25 Spooky Halloween Special Designs – Trick or Treat!!!

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The Tree Installation

Located on the front lawn of the National Museum of Singapore, The Tree is an amazing reconstruction from a series of interlocking frames with lights that pulsates gently in the night.

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Italian Popular Gestures

The Italian hand gestures illustrated here are some of the more common ones realized by Alfredo Cassano, an Italian animator and storyboard artist. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

SkyGraphX on Rawtee

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Awe-Inspiring Aerial Photographs of Cities

Aerial photography is usually not the most accessible type of photography for most people, as it requires that you get higher than most surrounding objects so that you can look down at them. Often, this requires having building that is significantly taller than the others, or it requires taking the photograph from a plane or helicopter. However, when aerial photography is possible, the results are breathtaking.

In this post, we’ll look at some awe-inspiring aerial photographs of cities around the globe, from the USA to South Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, Australia and more.



the Design Cove | Photography by Ekaterina Grigorieva

View more images here via the Design Cove.

Shockingly Surreal Self-Portraits

Born in Madrid, Spain, Manu Pombrol is a 35-year-old artist and photographer whose self-portraits are nothing short of extraordinary. See his amazing work and read an interview with him at My Modern Metropolis.

Silvia Molinari Paintings

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Jonathan Bartlett


Plastiquarium is a collection of strange marine creatures, made from recycled plastic art by artist David Edgar.

High speed photos

Doube Trouble by KevLewis

M I L K B O W L by Louis Anthony Tobias Neville

Red White Blue by Justin Moraczewski

More high speed photos!

Fighting Our Inner Demons

When you first glance at Jonathan Bartlett’s illustrations, they’ll probably remind you of Norman Rockwell’s classic paintings. But look a little closer and you’ll notice a darker theme running throughout. See more of Bartlett’s work and read an interview with him over at My Modern Metropolis.

Daily Inspirations no. 25

A true artist and just a creative person with developed imagination can find inspiration in many things around: from a rain drop, reflecting the sky, to a beautiful woman and some conceptual architecture design. As usually, Cruzine offers its own vision and understanding of inspirational sources, displaying below 33 works from the multiple design fields: photography, illustration, digital art, architecture, advertising, and more. Today, we would like to get you familiar with the conceptual photography by Christophe Gilbert and naturally beautiful seduction photography by a young Russian artist Maya Tetter. Besides, we’ll show you some amazing digital painting illustrations, new 3D animation characters, and some truly unexpected designs with typography involved. Those, who like futurism and crescendo luxury in vehicle designs and architecture, are also welcome to view the post below; we bet you won’t be disappointed with our Tuesday collection of inspiration sources.

Art Collector by Scott Davidson

Tweedle by Patrick Beaulieu

Colgate Total Floss: Toothpick by Prolam Y&R

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Girls Wallpaper Art

Girls Wallpaper Art
Wallpaper posted a new awesome Girls Girls Girls collection! Check it out.