40 Amazing Music Inspired Artworks

Music serves as incredible inspiration for artists around the world when working on a piece. Whether it’s the uplifting melodies of euphoric trance, the screaming guitars of rock and metal, the driving basslines of hip-hop and R&B, the soft complexity of classical music, or any other genre, most artists have a favorite style of music to listen to, one that echoes their creative soul and drives them to create stunning works of digital art.

Because of the impact and inspiration from music, there are a lot of artworks dedicated entirely to the theme or concept of music, so this post showcases 40 musical and music-inspired artworks.

Music by Aeoll 40 Amazing Music Inspired Artworks

Everyday Objects

yuken teruya corner forest 04 Everyday Objects
notice forest 6 Everyday Objects

Yuken Teruya manipulates everyday objects, transforming their meanings to reflect on contemporary society and culture. Cutting trees out of McDonalds’s paper bags and cardboard toilet paper rolls, he creates meticulous and intricate art works, small and enchanting worlds, which relate to broader concerns. Continue reading…

Linkin Park Pushes the Digital Envelope

joehahn0 Linkin Park Pushes the Digital Envelope
joehahn3 Linkin Park Pushes the Digital Envelope
joehahnlast Linkin Park Pushes the Digital Envelope
A few days ago, Linkin Park released their new music video for their song “Waiting for the End.” Artistic, mesmerizing, beautiful and unique, the video was directed by Joe Hahn, the Korean American member of the band. As a digital version of themselves, Hahn wanted to push themselves “so far down the digital path that it eventually felt spiritual.” Watch it at My Modern Metropolis.

marcello is my illstrator


Zigel on Rawtee

1278771299 3 Zigel on Rawtee
more from Zigel on R△WTEE, every day a new tee label

Robot Women by MichaelO

Stunning Wallpapers For Your Desktop #3

snow leopard wallpapers 14819 1920x1200 Stunning Wallpapers For Your Desktop #3

sexy at home wallpapers 21893 1920x1200 Stunning Wallpapers For Your Desktop #3

after dark in chicago wallpapers 3700 1600 Stunning Wallpapers For Your Desktop #3

This post is part of our series of posts showing stunning high-quality wallpapers to inspire you and to enrich your desktop. You will find 10 wallpapers from diferent categories; each one strictly selected to a better user experience.

Stunning Wallpapers For Your Desktop #3

The World According to Geof Kern

20100923 kern23 The World According to Geof Kern

Geof Kern stands among the most awarded American photographers. With an unfettered imagination he worked for the most creative magazines and ad agencies

20100923 kern19 600x441 The World According to Geof Kern

20100923 kern15 The World According to Geof Kern

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Perfect interface arts

Zelda universe interface by Anton Wiklund
pia01 Perfect interface arts

Masters of Belial interface by Anton Wiklund
pia02 Perfect interface arts

Interface 10 by bl4ckzero
pia03 Perfect interface arts

More interface designs!

fbc24 Perfect interface arts

Some YoYo Stuff – Don Van Vliet (docu by Anton Corbijn)

Stunning visuals for concerts

The videos pretty much speak for themselves. Stunning visuals for concerts and live shows. Their strengths definitely lie in their ability to capture the essence of dance music, with technology and visual art. Cool.
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handmade fabric illustration

josefine D handmade fabric illustrationmadeleine D1 handmade fabric illustrationjuliet D handmade fabric illustration

gotta see this amazing handmade illustration made on fabric from brazilian artist Lilia Trizotto……love it http://www.flickr.com/photos/lilia_trizotto/sets/72157604272026810/

50 Gorgeous High Quality Apple iPad Wallpapers

iPad wallpapers are in high demand, as Apple’s iPad gains popularity, particularly with geeks and graphic designers alike. Although it is a bit different from a traditional laptop and traditional mobile devices, the iPad does have some great functionality and uses. However, when spending significant amounts of time using any device, it helps to have an interesting wallpaper, whether it’s a great nature wallpaper, a science fiction wallpaper, or something a bit darker.

So, to help you pick a great new iPad wallpaper for your Apple iPad, we’ve gathered up 50 ultra-high quality wallpapers for you to use. Whether you’re a movie or gaming buff, a fan of digital abstract, outer space, nature, or you’re looking for something funny, you’ll find a great new wallpaper here.
ipadwallpapers55 50 Gorgeous High Quality Apple iPad Wallpapers