Parisian Billboards Replaced with Classical Art

Paris-based street artist Etienne Lavie imagined how his hometown would look with paintings of great artists instead of outdoor advertising.

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The Dualities of Interconnectedness – Can You Find Them?


Cathie Bleck is an amazing artist with a very unique and off beat philosophy about her work. Her artist statement says it all. Her art work falls perfectly into her artist statement which is clear in the below set of photos.

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Mind Bending Optical Illusion Paintings by Rob Gonsalves


Born in 1959 in Toronto , Canada , Artist Rob Gonsales is creating a rare mix of creativity and optical illusions , from amazing transitions from bridges to clouds to caravels , you never know what to expect from his paintings . with his unique perspective and style of magic realism he produces his limited edition prints and illustrations for his own books. Gonsales started developing an interest in drawing when he was just a child , most of his work back than was from his own imagination and as he got older his technique improved . By the age of twelve he really got into architecture and thats when he learned perspective techniques and started to create his own work of imagined buildings . There is no surprise the artist is very much inspired by artists Dali and Tanguy and once he learned of their work he immediately started his first surrealist painting. below is a sample of his work . take 10 minutes to dive into a magical world.

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Conversations with History by David Emitt Adams


Using discarded tin cans found on the hot Arizona desert ground, David Emitt Adams has created timeless pieces he calls Conversations with History. The cans are branded with tintype pictures, reflecting ties to the very locations the cans — some of which have been sitting out in the sun for over forty years — were found.

Detailed photographs applied to the bottom of tin cans using an old fashioned photographic technique. The artist says, “The result is an object that has history as an artifact and an image that ties it to its location. These cans are the relics of the advancement of our culture, and become sculptural support to what they have witnessed.”

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Realistic Wood Sculptures by Tom Eckert

Arizona-based artist Tom Eckert creates lifelike sculptures out of wood and using paint and a huge amount of patience.

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Bust of Edward Snowden in Brooklyn Park

A large molded bust of Edward Snowden is pictured in Fort Greene Park at the Brooklyn borough of New York in this April 6, 2015 picture provided by ANIMALNewYork. A group of anonymous artists erected the 4-foot-tall bronze statue of Snowden, the former U.S. spy agency contractor famous for leaking classified information, in a New York City park overnight, officials said on Monday. (Photo by Aymann Ismail/Reuters/ANIMALNewYork)

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The Fantasy Coffins From Ghana

The fantasy or figurative coffins from Ghana, in Europe also called custom, fantastic, or proverbial coffins (abebuu adekai), are functional coffins made by specialized carpenters in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana.

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“Fashion is Nuts” – Whimsical Portraits Of Fashion Icons Crafted Out Of Walnuts And Duct Tape


Creative director of Estee Lauder, Donald Robertson has created a new project inspired by fashion’s biggest creative stars. His project, hilariously titled ‘Fashion is Nuts’, uses walnuts and duct tape to craft whimsical portraits of style icons like Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and Anna Wintour. The result is a creative collection of 10 posters and a 40-page illustrated book, photographed by Henry Leutwyle and designed by Ruba Abu-Nimah and E. Renée Rogers. The book and posters are available for purchase, and will have a limited run of 1,000 copies.

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Oil Paintings as Crumpled Magazine Pages by Stefania Fersini


Stefania Fersini is an artist born in Aosta, Italy and currently lives and works in Turin. She is part of Nucleo, a platform having as elements contemporary art and new artists with many exhibitions throughout the world.

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Paper Sculptures by Nahoko Kojima

Japanese paper artist Nahoko Kojima creates amazing sculptures cut from just one sheet of paper.

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Accident Series by Zeren Badar

New York-based and Turkey-born photographer Zeren Badar created a simple but very entertaining series of works entitled Accident Series.

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Photographs Combined with Watercolor by Fabienne Rivory

French artist Fabienne Rivory makes interesting and beautiful images by adding watercolor paint to mirrored photographs.

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Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Sam Jinks

Australian visual artist Sam Jinks works in several areas, which is typical for many modern artists. One of these areas is hype-realistic sculpture.

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Nude, Paintings by Johnny Morant


Johnny Morant has studied art at Bristol and Bournemouth before moving to London. Currently resides in Amsterdam. Oil is the medium to express his thoughts and unrests in his canvas. “Working in oil on canvas I focus on the etherial qualities of recollection and experience. I readdress personally familiar subject matter and bring about a reinvigorated while somewhat detached interpretation of moments past.” he explains.

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Wonderful Hyper Realistic Paintings

As always, over again I am here to bring out a new artwork of another artist for your inspiration. This is wonderful hyper realistic paintings of Mike Dargas that are truly awesome. Mike was born in Cologne, Germany in 1983 and lives there as well. He started painting when he was child. He has been used to work using oil colors and has sold out first work to his friends. He presented his talent publically at the age of 11 where he showed his painting, “Domplatte” in front of Cologne Cathedral. He to be famous at the age of 20 in the tattoo scene by winning awards.

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