Auto Aerobics by Chris LaBrooy

English designer Chris LaBrooy created a series of bizarre CGI digital sculptures called Auto Aerobics.

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Typography: Snow Script by Faust New York


“I believe everyone has an affinity for writing in the snow as a child. When most people grow up they lose the urge. I guess I just haven’t been able to shake it.” – Faust New York

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The Dragon Maker

An Indonesian worker makes a dragon mask for the upcoming Lunar New Year at Lily Hambali’s dragon and lion masks and custome maker in Bogor, Indonesia, 02 February 2015. The Chinese Lunar New Year, known here as Imlek, is only three weeks away. The whole city is getting decked out to celebrate the event on 19 February 2015. (Photo by Adi Weda/EPA)

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Bas-Relief Sculptures Made of Found Wood

Netherlands-based artist Ron van der Ende uses lots of found wood to put together impressively large bas-relief sculptures.

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Amazing Hobo Nickels Carved from Clad Coins by Paolo Curcio

Spanish artist Paolo Curcio, known online as mrthe77, creates his own coins made of several layers of metal, also known as clad coins.

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A Scale Replica of a Kitchen Carved Out of Wood by Roxy Paine

Artist Roxy Paine created a scale replica of a fast food kitchen entirely out of wood. The detailing of her work is amazing.

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Chinelos Dancers

A boy sitting with his family looks up at a traditional Chinelo costumed dancer during a celebration 40 days after the birth of Jesus, in Xochimilco on the outskirts of Mexico City, February 2, 2015. The tradition of the Chinelo dates back to colonial times and the outfits and masks, which are supposed to resemble the faces of the Europeans and always sport an uptilted beard, became more elaborate between the 1800s and 1900s to make fun of the upper social classes. (Photo by Edgard Garrido/Reuters)

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Funny Movie Poster Parodies of 2015 Oscar-Nominated Films


RIPT Apparel’s artist community chose to celebrate the awards season with the 2nd Annual RIPTcademy Awards, a collection of brilliant movie parody posters inspired by this year’s Oscar-nominated films.

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Album Cover Collages by Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay is a Swiss, New York-based modern artist and composer. Christian came up with an idea to create funny collages from music album covers.

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“Teh Tarik Man” – A New Large-Scale Portrait Created With 20,000 Tea Bags by Artist Hong Yi aka RED


Using more than 20,000 stained tea bags, Malaysian artist-architect, Hong Yi, also known as Red, produced a commissioned installation for display at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Drawing her inspiration from her roots, Red chose to capture a common sight in Malaysia—the local Teh Tarik man. Teh Tarik, which translates to ‘pulled tea’ in Malay, is a local sweet, frothy tea drink. Red started steeping and dyeing all 20,000 tea bags two months before the installation, shipping the finished tea bags in pizza boxes weighing 200 kilograms to a studio in Davos. The tea bags were eventually assembled and hung off a wooden frame.

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Temporary Sand Paintings by Joe Mangrum

Artist Joe Mangrum, armed with bags of colored sand, decorates the streets of Chicago, New York, San Francisco and other cities. His sand paintings are not pre-sketched; they start to appear spontaneously on the streets and in 6 to 8 hours they are completed.

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Whimsical Flying Ships by Luigi Prina

Italian architect Luigi Prina came up with a magical world of flying ships. His collection consists of handmade paper and balsa wood mechanisms, suspended from the ceiling.

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A Series of Minimalist Poster Quotes

This series of minimalist prints are all based on intriguing and thought provoking quotes. Each design playfully touches on the meaning behind each quote by representing it in the most minimal way. Designed by Toronto based art shop Design Different.

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Insects Made From Watch Parts by Justin Gershenson-Gates

Watch Part Insects Justin Gershenson-Gates

Chicago-based artist Justin Gershenson-Gates creates handcrafted steampunk insects and arthropods from watch parts. The bugs take the author usually several hours to make.

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Impressive Geometric Sand Castles by Calvin Seibert

Artist Clavin Seibert, through many years of practice, developed an ability to create these beautiful sand castles that have some nearly impossible shapes.

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