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Binding and Purity – Paintings by Kwon Kyung Yup

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City Opera Costumes Installation

city opera costumes 1 City Opera Costumes Installation
city opera costumes 2 City Opera Costumes Installation

Artist E. V. Day transforms 13 pieces of ‘sleeping’ vintage costume into a site-specific installation for the New York City Opera, to celebrate the company’s return to the newly renovated David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center.


101016 CF Ebisu Bienale Butterfly BCOME a BUTTERFLY

Yes, yes … TetraPak can fly … at least when its shaped like a butterly.
BCOME more informed !!

Presenting the @Robert__Anthony Design Bolo Charm

Robert Anthony Design presents the Bolo Charm necklace. This fashion-forward charm combines the classic bolo tie feel with the trendy skinny tie, all in one beautiful solid steel charm. One size fits all, necklace is included.

robert anthony design bolo skinny tie charm Presenting the @Robert  Anthony Design Bolo Charm

Home Sweet Home #11

yr 131010 031 Home Sweet Home #11

yr 131010 051 Home Sweet Home #11

yr 131010 10 Home Sweet Home #11

This post is part of our series of posts showing the most inspiring houses around the world. This institution is one of the most important things in life, because in homes we can think, grow, feel confortable and reinvigorate ourselves to continue the beautiful journey of our lives.

Home Sweet Home #11

Tshirt store on Rawtee

6371 Tshirt store on Rawtee
more from Tshirt store on R△WTEE, every day a new tee label


33 Daily Inspirations no. 6

Would you agree if we say that the true source of inspiration can be found even in the most usual and trivial things that surround us? A tiny rain drop, reflecting the huge universe with its splendid mix of colors and shapes, or a group of clouds, dancing in the sky and forming elaborate sceneries and patterns – there are really lots of sources of inspiration in the world around. However, once a rain drop dries out or clouds escape from the dome of the sky, do not hesitate to direct your browser to, where you will always find a source of inspiration for your daily design or art works.

Redemption by Mario Wibisono
di6a 33 Daily Inspirations no. 6

Ooh la la! by Andrew Hickinbottom
di6b 33 Daily Inspirations no. 6

Bugatti 16 C Galibier Edition by Bugatti
di6c 33 Daily Inspirations no. 6

More inspirations!

fbc47 33 Daily Inspirations no. 6


New exclusive wallpaper for your iPad

ipad vertical wallpaper New exclusive wallpaper for your iPad
ipad horizontal wallpaper New exclusive wallpaper for your iPad
The second long awaited iPad wallpaper from Minibook Wallpapers is online! Grab it now for free from

3D Printed Rat Earrings: Halloween Jewelry Par Excellence

Reminding me somewhat of a dead rat found in a river, or perhaps a teen angst poem about the same.
Rat Earrings by Martynas are 3D printed in stainless steel or silver by Shapeways.
Shapeways 3D printed rat earrings 3 600x398 3D Printed Rat Earrings: Halloween Jewelry Par Excellence

Artwork by Jeffrey ‘CHAMBA’ Cruz

0790075fe6081fd36247eeeb656d7260 d2zufv3 600x927 Artwork by Jeffrey ‘CHAMBA’ Cruz
Jeffrey is a Melbourne, Australia Based Illustrator/Comic Artist
Via Cuded (Click here for more)

“SLip” cuts your head off

Slip SLip cuts your head off
Slip4 SLip cuts your head off
Since 1998, the french artist named SLip has been creating is own world of collage, full of non sens and irony, where it becomes easy to loose your head!
Exhibition “Nouvelle Vague” still on here!!!

More free fonts

SF Tattle Tales Condensed Italic font
11 sf tattle tales More free fonts

TF2 Secondary font
12 tf2 secondary More free fonts

CoppepanAlChoco font
13 coppepanalchoco More free fonts

SimpleLife font
14 simplelife1 More free fonts

Qixstix font
15 qixstix More free fonts

More free fonts!

fbf11 More free fonts

Incredible Shadow Scuptures

Shadow1 Incredible Shadow Scuptures
Shado2 Incredible Shadow Scuptures
Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens creates incredible shadow sculptures. When light filters through them, hidden messages are unveiled through bent wires, cotton clouds, cardboard boxes, and even, living plants.

More pics at My Modern Met.

Great figurative modern sculptures

Mardi Gras Diva – Redux 1 by Nicole West
scul01 Great figurative modern sculptures

Wormwood – Painted by Jamie D. Macfarlane
scul02 Great figurative modern sculptures

Rocky Painted 4 by Team4D
scul03 Great figurative modern sculptures

More modern sculptures!

fbc46 Great figurative modern sculptures