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How to become a better artist & staying motivated


“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ”
– Pablo Picasso
Inspirational video on how to stay motivated with your artwork and how to get better.

Tomasz Opasinski, Posters…

Tomasz Opasinski, Posters…

25 Most Beautiful and Inspiring iPhone Photos

As a growing and exciting art movement, iPhoneography is fast becoming a way for anyone with an iPhone to express their creative side. It’s now easy to take photos and then tweak, enhance or transform them into works of art just by using a careful selection of apps. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Wicked Energy Drink Packaging

Wicked Energy Drink with eye-catching Asian inspired dragon tattoo- features the art of renowned Sydney tattoo artist Kian Forreal.

Do It Yourself source package!

Do it yourself source package by bram vanhaeren
Bram Vanhaeren offers his new “Do It Yourself Source Package”! A unique package with 22 high resolution images and 2 Photoshop .psd files! If your interested you can learn more about it here: Bram Vanhaeren Blog