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Fifinha and her 5 kittens

From birth to 6 months – the live of five beautiful kittens growing up. From:

Amazing Stop Motion!

Stop motion made with paper and everyday objects! Enjoy :)


Sinlogo presents [Vacuum] a fashion film for Fernanda Quilici
Directed by Alois Di Leo

Stop Motion délice 100% Jus Naturel

Stop Motion!

Puma meets Butterfly

What happens when a Puma meets a butterfly?

Odebrecht Light Paint commercial


World act against Belomonte

The hydroelectric plant Belomonte
Will cause an environmental impact
2X the city of Rio de Janeiro
80% of the waters of the Xingu river will be diverted;
More than 20 indigenous ethnic groups displaced;
Destruction of the only means of transport for all communities
Indigenous families forced from their land
“If the Xingu falls there will be no one left to save the Xingu”
Day 20 August 2011
In defense of the people, forest and rivers of the Amazon
World Act Against Belomonte
Find out

This film is a collective creation of people who share the same ideals of respect for life.

Guitar in Tuscany – Sliding Delta

Guitar_ Thomas Murphy
By_ Sinlogo

Grafitismo ep. 06, São Paulo!

Grafitismo ep. 06, São Paulo!
guests : Pifo, Onio, Dédo

Pro duced by Sinlogo & Friends.

Jamés Ventura – O Rap é Fato.

New Hip Hop music Jamés Ventura – O Rap é Fato.

Grafitismo film#05 – WEK(FBC)

Grafitismo ep 05 is here, shoot in Portugal!
guest : WEK (Flesh Beck Crew)
Produced by Sinlogo & Friends.
more Grafitismo here

Absolutely Cuckoo Cats Video

Absolutely Cuckoo Cats Video
To start the week!
by Sinlogo