Artist Creates Dazzling Ocean Stones Covered in Colorful Tiny Dots


Canada-based creative Elspeth McLean puts her talents to good use transforming smooth ocean stones into symbolic works of arts. They are painted in splendid, bright colors that feature a series of dots decoratively arranged along the surface.

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Women Portraits by Januz Miralles


Januz Miralles is an artist from Philippines based in the province of Laguna , southeast of Manila. He uses conventional painting techniques coupled with digital image processing to provide this captivating result. His main theme are women having as background, or even in the foreground, irregular brush strokes. The colours used are a range of greys and blacks, pale cream but some times red is used aggressively.

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City of Minas Tirith Made from Matchsticks

Artist Pat Acton from Matchstick Marvels studio recently finished and ambitious construction of the city of Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings.

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Melting Porcelain Art by Livia Marin

London based artist and sculptor Livia Marin is interested in Chinese porcelain. Although, she sees it from an interesting perspective. Her chinaware looks like it slowly melts, forming porcelain puddles.

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3D Calligraphy Experiments by Tolga Girgin


Turkish graphic designer and electrical engineer Tolga Girgin continues to experiment with calligraphy that seems to jump off the page. Girgin uses shading, shadows, and different forms of perspective to create three-dimensional letters that float, stand, drip, and slant. You can see more on Instagram

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Chain-link Fence Installation by Soo Sunny Park

Artist Soo Sunny Park created a glittering installation called Unwoven Light composed of sections of chain-link fence adorned with Plexiglas.

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Digital Artworks by Adam Martinakis

UK-based digital artist Adam Martinakis creates digital artworks that combine elements of surrealism and photorealism.

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Portraits by Mark Demsteader


Demsteader has won several awards including The Lyceum Prize and The Sidney Andrews Scholarship. His main techniques are charcoal and gouache and his main theme are female forms. Emma Watson is his latest muse having created 34 paintings of her.

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Sepia Series Paintings by Janel Eleftherakis


Janel Eleftherakis is a New England based artist brought up in Miami but born in Germany. Her artistic love was influenced by her grandmother. Fascinated with the tumultuous and glorious eras of the 40′s, Janel created the series of oil paintings Sepia Series, featured in abstract and dark color.

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Decaying plants captured with a Scanning Electron Microscope.

Japanese artist, Tomoya Matsuura, has published a photo series “Withered plant” on withered plants photographed using a Scanning electron microscope (SEM). In a domain not visible to the naked eye, the decomposition and decay of plants are elegantly and poetically portrayed through vividly beautiful monochrome photographs. One seems to catch a glimpse of the mystery and dynamism connecting the cycle of life in the finely etched traces of existence in the microscopic world.

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Marc Giai-Miniet Creates Realistic Miniature Laboratories


Marc Giai-Miniet is a French artist who makes creepy and fascinating dioramas that tend to feature reproductions of human organs, crime scenes, submarines in basements, and libraries.

Throughout the numerous levels of the miniature models you will find grim scenes, gloomy rooms, and dark, dusty corners. Initially Giai-Miniet’s works featured small characters, but those are a distant memory. Now his works mostly feature libraries, fictional attics, sci-fi laboratories, storage rooms, and interrogation cells that tell stories of odd experiments and unknown events that have taken place.

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11 Colorful Minimalistic Posters for Your Favorite Simpsons Characters


The Simpsons is often represented by clutter — the most famous posters for the show feature hundreds of characters, crammed into Springfield. created a set of minimalist Simpsons posters, that are instantly recognizable.

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Beautiful Stencil Art by Logan Moody


Logan Moody began working on stencil art in 2006 while living in Auckland, New Zealand. Mainly working with simple one colour stencils, he began to slowly develop his style toward a more photorealistic look, focusing on getting as much detail as possible and his overall technique and style.

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Meet the Rays – Impressive Polynesian Tattoos


I am always curious about the mysterious symbols appeared on the Polynesian tattoos. These symbols are representations of cultural appreciation for the native Polynesian people. One types of such tattoos come into my sight are ray tattoos, which triggered my further study of the weird sea animals.

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“Potluck 100″ – A New Miniature Painting Project by Cape Town-based Artist Lorraine Loots


As a continuation of her impossibly miniature painting project, South African artist Lorraine Loots has embarked on her latest endeavor for 2015: Potluck 100. The new series involves 100 new artworks painted in four categories: Microcosm Mondays, Tiny Tuesdays (vintage book covers), Fursdays, and Free Fridays (images of anything).

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