Designers Team Up with Crayola To Construct Crayon-Inspired Looks for New York City Bloomingdale’s


For its spring 2015 campaign, Bloomingdale’s worked with six popular fashion designers to create exclusive pieces saturated in a bright, spring-ready hue—matched to an official Crayola color. The pieces are designed with playful colors, yet have a sharp edge, the points of the crayons adding 3D elements to many of the elaborate pieces.

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Artist Turns A Ford Falcon Into A Tank-Shaped Traveling Library


In celebration of world book day on 5th march, 7UP has teamed up with Buenos Aires-based artist Raul Lemesoff in the creation of ‘weapons of mass instruction’, a traveling library that tours Argentina in the shape of a tank. The ongoing project, which Lemesoff has built upon throughout the last few years, sees a 1979 Ford Falcon transform into a military-style vehicle, with a rotating upper chamber and pseudo-barrel. Although the tank may look militant, it has a very serious function of peace — Lemesoff tours through Argentina’s urban centers and rural communities, offering free books to anyone interested. Around 900 books fit on the car’s built-in shelves, with a varied collection of poetry, novels and biographies.

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Canned Human Condition

Works from the “Canned Human Condition” series by Reima Honkasalo.

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Super Flemisch: Flemish Portraits of Superheroes by Sacha Goldberger


Sacha Goldberger’s latest photographic series is an upgrade from his 2013 project, which was inspired by Flemish portrait art from the 16th and 17th centuries. The upgrade is using superheroes and other movie characters as his models, all of them wearing rich-colored ensembles with the famous ruffs on necklines, and posing against nostalgic dark backgrounds. Goldberger worked with 110 people on this project (“Super Flemish“), and it took two years to make. His photos will be showcased at School Gallery Paris.

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Traditional Azerbaijani Rugs recreated with technological Glitches


Technological rugs. By combining traditional Azerbaijani rugs with modern technology glitches Baku-based artist Faig Ahmed has created an awesome ongoing series.

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“Giant Lipstick” – The Art Object Created From 5000+ Used Lipsticks

Created by artist Agnė Kišonaitė, ‘Giant Lipstick’ is made of 5000+ used lipstick tubes, measuring a height of 2.5 meters with an overall weight of 200kg. Four tubes of rouge are sold every second in the world, and considering the amount of packaging left which cannot be recycled, so I wanted to create something which triggered our society to think more seriously about consumerism and the types of products they are purchasing, and bring attention towards the need to reduce waste.

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Pop Pop Bang By Thomas Brown & Anna Burns


A collaboration between creative director Anna Burns and the photographer Thomas Brown. Through the use of various mediums the pair have curated an exhibition that explores the masculine world of B-Movies and juxtaposed it with the traditional British landscape.

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Papercraft Works of Lobulo Design

Lobulo Design is a studio of a single designer based in London. The designer goes by Lobulo and he creates amazing designs using only paper.

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Paintings by Dario Puggioni


Dario Puggioni was born in Brunei being artistically trained in Rome. At the time being he works and lives in Berlin. Puggioni’s main discipline is painting and the most prominent way of his paintings has modern elements. Main materials used are enamel, ink, acetic acid and oil on aluminum and copper making his work more peculiar.

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Incredibly Realistic Wood Sculptures Of People Hand-Carved By Peter Demetz

Italian artist Peter Demetz has a gift for breathing life into wood, a material that seems hard and lifeless to most of us. His wooden sculptures of people are flawlessly life-like. Demetz’s precise and perfect mastery of human anatomy makes his sculptures look like paintings or sketches, and his wonderful compositions and sense of perspective help perpetuate this illusion. The grain of the wood and its warm colors, however, give them a tactile appearance that would be difficult to fake with paint.

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These 3-D Portraits Were Created Using Only A Person’s DNA


How much information about ourselves do we leave behind in public, as we shed saliva, hair, and sweat throughout the day? It’s a question that drives the artwork of Heather Dewey-Hagborg, whose project Stranger Visions reconstructs the faces of the anonymous as 3-D printed sculptures, using genetic detritus found in chewing gum, cigarette butts, and wads of hair around New York City.

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Abstract Portraits by Han Xiao


Han Xiao was born in LiaoNing, a province of China located in the northeast of the country. Her work is intense trying to identify the loneliness and the anxiety each person feels in some periods of life. She told a parabola about the bamboo tree that grows in Eastern China, “Even if a farmer takes care of the bamboo plant, it will only grow three cm in four years after the seeds germinate. However, five years later, the growth rate of bamboo can be 30 cm per day. It can grow up to 15 meters!”. This is true and applies to any discipline, to any person. Enjoy.

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Colorful Paper Formations by Charles Clary

Tennessee-based Artist Charles Clary makes structural paper formations that resemble some kind of biological microorganisms or topographical maps.

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5,300-year-old Pottery Statue Found in North China


On July 7, Chinese archaeologists from the Academy of Social Sciences announced that they have reconstituted a 5,300-year-old Mongolion pottery statue found at a relic site in North China, according to Xinhua news agency.

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Graced with Light Installation by Anne Patterson

American artist Anne Patterson created an interesting installation inside the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco entitled Graced with Light.

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