Beautiful Flowers of the Dutch Golden Age


Bas Meeuws‘s most important goal is the creation of beauty. He likes to bring real, timeless, beauty – pleasure and delight – to everyday life. In nature, flowers seduce bees and other insects with color, scent and unusual shapes and since the very beginnings of history, they have had this effect on people as well.

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Spontaneous Sand Paintings by Joe Mangrum

The creation of unique masterpieces made of sand in front of the audience has been one of the main activities of the American artist Joe Mangrum.

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A Suspended Kite Installation by Jacob Hashimoto

Gas Giant is a site-specific installation that was made by the artist Jacob Hashimoto from a huge amount of paper kites.

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Wire Sculptures by Richard Stainthorp


English artist Richard Stainthorp captures the beautiful energy and fluidity of the human body using wire. The life-sized sculptures feature both figures in motion and at rest, expressed in the form of large-gauged strands that are densely wrapped around and through one another. By doing this, he gives the work an undeniable presence. Stainthorp also allows the bent wires to shine by keeping their metallic appearance free from any obvious painting or additions. Stainthorp has created these alluring artworks for almost 20 years. They don’t have any facial features, but through their body language, we understand their emotions. Some look as though they’re falling and communicate a feeling of freedom or infinite possibility. Another sculpture has a breathtaking set of wire “wings” that appear as its shield. To think that Stainthorp articulates all of this through something as ubiquitous as wire is incredible.

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March 20 – March 27, 2015: Art

People stand in front of the painting “The Painter and His Model” from 1963 by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso at the exhibition “Picasso and the Spanish Modernity” at Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil in Sao Paulo March 25, 2015. The exhibition is open to the public from March 25 to June 8. (Photo by Paulo Whitaker/Reuters)

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Air Gun BB Taxidermy by Courtney Timmermans

Artist Courtney Timmermans creates amazing taxidermy animal heads using thousands of air rifle BBs.

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22 Hilarious Photos That Perfectly Combine Movie Scenes With Real Life


France-based teacher and amateur photographer François Dourlen will help you to imagine what it might look like should fantasy and reality finally meet. He uses his iPhone, he pulls up a pic on Google Images and then shoots the combined moments with his regular camera, perfectly sewing together what you see on the small or silver screen, and what you come across in your everyday life.

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Alliance Is Rebellion

“Alliance Is Rebellion” Indian signs an Star Wars character artworks by Scott Erickson.

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Amazing Melting Ceramics by Livia Marin

Artist Livia Marin created a series of ceramic dishware called Nomad Patterns. The pieces look like they are melting onto a surface maintaining their original patterns.

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Flower Petal Birds by Red Hong Yi

Artist Red Hong Yi created a series of birds made using flower petals and leaves.

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Detailed Paper Birds by Diana Beltran Herrera

Colombian paper artist Diana Beltran Herrera creates amazing paper bird sculptures that look like real-life birds.

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Hypnopompic Floral Collages by Rocio Montoya


Rocio Montoya – photographer, graphic and web designer, and editor from Spain is focused on creating the experimental portrait, beautiful collages of women and illustrations of flowers that she finds in vintage botanical books or fashion magazines. The topics she mainly works are the behavior and emotional states of human beings.

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Life-size Sculpture from Steel Disks by Valay Shende


Transit is a 2010 sculpture by Mumbai-based artist Valay Shende depicting a life-size work truck that carries figures of 22 people. Created over a period of 18 months, the piece was constructed from thousands of reflective stainless steel disks that have been individually spot welded together. Shende conceived of Transit as commentary on a dramatic rash of farmer sucides in India over the last decade. The truck’s rearview mirrors display video footage of roadways in London, Mumbai and Dubai, as if the vehicle is moving from the perspective of the driver’s seat but in reality it remains stationary.

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Bizarrely Twisted Wood Sculptures By Japanese Artist Yoshitoshi Kanemaki


Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki delivers us to twisted wood sculptures that are so much more impressive, especially when you see how much work it took to make them.

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Movie Director Portraits | by Stellavie


Skillfully set typography and an extraordinarily beautiful cotton paper stock paired with artist Julian Rentzsch´s remarkable drawing and illustration skills, both analogue and digital, these prints portrait some of the most brilliant minds and their work within the history of cinematography.

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