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35 Photographs Demonstrating the Beauty of Ballerinas

Ballerina Project by Photographer Dane Shitagi is really an outstanding project showcasing the graceful beauty of ballerinas. By explaining the project Dane Shitagi says, “Ballerina Project is more about the dancer than the dancing.”

Ballerina Dance

Ballerinas Photograph
Beautiful Ballerina

Wonderful Snow Shots to Freeze Your Eyes

Most of the countries have entered into the snowy winter season and peoples have enjoyed one Snowy night before Christmas. If you not been able to enjoy the snow and the freezing atmosphere of winter here’s collection for you!

S a n t a ‘ s V i l l a g e

S a n t a ' s V i l l a g e

Instant of Light by Maxime Courty

Instant of Light by Maxime Courty

Snow Snow Snow and more Snow

Snow Snow Snow and more Snow

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40 Most Hilarious AutoCorrects Of 2012

Most smartphones has an auto-correct feature that is useful to catch sneaky typos. However sometimes a text is changed automatically that is totally wrong in context and also creates confusion.

Love-Hate Relationship

Love-Hate Relationship

Best Wishes For The New Year

Best Wishes For The New Year

She Likes To Take Her Time

She Likes To Take Her Time

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15 Inspirational Quotes for 2013

You may also be looking for a little bit of inspiration for the New Year to make you chuckle in your walk of life. Inspirational quotes can lift your spirits, make you laugh and boost your creativity if you let them.

New Year 2013 Quotes Cards

Inspiring quotes

Inspiring Words - 2013

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Breathtaking Photos of Dogs in Snow

Dogs and Puppies always look very cute and funny especially when they are jumping, running or just plain frolicking in the snow.

Funny dogs

Beautiful Dog

Beautiful Dog Photography

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Recreation of Old Movie Scenes in their Exact Locations

The Christopher Moloney is rnning a Tumblr blog, the purpose of which is to recreate and present old movie scenes into their original settings, “Film + Photography = FILMography.” Moloney has bring a new life to the classic moments of some popular comedy films, take a look!

Baby Mama, 2008

25th Hour, 2002

The Brave One, 2007

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Inspiring Paper-Cut Silhouettes By David A. Reeves

David A. Reeves is a 28 year old student studying photography at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS. David is much inspired by single-player video games, film, and tacos. Take a look at his brilliant work and share your comments with us.

Paper-Cut Silhouettes

Creative Silhouettes

David A. Reeves

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Collection of 30 Still Photos With Subtle Motion

Although cinemagraphs are not quite a video, still they are more than a photo. They look like still photos but actually they have a subtle area of movement. Today we will present you some beautiful examples of cinemagraphs for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Kiss me in Paris

goodbye to the season

The kettle can wait…

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Brilliant Examples of Optical Illusions That Will Surprise You

Optical illusions can be consider as an art, as it deceives our optical mechanism by reflections, colors, lines, unique composition and contrast.

Glued in Florence

Optical Illusions Pictures

Body painting art by Craig Tracy

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Great Examples of Still life Photography

Coffee kills by Stefan Mueller

Impact by Daniel Nimmervoll

Planting a Little Luck... by its-saiby

Pure Colors by Markus Reugels

The still life photographer makes pictures rather than takes them. Therefore creating some amazing and eye-popping masterpieces of still-life photography has become much easier than ever before.

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Gigantic Flower Sculpture Festival in Netherlands

Amazing Sculpture

MCE Stuivezand Winner 2007

Garden of Earthly Delights Brich 3rd Prize 2008

Bloemencorso, the annual parade of flowers organized since 1936 in Zundert will not only provide you the best opportunity to enjoy your holidays as well as let you to capture these amazing moments to take back home.

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Extraordinary Shots Taken with SmartPhones

Smartphones can do something extra for you as compare to traditional mobile phones. So today I got an interesting idea to share with you some excellent photographs snapped using different smartphones. Enjoy!

Capture the Light Apple iPhone

Sandriver Hipsta

After the Sunse


Incredible Examples of Above The Clouds Photography

Today we are going to showcase you some of the most incredible scenes of above the clouds photography by some talented photographers around.


Richard Silvera

Luís Riafoge


26 Mesmerizing Action Shots Taken with a GoPro Camera

GoPro is one of the world’s leading activity image capture company formed by Nick Woodman. Enjoy the crazy shots below and don’t forget to watch the video at the end.

Action Shots

Amazing Shots

Insane Perspective Shots

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25 Inspiring Quotes on Creativity

In order to keep the flow going, today I have found out some of the most inspirational quotes about creativity. Hopefully you will enjoy!

Charles Mingus

Brenda Ueland

Joseph chilton pearce

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