Beautiful Stencil Art by Logan Moody


Logan Moody began working on stencil art in 2006 while living in Auckland, New Zealand. Mainly working with simple one colour stencils, he began to slowly develop his style toward a more photorealistic look, focusing on getting as much detail as possible and his overall technique and style.

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Meet the Rays – Impressive Polynesian Tattoos


I am always curious about the mysterious symbols appeared on the Polynesian tattoos. These symbols are representations of cultural appreciation for the native Polynesian people. One types of such tattoos come into my sight are ray tattoos, which triggered my further study of the weird sea animals.

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“Potluck 100″ – A New Miniature Painting Project by Cape Town-based Artist Lorraine Loots


As a continuation of her impossibly miniature painting project, South African artist Lorraine Loots has embarked on her latest endeavor for 2015: Potluck 100. The new series involves 100 new artworks painted in four categories: Microcosm Mondays, Tiny Tuesdays (vintage book covers), Fursdays, and Free Fridays (images of anything).

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Women of the Revolution by Kathrin Longhurst


A wonderful selected series of paintings by Kathrin Longhurst influenced by socialist realism and communist propaganda art.

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Artist Creates Illustrations by Burning Tiny Holes in Paper With Incense Sticks

Korean artist Jihyun Park has created stunning drawings on rice paper by burning tiny holes into the paper with incense sticks.

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Brand by Hand – Hand-Lettered Versions of Famous Logos by Sara Marshall


Sara Marshall’s “Brand by Hand” lettering project transforms the logos of familiar brands into stylish calligraphy. The aim of the project, according to Marshall, is to reacquaint the cold corporate world with the hand-treated and flowery nature of hand lettering.

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Light After Death in Mihoko Ogaki’s ‘Milky Ways’ Project

Artist Mihoko Ogaki created a project entitled Milky Ways, in which she reflected her ideas about life, death and rebirth.

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Photorealistic Portraits Created With Simple Ball Point Pens by African Artist Enam Bosokah


Enam Bosokah is an African artist from Ghana. With simple ball point pens and pencils Enam creates lifelike portraits. His work is incredibly detailed and full of emotion.The stunningly-realistic portrait drawings depict world leaders, writers, as well as children and couples. Bosokah’s work showcases emotional scenes in elaborate detail, and it’s as if we’re looking at cyan-toned photographs rather than hand-crafted creations.

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30 Pictures of Samoan Tattoos


Samoa is one of the main island groups located within the Polynesian Triangle, comprising American Samoa and the Independent State of Samoa. Samoans have practiced tattoos for more than 2,000 years. As a part of Polynesian culture, Samoan tattoos present strong culture specific attributes. Samoans are proud of their roots of cultural identity, there has been a growing trend of revival of traditional tattooing for native Samoans. In this article we will explore the distinctions of this unique tattoo pattern and enjoy a collection of mind-blow Samoan tattoo pictures.

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I Show The Real Wishes Of Every Day Objects

Break Free
Break Free
I’ve been working on my animated photography project for about two years. This project is for the silent objects in all of our lives, the things we use and leave in the background. Each picture starts with a simple question – what would you like to do today?

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Stainless Steel Human Figures by Gil Bruvel

Artist Gil Bruvel from Texas creates figurative sculptures from stainless steel ribbons that look very fluid.

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Parisian Billboards Replaced with Classical Art

Paris-based street artist Etienne Lavie imagined how his hometown would look with paintings of great artists instead of outdoor advertising.

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The Dualities of Interconnectedness – Can You Find Them?


Cathie Bleck is an amazing artist with a very unique and off beat philosophy about her work. Her artist statement says it all. Her art work falls perfectly into her artist statement which is clear in the below set of photos.

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Mind Bending Optical Illusion Paintings by Rob Gonsalves


Born in 1959 in Toronto , Canada , Artist Rob Gonsales is creating a rare mix of creativity and optical illusions , from amazing transitions from bridges to clouds to caravels , you never know what to expect from his paintings . with his unique perspective and style of magic realism he produces his limited edition prints and illustrations for his own books. Gonsales started developing an interest in drawing when he was just a child , most of his work back than was from his own imagination and as he got older his technique improved . By the age of twelve he really got into architecture and thats when he learned perspective techniques and started to create his own work of imagined buildings . There is no surprise the artist is very much inspired by artists Dali and Tanguy and once he learned of their work he immediately started his first surrealist painting. below is a sample of his work . take 10 minutes to dive into a magical world.

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Conversations with History by David Emitt Adams


Using discarded tin cans found on the hot Arizona desert ground, David Emitt Adams has created timeless pieces he calls Conversations with History. The cans are branded with tintype pictures, reflecting ties to the very locations the cans — some of which have been sitting out in the sun for over forty years — were found.

Detailed photographs applied to the bottom of tin cans using an old fashioned photographic technique. The artist says, “The result is an object that has history as an artifact and an image that ties it to its location. These cans are the relics of the advancement of our culture, and become sculptural support to what they have witnessed.”

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