Vinyl Wall Clocks by Pavel Sidorenko

Estonian designer Pavel Sidorenko is amultiple winner of various contests in design. He has developed an amazing collection of vinyl wall clocks.

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Real Handmade Candy Typography by Alex Palazzi


Alex Palazzi for his project “Do not play with your food” explored endless posibilities that lay in food to create beautiful 3D typography sculptures. In collaboration with Dani Raya he mixed food design and lettering art creating these three pink candy sculptures. Find out more in the gallery and discover the making-of on the project’s page.

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Album Art Make Up

An artist has gone to incredible lengths to paint several iconic album covers on her own face. London-based artist Natalie Sharp wanted to celebrate Record Store Day in a unique way, and asked her Facebook friends for suggestions about which album covers to paint. She was overwhelmed with responses, and as a result painted 40 different album covers on her face, including Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, King Crimson’s “The Court of the Crimson King”, and “Melt” by Peter Gabriel. Natalie, who is also a vocalist in a band named The Lone Taxidermist, says she wanted to combine her love of art and music in a unique way, as well as celebrate the history of vinyl. Here: King Crimson album. “In fact, I barely used by brushes for King Crimson; I would just keep smudging it with my fingers”. (Photo by Natalie Sharp/Caters News)

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Fantastical Realms from Concept Artist Wang Rui


Wang Rui is a professional concept artist from Zhejiang, China. Wang attended the China Academy of Art and has worked in the video game industry for over 4 years creating concept art for games such as Magic Crystal Fantasy & Infinite Realms.

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The Rock Balancing Art by Michael Grab

Michael Grab and his project called Gravity Glue seem to challenge the laws of physics demonstrating an unnatural stability when it looks utterly impossible.

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Around the Rim Sculpture by Johnson Tsang Read


Johnson Cheung-shing Tsang is a Hong Kong sculptor specializing in ceramics, stainless steel sculpture and public artworks. Tsang’s works mostly employ realist sculptural techniques with a surrealist imagination, integrating the two elements, human beings and objects, into creative themes.

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Amazing Experimental Raw 3D Artworks by Joey Camacho


Vancouver based graphic designer Joey Camacho makes daily 3D artworks with subtle details for his project “Progress Before Perfection”. Inspired by biology and geometrical shapes these abstract 3D renders are completely captivating. You can see more of his work over on Behance.

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Sugar Metropolis Built from 500,000 Sugar Cubes

Two professional sculptors Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels have organized the Sugar Metropolis project, which may be the sweetest project in the world.

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Anonymous by Giga Kobidze

Anonymous by Giga Kobidze. The Cartesian obstacle of thinking and behaviour Is the dimension of consciousness separable from the body dimension? Descartes spoke of dualism and parallelism in the individual. Man is not just a be embarrassed of a body, producing thoughts, it is also a consciousness that has the ability to think and to think his actions. Torn between his impulses and his reason, man, in his actions and thoughts, errs on a combination of antagonistic principles. This is a conflict of mind-body relationship. when thought is in the soul, and the sensations and perceptions of bodily origin. Our behaviour sometimes translated impulses that we do not control and which seem foreign to our nature, but they exist in us and also form our image.

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40 Shell Tattoos Make You Wonder Sea Life


A shell is a hard, protective outer layer of some sea creatures, such as marine mollusks, bivalves, conch, scallop, nautilus, or other sea snails. The shell of these creatures is part of their skeletal system for muscle encase body and organisms, but also for protection from predators and scuffing of body. Shell tattoo is among the rare topics people used for tattooing. Seashell tattoo is one of marine inspired tattoos loved by people who are font of ocean and sea life.

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Extraordinary Prints of City Layouts That Will Take you to a Different Perspective of Art

With the use of Google’s OpenStreetMap, creative visualization of the artist and the aid of Cinema 4D, a series City Layout print arts comes to existence.

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Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein

Arizona-based Kathy Klein creates beautiful pieces of art from flowers. Kathy has her own name for what she’s doing. She calls it danmala.

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3D Animals Painted on Layers of Resign by Keng Lye

Artist Keng Lye creates amazingly realistic painted sculptures of aquatic animals by painting layers of resin.

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Geometric Fine Line Tattoos by Los Angeles Famous Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo


This past December, The New York Times ran a story about Brian Woo (aka Dr. Woo), calling him the “Tattoo Artist for the Hollywood Set.” Having inked such celebrities as Drake, Ellie Goulding, and Cara Delevingne, the 33-year-old is one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in Los Angeles with a wait list that’s six months long.

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People in Landscapes // Portrait Photography by Simone Bramante


“I’m a Man, a Daddy, a Photographer based in Italy working for projects in 6 continents. Worked for Maserati, Absolut Vodka, Ford, Unicredit Bank, L’Oréal, Philips, Canon, Marriott Hotels, Ducati,, Renault, Samsung and more.” – Simone Bramante

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