“New Icons” – The Augmented Portraits of Belgian Artist Bruno Timmerman


The creations of the Belgian artist and photographer Bruno Timmermans, based in Brussels, who with his New Icons series revisits the modern icons with augmented portraits, covering the faces of Ai Weiwei, Kate Moss, Takashi Murakami, David Bowie, Aung San Suu Kyi or Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons with patterns reminding their actions and creations.

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“Art With A Sense Of Humour” – Recreations of Thrift Store Paintings by Dave Pollot


New York-based software engineer and artist Dave Pollot spends his free time putting a little life back into old, unwanted paintings found along the shelves of thrift stores or at garage sales. He naturally blends modern elements into mundane portraits and landscapes to create humorous compositions that look as if they were the original.

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Amazing Cardboard Relief Portraits by Giles Oldershaw

Instead of just throwing cardboard boxes away, English artist Giles Oldershaw uses them to create a specific type of layered portraits of well-known characters and personalities.

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Beautiful Fractal Animals by Minimoo64

The series of digital illustrations by the Canadian artist, known under the nickname minimoo64, isnțt directly related to mathematical fractals. She simply transforms usual animal portraits into glowing animal portraits.

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Sunny Side Egg Art by Anne Widya

A creative mother has come up with a novel way of making sure her children eat their breakfasts – by using eggs to make works of art. Sculpted into a variety of extraordinary designs, culinary genius, Anne Widya, uses sunny side up eggs to make sure her children’s plates are always cleared. Made using a cookie cutter and sushi wrap, the mother-of-four gets her creative juices flowing by serving eggs in an assortment of shapes from smiling pigs to ice cream sundaes. Anne’s talent first began as way to cheer up her son, Andrew, who was off sick from school but soon turned into a fully fledged hobby. Here: Anne’s eggs art, a turkey made out of apple slices with a yolk face. (Photo by Anne Widya/Caters News)

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This Artist Mom Creates Super Cool Meals That is Too Cute to Eat


Lee Samantha is a Malaysian mother who loves creating fun,tasty, healthy meals for her two young daughters. But she does it with a twist, she uses her artistic talent to make sure that the meal she prepares looks as good as it tastes.

Lee’s creative and unique ways of approaching mealtimes has garnered her a lot of international attention in the last few years and these days she prepares creative meals to inspire her more than half a million fan following from around the world.

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45 Inspirational Sunflower Tattoos


Sunflower tattoo, as many of flower tattoos, is a popular choose for women tattoos. Sunflower is a very unique flower which is actually composed of numerous small individual flowers and always turn its face to the sun. Sunflowers with such heliotropic characteristics is symbolic of one’s spiritual faith. In Dutch culture, the sunflower was a symbol of devotion and loyalty.

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Fish Art by Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard

French artist and photographer Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard has created an original series of pictures where she illustrates fish replacing people in their daily routine.

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Exotic Birds Made with Flower Petals by Hong Yi

Malaysian artist-architect Hong Yi, whom we know by her food-art works, got a new hobby. Judging by her pictures on Inastagram, she started creating images from flower petals.

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Unbelievable Smoke Portraits by Octavian Mielu


Octavian Mielu is a 26 years old Romanian graphic designer. He has come up with an incredible series of celebrity portraits that deserve some recognition. What makes these unique is they are created completely out of smoke. The uncanny resemblance created by these smoke portraits are unbelievable.

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Wooden Clocks and Watches by Valerii Danevych

Ukraine-based artist Valerii Danevych creates wooden clocks and watches that are properly functioning. The uniqueness of his work have made him famous in the entire world.

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30+ Incredible Lip Tattoos


Lips are important body part for facial expressions, a focal point when speaking. With celebrities like Miley Cyrus posted her latest ink – an emoji of a sad kitty on the inside of her lower lip, it has now become an impressive location for tattoos. Although it is not as popular as other body parts, lip tattoos add expressive impact to expressions or emotions.

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These Sci-Fi Cars Are The Best Future We Can Possibly Imagine

The exploits on photoshop by this Manchester-based artist has started a battle between old and new. You will find how sci-fi robotic cars could unleash the more beauty if his ideas finally come to materialize.

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The VIII International Convention of Tattoo Artists in Colombia

Matt Gone, known as “Checkered Man”, poses for a photo at a during the VIII International Tattoo Artist Convention in Bogota, Colombia, Saturday, November 15, 2014. (Photo by Fernando Vergara/AP Photo)

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