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Great London photographer

New talent on the block.

1 berlin3 600x393 Great London photographer
6 img4825 Great London photographer8 berlin Great London photographer10 cherry Great London photographer

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Logo Designs Where Magic Starts

mag01 Logo Designs Where Magic Starts

mag02 Logo Designs Where Magic Starts

Just like all the people are different, business entities also vary greatly, as well as their needs in marketing materials and approaches to logo designs. Once some companies choose traditional and conservative textual logos, others vote for something extraordinary, where magic and fantasy make a perfect fit. Magic should be understood literally here. Wizards, fairies, and even voodoo accessories are featured in logo designs we have prepared for you today. Often, such alternative style logos are chosen for some progressive online services and products. However, many of them would fit great for the traditional businesses as well. For example, isn’t it a good idea to make a fairy-featured logo for some children cloth brand, or wouldn’t you be attracted with the local pub’s logo, where a wish-fulfilling Aladdin’s lamp is illustrated, or why wouldn’t a government choose Pandora’s box as its official emblem?

mag03 Logo Designs Where Magic Starts

mag04 Logo Designs Where Magic Starts

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fbc52 Logo Designs Where Magic Starts

Alessandro Mendini- Proust Geometrica Armchair

39680 485602369277 69283442 Alessandro Mendini  Proust Geometrica Armchair
39316 485604049277 69283442 Alessandro Mendini  Proust Geometrica Armchair
The multicolor fabric Proust Geometrica Armchair with hand-carved + hand-painted wooden frame is the new face of Proust Armchair by Alessandro Mendini.

Proust created in 1978 for the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara was immediately recognized as an icon
of 20th century design. In 1993, Cappellini inherited the piece & today after reupholstered in a new cotton fabric with traditionally hand-finished by Alessandro Mendini, Proust Geometrica still preserves the forms + value of the original Proust armchair but with a refreshing breath of new life + image.

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Stickers in Paris

R0032175 Stickers in Paris
R0032405 Stickers in Paris
R0032363 Stickers in Paris

More on ChouKawaii.

An update on the Ukraine PositivePictures production art works

Paper Crafted Shoes by Mike Leavitt

Mike Leavitt Paper Crafted Shoes Paper Crafted Shoes by Mike Leavitt
Seattle-based Visual Artist Mike Leavitt has recently re-created these sneaker icons with paper. All paper crafted shoes can be bought through Mike Leavitt’s website. See more paper shoes…

The Art of Kapten Hanna

kapten hanna 1 The Art of Kapten Hanna

kapten hanna 2 The Art of Kapten Hanna

Kapten Hanna is a tattoo artist and illustrator from Lund, Sweden. She currently works and lives in San Francisco.

More at

Papel Geekado

These wall skins can be re-used hundreds of times and don’t leave any sticky residue behind.
computadora pink Papel Geekado
supermuertos green Papel Geekado
luchador yellow Papel Geekado
papel picados Papel Geekado

Voort on Rawtee

dyt Voort on Rawtee
more from Voort on R△WTEE, every day a new tee label


Last Man Standing Teaser Poster

Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter teaser poster by Dan LuVisi
6a1f5197e08ae54faa28850836b3f9c5 600x338 Last Man Standing Teaser Poster

Hotel Label

Immagine+4 Hotel Label

One of the most interesting use of modern graphic design is no doubt that the labels of the hotel, just those labels in the collective imagination of the last century, are attached (glued) on the cases of cardboard and twine our grandparents. The history of these labels is developed around 1800 when (it seems) was glued to the very first label to the Savoy Hotel San Remo, then became a real tradition, it is for the luggage room of the hotel, and pay their last friendly paste salute to the case of the client host. Today, those labels are part of an enormous historical and cultural heritage, but above all we show the evolution of graphics by both strangers and good designers, that’s true artistic geniuses like Mario Borgoni, J. Paschal, F. Romo and Fortunato Depero, a graphic made up of choices accurate, illustrations and characters that use specially designed er, a graphic that has contributed in large part to create that cultural modernism to which we refer to many charts.

Here a part of the gallery and the various links

Immagine+18 Hotel Label

Poketo x Gary Baseman Wallet Series

BASEMAN PROMO 600x396 Poketo x Gary Baseman Wallet Series

Poketo is excited to release the Poketo x Gary Baseman limited-edition wallet series, which includes three exclusive wallet designs created from his paintings. The interior images of the wallets were taken from Baseman’s sketchbook archive, where he generates the ideas that eventually become his paintings. Each wallet offers a rare view into the prolific artist’s process from idea to finish, and shows the development of his recent work: surreal landscapes and the morally ambiguous inhabitants that play in them. The wallets encapsulate iconic Baseman: featuring his oozing “Chou Chous,” seemingly innocent girls, and images of death and enlightenment.

BASEMAN 01 600x396 Poketo x Gary Baseman Wallet Series
Like Poketo, Baseman has always sought to break down the rules of the art world to make art accessible. He built his creative empire around this notion, and through his illustrations, toys, games, animations, performances, exhibits, television, and more, an international audience has become enraptured with the world he has created. We present Poketo x Gary Baseman not just as collaborators, but as fans.

So enjoy!

Watercolor comic book paintings by Alex Maleev

watercolors03 600x461 Watercolor comic book paintings by Alex Maleev
Alex Maleev is a Bulgarian-born comic book illustrator.
Via Cuded (Click here for more)

Sexy Newspaper Wardrobes

sexy newspaper wardrobe1 600x900 Sexy Newspaper Wardrobes
Who knew newspapers could be so fashionable? “Extra, Extra Paper Doll” is a memorizing series by photographer Amy M. Phillips and Fairlight Hubbard of Eye Management. In vintage scenes that are reminiscent of the 1920’s era, newspapers are used in place of fabric to create sexy garments and accessories. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Sodium Magazine – Calling for Artists

logo 600x139 Sodium Magazine   Calling for Artists
Hey everyone!

We are looking for new artists to feature on our #6 issue.
Go to and learn how to send your works
Let’s wrap 2010 with the best issue so far!