Illustration by Philippe Constantinesco

“Philippe Constantinesco was born in France in 1982. After having completed his studies in Visual Communication in Strasbourg, he founded Zurich29 with Dorian Gourg (art directors studio, motion & static designers) and has been pursuing his career in Paris since 2006.”

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the Design Cove | Photo Realistic Paintings

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Des Artistes on Rawtee

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Tigaer Hecker Artwork

Tigaer has always dreamed of visiting other planets, see their landscapes and nature.

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Popcorn Studio

Everything That Happens

Everything That Happens” was a performance, by Julie Tremblay in collaboration with Nana Francisca Schottländer, that blends sculpture, dance and happening.
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London photography showcase

Dark City by Sam

Parliament BW by Erika Lynn

Front Doors by Tony Taffinder

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Niklas Lundberg’s Artwork

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Art Directors Club

For those who play seriously by DDB.
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Hope Anfalova Paintings

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Monster Logo Design Showcase

If people accept yearly celebrations of Halloween, which is nothing but the feast of the devilry in its core, then it is no wonder that it is absolutely fine to put monster illustrations at logotypes. After all, not all monsters are evil, aren’t they? Monsters are just different, but some of them are pretty nice and even noble, like Shrek, for example… Online media projects, spam-filtering applications, and even hi-tech engineering companies choose monsters to represent their companies’ profiles. Appropriate aggressivity on its way to success, unique and untraditional approach or vision – these are only a few meanings monster characters can express, when used as part of a company logo concept.

Chart Monster by Jerron Ames

Monster Pizza by Alan Oronoz

Monsterbits by samuelpires

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Illustrations by the brazilian artista Fabiosimple. His work is impressive and aesthetic themes with a strong feature uses various tools to produce his art, from nanquim to watercolor.


1,000+ WORDS by ABOVE

“A picture is worth 1,000 words.” I sat for a while considering if I should describe this piece and the multi-layered meanings depicted in the painting?! The stencil and symbolism in the painting take on some heavy current topics of social, political, and racial issues just to name a few. I decided it’s best for you the viewer to interpret and look at this piece and make your decision on what you feel from it. Art has the amazing ability to be interpreted on a range of 1,000+ different meanings depending on who you ask. Some of you might find this piece offensive, constructive, ironic, or just plain stupid. I want to highly encourage all of you watching this to speak up and comment about your interpretation of this stencil and issues portrayed. for more!

You will be in the air

This art is inspired on the song “You will be in the air” by The Microphones. The illustration was created by the designer Arthur W. Presser from Koning.