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The world is full with amazing places and we know that you like to travel and see the world, sometimes we don’t get out there as much as we would like, so today w’ll show you some of the most amazing underground places that if you have the opportunity you should see them.  Today we take you to a journey beneath the Earth surface.

Are you afraid of underground paces? Don’t be!

Enchanted well, Brazil

Enchanted well, Brazil

Marble cave, Rio Tranquilo, Brazil

Marble cave, Rio Tranquilo, Brazil

Onondaga Cave, Missouri, USA

Onondaga Cave, Missouri, USA

Choranche cave, Vercors, France

Choranche cave, Vercors, France

Carlsbad caverns, Carlsbad, New Mexico

Carlsbad caverns, Carlsbad, New Mexico

Reed Flute Cave Guilin, China

Reed Flute Cave Guilin, China

Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

Skocjan Caves, Slovenia

Skocjan Caves, Slovenia



Top 10 Spas in the world – Wellness retreats

It’s known that many seek for the ultimate wellness experience and meet with an overwhelming choice. Our body is the most essential part of our life’s, that’s the reason why there are so many different therapies that help us to get the highest quality on like body-trembling massages, rejuvenating facials and exquisite spas embedded in the stunning natural surroundings of some of the world’s most exotic locations are on offer. However, not only do the following 10 holiday spas and wellness retreats take care of every aspect of your well-being but, feature breathtaking views and luxury accommodation for an unrivaled stay that your body and mind will thank you for.


Ananda Luxury Spa – Himalayas

Ananda - Himalayan

Voted the World’s number 1 Spa last year in the Condé Nast Traveller, Ananda is located in the peaceful Himalayan foothills in the far north of India. Whilst admiring breathtaking views of virgin forest and the snaking Ganges river, guests are treated to a spa experience integrating the ancient Indian wellness regimes of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta combined with a contemporary Western spa approach.

COMO Shambhala Estate – Indonesia

Como Shambhala Estate

COMO Shambhala Estate comprises a luxury resort located near Ubud, Bali. Alongside the retreat’s beautiful suites boasting (often) private terraces and gardens, guests can enjoy massages, facials, a wide range of water-based therapies and complimentary yoga classes. They can also opt for a traditional cleansing ceremony beginning with an immersion in the sacred waters of the Tirta Empul temple at Tampak Siring nearby.

ESPA, Resorts World Sentosa – Singapore

ESPA, Resorts world sentosa - singapore

ESPAlocated on the island resort Sentosa in Singapore, is a huge 10,000 square feet spa. It features treatment pavilions, as well as private beach villa and garden spa suites all in a beautiful setting with interlocking pools and fragrant orchids. Not only does ESPA boast the largest spa in Singapore but, also features a range of facilities which include Singapore’s first Hammam (Turkish bath), Crystal Steam Rooms, Rock Saunas and Ice Fountains, etc., as part of the thermal therapy on offer there. In addition, guests can enjoy cleansing rituals, facials, body therapies, massages and customised treatments personalised to meet their individual needs.

Six Senses Spa, Evason Ma’In Hot Springs  –  Jordan

six senses spa - Evason Ma'in Hot springs

The Six Senses Spa at  Evason Ma’In Hot Springs was built directly beneath a natural hot-spring waterfall near the Dead Sea,  right in the Jordanian desert. On offer are a wide range of treatments including facials, scrubs, massages and wraps which all make use of the mineral-rich water that cascades into the spa pool and relaxation area. Other highlights include the unique steam cave.

Nira Spa, Shanti Maurice – Mauritius

Nira Spa, Shanti Maurice - Mauritius

The Nira Spa is located at the Shanti Maurice Resort in Mauritius. This popular spa resort in the Indian Ocean is a favourite amongst guests thanks to the stunning location and range of treatments on offer which combine the traditional regimes of Ayurveda and Yoga with more contemporary techniques including Cocoons, Body Polishes and Watsu treatments. The highlight comprises their Sega Ritual which consists of a massage on the beach accompanied by a bonfire and followed by a rum cocktail.


How to Add Colour to Your Home – Best Tips

Your home is the place that you come back to every evening, somewhere that you can feel safe and where you can just relax with your family. You want to make the most of the space that you have and put your own stamp on the property. One way to do this is by adding colour throughout the various rooms, colours which you love and that create the feel that you want. The tough decision may be how to incorporate the colours in a more adventurous way than simply painting one wall a different colour. With interior design ever changing, there are many ways in which you can add colour with new and exciting ideas.


The Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen and it is a great place to add colour as it can affect the atmosphere when dining dramatically. Ways in which you can add colour within the kitchen include the tiles and splashbacks, blinds, and worktops. Tiles and splashbacks are an essential part of the kitchen, unless you want to have your walls covered in spurts of food and spillages from cooking.

A block of bright colour in the form of a splashback can be extremely striking and can make quite an impression within your kitchen. These can also be accompanied by a coloured worktop to create a theme within the room. These can both be great focal points and will always be a conversation starter when you are entertaining.


The Bedroom

A trend that has developed within the past few years is the colour wall in a bedroom. Usually behind the bed, it can create a sophisticated feel to any bedroom by painting the wall a prominent colour or using colourful wallpaper. Try to pick a colour you both like if you share a room and one which will create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere you can both enjoy.

You could try an alternative way of adding colour into your boudoir by simply painting your room cream and having all of your accessories including the curtains, bedding and lampshades one colour. This means that you can change the colour scheme whenever you wish with simply replacing the accessories. Every few years it will then seem as though you have redecorated the entire room.

kelly moore

The Playroom

Children love colour, and a great place for them to be surrounded by colour is in their playroom. How about painting each wall a different bright colour, or putting up striped wallpaper which features a variety of shades. A great idea is to use paint which you can wipe clean. Therefore if your little rascals get a bit carried away with their drawing, you can simply clean it off. Creating patterns can open their imagination and help their minds to develop.




Amazing Highgate House in London by LLI DESIGN

Another amazing project from our friends at LLI Design, the brief was to create a 700 square foot extension to house an open plan kitchen / living / dining room to this lateral house in Highgate, North London.

The house is in a very secluded position, surrounded by greenery, completely hidden from view, the only clue as to what lies beyond is a simple discrete gate set in the fence.

1LLI Design were asked to create a relaxed easy space, uncluttered and unfussy but with a warm family feel, combining new furniture pieces with existing artworks to really encompass the clients’ characters.Natural materials such as walnut flooring, stone worktops and natural fabrics all combine to give an easy living feel to the environment. Bright pops of orange and lime green complement the neutral tones, lifting the whole and adding a liveliness and zing to the overall scheme.




In times gone by, the kitchen was regarded as the heart of the home where the family would congregate after a day out at work and school to eat an evening meal and discuss the events of the previous few hours. With many of us now leading busier lifestyles and enhancements in technology leading to families spending less time together, the kitchen can now, in many households, only be seen as a room where food is prepared and the empty plates are returned once family members have eaten.


This change in the use of the kitchen in your home can be counteracted however and by following the five step guide detailed below, you can make the kitchen a room you and your family enjoy spending time together in and, as such, sees it become the heart of your home once more;

Give the Decor a Fresh Lease of Life

Dated decor and reduced use of a room go hand in hand, so giving the decor in your kitchen a refresh will give it the new lease of life that makes it an attractive and appealing space again. Anything from new surfaces, cabinets or tiles through to a change to the colour scheme can make a significant difference to the aesthetic appeal of the whole room and in turn make the room into somewhere you enjoy spending time in.


Incorporate Plenty of Seating

If you want your family to spend time in the kitchen whilst you are preparing the evening meal or you wish for your friends to congregate in the kitchen when you invite them over for drinks, you need to make sure there is plenty of seating available to encourage this. There are many different seating options available for kitchens today that can be introduced in line with your available space, so from a table and chairs to stools and fold up seating, there is no reason not to incorporate plenty of seating to get everyone back into the kitchen.


Natural Lighting

People will generally congregate in a space that is open, airy and subject to plenty of natural lighting, so be sure this is the case, where possible, in your kitchen. If the layout of your house allows for it, a skylight or roof lantern can be a great addition within the kitchen as they allow natural light to flood in. If you are somewhat restricted, the colour scheme you choose will play a big part in how open the room feels, so keep things light and simple with a cream for instance, whilst introducing numerous spot lights in the ceiling is a great way of creating seemingly natural lighting throughout the room.




Pimlico Road is the London‘s premier design district, is the capital’s must-visit destination for those in the know seeking unusual furnishings, exciting artworks and antiques.

pimlico road_1

Set within the hear of Belgravia on Grosvenor’s London estate, the electric mix of retailers located on pimlico Road creates a shopping environment that doesn’t just bear the names of famous designers, it is where you’ll find the designers and craftsmen them selfs. Pimlico road offers a breadth of shopping opportunities, which you’ll struggle to match elsewhere. And, best of all, the street is cheerfully free of the “usual” high street stores.

pimlico road _ 2

To celebrate the expertise of each retailer, the Pimlico Road association has launched a series of private view evenings, set against the backdrop of London’s design events, starting with the masterpiece in June and Decorex in September. The evenings will be centered around a showcase of new design and collections, as well as a change to meet the experts.

pimlico road

Pimlico Map


The Most exclusive Schools in the World – The Best education for your children

Every parent wants their children to have everything they never had, or better than what they had. As well as love, culture, travel and a stable family background, education comes right at the top of the list. In many cultures the right school is about status. As well as having an exceptionally rigorous selection process, these schools aim to build the character of a child as an all round over achieve, from music to sport and theatre.

The exorbitant fees afford luxury and exclusivity while the child’s natural talent will be nourished and encouraged. One thing though is truly priceless, and that is the connections the children will make at these schools, with buoyant alumni circles and celebrity school mates, sending your child to the right school is a ticket into the most exclusive circles all over the world.

Planning on having a very intelligent child and spending a lot of cash on their education? Start revising for the entrance exams while you browse through this selection.

Eton College, Windsor, UK

“In many cultures school is about status. As well as having an exceptionally rigorous selection process, these schools aim to build the character of a child.”

Princes William and Harry attended this boarding school generally preferred by Middle Eastern royal stock. In a change from the traditional boarding school for the royal family, Gordonstoun in Scotland, (another prestigious institution), princes William and Harry studied Latin and two modern languages as well as sitting at the same desks once presided over by some Britain’s most extraordinary men from sport, politics, literature and acting.

Middlesex School, Concord, Massachusetts, USA

“In many cultures school is about status. As well as having an exceptionally rigorous selection process, these schools aim to build the character of a child.”

This school is all about numbers: An endowment and long-term investments worth $160 million; over 40 international students with 18 countries represented; 29 sports offered; 27 faculty dogs on campus. The school counts amongst its alumni, Anthony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF, actor William Hurt and the current head of Obama’s Obama’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

Institut Le Rosey, Rolle, Switzerland

“In many cultures school is about status. As well as having an exceptionally rigorous selection process, these schools aim to build the character of a child.”

Possibly the most exclusive and expensive college in the world, this school is truly iconic. Students can study up to four languages; extensive facilities include 10 tennis courts, an equestrian center and a more contemporary skateboard park. The campus sits on almost 70 acres of land and the alumni read like a who’s who of royal families world wide, from Brunei to Monaco.

Westminster School, London, UK

“In many cultures school is about status. As well as having an exceptionally rigorous selection process, these schools aim to build the character of a child.”




Top Bar For a Special Night – BLUE BAR in London

“The Blue Bar, an exceedingly popular haunt of the rich, famous and downright stylish ever since it opened at the Berkeley Hotel in 1999, is such a beautifully serene and luxurious space that at first it is hard to comprehend just how daring it is.”


Dublin-born designer David Coolins rarely puts a foot wrong, despite his willingness to go out on a limb and stir up a little controversy. The Blue Bar, an exceedingly popular haunt of the rich, famous and downright stylish ever since it opened at the Berkeley Hotel in 1999, is such a beautifully serene and luxurious space that at first it is hard to comprehend just how daring it is. It said that Madonna has had the design replicated in her own home, while fashion designer John Galliano calls it his “favourite home from home”. That may be a bit of a stretch for those of us who don’t have achingly cool drawing rooms in our own abodes, but at least we can all share the benefit of relaxing with a cocktail or slowly perusing the list of 50 whiskies in this intimate, unhurried space.


A beguiling mix of the contemporary and the traditional informs the whole design and has made the bar a perfect place for the reawakening of cocktail culture. The customers are stylish and adventurous, choosing from an excellent cocktail list that includes both classics and new departures. The bar menu features, modern twists and tapas, such as queen scallops with wasabi and lime vinaigrette which, like the bar itself, are small and perfectly formed. The bar has also positioned itself for the  re-emergence of cigar culture, which has risen in popularity alongside the clamorous demands for total smoking bans. The Blue Bar has a “Grape and Smoke” menu which matches particular wines with cigars  – a contemporary twist on a traditional English sensibility that is typical of the Blue Bar. However, the cigar-puffing customers are more likely to be young women in Manolo Blahniks than old gents in smoking jackets.


The Blue Bar’s name may give the game away but the décor is still a surprise. It is a monochrome delight, where the emphasis on a single colour has been restrained from becoming visually overbearing by dexterous subtlety. The blue walls verge on typical Wedgwood, but have been given a gentle warmth by brushing red powder into the delicately cracked paint.




Surrounded by all the city’s magnificence, we want to share with you an important part of London’s culture – Design. As a result, we will present you the city’s most known studios and professionals concerning to the design industry – part 8

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Cochrane Design

Cochrane Design is a leading design practice specialising in exclusive properties. All aspects of architecture, co-ordination, construction, interior design and dressing are personally handled. Through careful consideration of the client brief, the experienced team achieve astounding results. The Creative Director and founder, Sean Cochrane, is often featured in the UK interiors press and is the UK contributing editor of Habitat magazine in South Africa.

Cochrane design - es_vive_7cochrane design substantial-big-14cochranecochrane designCochrane-Design-KitchenSean_Clapham-Living-room
Earl Crown

Earlcrown is a luxury project management and design house that creates the world’s finest private homes in the most exclusive addresses. Earlcrown’s philosophy is one of complete discretion. The company has a genuine understanding of the expectations of today’s elite and creates the ultimate lifestyle solutions for clients who appreciate the finest things in life. Earlcrown’s homes are in the very finest addresses in London and around the world, each one setting a new standard in bespoke luxury.

Earlcrown’s expertise and dedication to design and craftsmanship has seen them awarded a multitude of accolades including the Prime Residential Developer of the Year Award. Whether transforming a prestigious historic property or undertaking a bespoke new build project, each home created by Earlcrown is a timeless piece of history and a product of immense rarity and value.


Cardenes Studio

Cardenes Studio is the home of innovative interior design services. An award-winning London Interior Design Company specialising in exclusive, luxury contemporary interior design projects in hospitality, commercial and high end residential.



TOP 5 Bars in the World – Great Design Bars

Today we are going to take you around the world to see some of the greatest bars ever. Very well decorated, playing with lot’s of lighting a a great furniture concept. Now let’s invite some friends and ask for drinks.

1. Bound Bar, Paris

49 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France

bound bar

Discover one of the best nightspots in Paris: the Bound Bar. Decorated with a groovy rock style, this contemporary chic set has as its master point the pink metallic bar. Around we can see bead curtains, crocodile leather bar stools and postmodernist artworks displayed on plasma screen TVs – in fact, it’s a splash of decadent New York in the heart of Paris. The terrace, overlooking the celebrated Avenue George V, is a perfect spot to enjoy drinks or sushi during the summer months. At night the bar completely transforms itself into a buzzing house club complete with atmospheric lighting making it a popular haunt for the city’s cultural and financial elite.

2. Milk&Honey

61 Poland St, London, Greater London W1F 7NU


Milk & Honey – which can also be found in New York – has high standards in terms of its décor, atmosphere and clientele. The quality of the drinks is visible: the ice for your drinks doesn’t come from a chugging machine in the corner but rather from a large block of frozen mineral water from which your ice-cubes are cut away by hand with a small ice pick…

The bar staff have everything organized and truly in hand. Non-members are permitted to drink there until 11pm, after which time the club is only open to members who have, of course, announced their intention to drop by first. But as a small consolation, at least you have the chance to visit London’s Milk & Honey at all; after all, the main bar in New York is exclusively for the use of members.

3. Berlin’s Riva Bar

Dircksenstraße 142, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Berlin's riva bar




LLI DESIGN – Top Private Project in Crouch End London

LLI Design just completed a project in Crouch End, London, for a private client and we are showing you us the pictures of their amazing work. Usually known by creating beautifully crafted interiors for discerning clients. Their Design studio is in Highgate, London and the creative team is led by Design Director Linda Levene. Her background as a fashion and textile designer is reflected in her love of form, texture and colour.

Crouch ENd London 3

The owners recently purchased a new build 3000 sq foot townhouse in Crouch End, North London enjoying views towards historic Alexander Palace. The house boasts a magnificent ground floor double volume space. The first floor living room overlooks the kitchen dining area  below and is linked via  glass balustraded feature staircase, the rear exterior double volume face is glazed to bring a sense of the outside in.

Crouch ENd London 6

With such an airy environment it was important to maintain the drama of the space whilst bringing a human dimension by adding comfort and well scaled furniture so that the space  did not feel or appear too overwhelming. LLI Design’s input at the build stage helped make this space warm and welcoming whilst emphasisng and maximising the drama.

Crouch ENd London 4


Best of Katharina Fritsch – Hahn/Cock and Arts Works

Katharina Fritsch blue cock for london’s fourth plinth  ‘cock/hahn’ unveiled on july 25th, 2013. A giant blue cockerel is the newest installation to occupy fourth plinth in london’s trafalgar square. Designed by german artist katharina fritsch, the nearly 5-meter high, bright blue bird soars amongst the surrounding historical architecture.

Katharina Fritsch - Exclusive Art

Throughout art, the rooster is seen as symbol of regeneration, awakening and strength which fritsch reflects in a humanistic way. ‘people can see themselves, their character, in animals’, she says. the sculptural portrait of the domestic bird characterises london’s dynamism, creativity, and sense of humor. this is the ninth installation to come out of the fourth plinth programme and will reside in the square for the next 18 months.” (Designboom)




Top Luxury Hotel Designers – All Over the Globe

We love luxury hotels but we don’t often know the genius designers behinde them, so a round up of ten of the most prominent hotel designers today includes Kelly Wearstler, Pierre Yves Rochon, Alberto Pinto, Hirsch Bedner and Yabu Pushelberg.

Where the affluent choose to rest their heads, when on business, holiday or simply escaping the daily grind, is where some of the most unique, elaborate and luxurious designs in architecture and interior design can be found. So find the list below.

Hirsch Bedner Associates create some of the most indulgent hotels in the world. Consistently setting new standards for luxury, comfort and innovation, in hospitality interior design, they collaborated with renowned Maison Givenchy to design their Mauritian spa at Hotel Le Touessrok. And many others.

 “Meet the best luxury hotels designers, the heads behind the amazing interiors that makes each hotel a luxury place for a good  and comfortable holidays.”

The Kelly Wearstler agency is a comprehensive design studio, assisting clients with interior design and artistic direction, product, textile and furniture design, graphic design and luxury lifestyle public relations and marketing. The agency works with a distinguished clientele within hotels and resorts, offices, restaurants, retail boutiques and residences and has one of the most opulent, exciting and individual styles of design in the industry.

 “Meet the best luxury hotels designers, the heads behind the amazing interiors that makes each hotel a luxury place for a good  and comfortable holidays.”

With studios in New York and Toronto, Yabu Pushelberg is divided into six teams, comprised of design and project management personnel, specialising in luxury design. The firm was honoured with the Platinum Circle Award for their exceptional achievement in the hospitality industry whilst partners George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg have been inducted into the Interior Design magazine Hall of Fame.

 “Meet the best luxury hotels designers, the heads behind the amazing interiors that makes each hotel a luxury place for a good  and comfortable holidays.”


New Luxury Boutiques – Enjoy the World and it’s Pleasures


Aesop, Tokyo

Aesop, Tokyo

Torafu Architects have developed the latest Aesop boutique in Shibuya, Tokyo, where rectangles of brown glass surround the doorway, referencing the trademark brown bottles that line the walls of the store. An elongated demonstration sink sits just inside the entrance, also made from blackened steel, with a mirrored splashback from which simple garden taps protrude.

Baccarat, NYC

Baccarat, NYC



Top 10 Design Magazines – in the UK

We are always looking for the latest trends regarding home’s interior design, so decide to present you a list of the top magazines house design/interior design in UK. You will find the best inspirational ideas for your place, the best trends, the most exclusive pieces of art, and furniture, the best interior decoration tips, lifestyle and fashion and great architecture as well.

If you like contemporary art, culture, new technologies, photography and music you will definitely find our list interesting and pretty handy. We can say they are almost as good as Decor&Style right? So let’s have a look at our top selection, we could have chosen a few more magazines, we love them as well and they and some very important and special content, we will try to talk about them on another article.


ELLE Decoration

"As we know you are always searching for the latest trends regarding home’s interior design we present to you a list of the top magazines in UK where you can get inspiration of, be aware of the best interior decoration tips, lifestyle and fashion tips also, as well as great architecture"

How to Spend It

How to spend it - UK

GQ Magazine

"As we know you are always searching for the latest trends regarding home’s interior design we present to you a list of the top magazines in UK where you can get inspiration of, be aware of the best interior decoration tips, lifestyle and fashion tips also, as well as great architecture"

The Love Magazine

"As we know you are always searching for the latest trends regarding home’s interior design we present to you a list of the top magazines in UK where you can get inspiration of, be aware of the best interior decoration tips, lifestyle and fashion tips also, as well as great architecture"