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Florence Welch’s New House – Vintage Apotheosis

Florence Welch, best known as lead singer for indie band Florence + the Machine, has a very distinct sound that’s often described as mysterious and romantic.

And after getting a glimpse of her home in the May issue of Vogue, it’s obvious that these traits represent her personal style as well. Recently, at the age of 26, she decided it was high time to leave her mother’s South London home and bought a modest Georgian-style cottage nearby, with views of Parliament and the London Eye.

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The Royal Nursery

The Duchess of Cambridge will soon help the royal family grow even more by bringing to life a new charming prince. And his first room is already being designed and built. Take a look at the Royal Nursery, designed by Christopher Chanond!

The Royal Nursery design is inspired by Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. MORE


Pulsate, the Tiles Installation

Capitol Designer Studio (CDS) has commissioned Lily Jencks and Nathanael Dorent to create a pop-up installation in Primrose Hill to show people just what’s possible using a porcelain tile. The project is called Pulsate and it runs from 21st March – 27th November 2013 at 42 Chalcot Road, London NW1.



Best Objects at The Sculpture House by Decor&Style

The Sculpture House is an online showcase of Fine Art and Contemporary Designs for furniture artists founded by Alex Chinneck, David Murphy and Richard Davies. Originally conceived as an opportunity for artists to explore furniture design freely and without compromise, The Sculpture House is motivated by a belief that artists bring alternative attributes to the design process.

We browsed through theis website and we show you our favourite designs.


Antipode Chair by David Rickard

The Antipode Chair is a seat for both sides of the world within one place – an object that relates to its current position and also that of the relative antipode some 12,750km ‘down’.The antipode of any place on Earth is the point on the Earth’s surface that is diametrically opposite to it. The everyday action of sitting down is a direct response to the downward force of gravity, although as the chairs’ name suggests, ‘down’ is only ever a relative concept.  Spatial relationships and relative positions have been underlying generators within many of David Rickard’s recent works, found across his drawings, sculptures and large-scale installations.

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Designer Light Bulbs

The Plumen is a company that produces and designs energy saving light bulbs. They combine the environmental necessity of saving energy with the best design, making this objects much more easy on the eye. The Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb.

They showcased at Maison et Objet in January and they were a success! More

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With a very catchy name, that means Love Lisbon Design, this Portuguese design studio from the Portuguese capital works in the areas of industrial design, furniture design, architecture and interior design. More

Mount your own Lamp – Geometrical Lamps By Meshe

The architects Sofia Neves and Bruno Figueiredo materialized their passion for geometric shapes and created the lighting brand Meshe. At the moment, there are three customizable lamps that customers can assemble, selling exclusively online at … More

£2 Tube Coin by Barber Osgerby

After the success of the Olympic Torch, the british duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby designed a £2 coin to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the London tube.

Every detailed was well studied: the coin features a 1967 Victoria line train emerging from a tunnel, a metaphor of the Underground moving, changing from the past to the future, and will go into general circulation in January 2013. This tube has been running in the underground lines for 44 years, making it easier to be recognized by many. More

Colorful Eco Benchs

Reinventing products and materials is the new challenge of contemporary art. And Varas Verdes follow this new string and show the world the new collection of colorful benchs, showing how portuguese design is always on top of design trends. They give this common object a new character. More


International Design Hotel, contemporary concept, design hotel, urban, tribe, zen, pop, relaxing ambiance, Andy Warhol, wine bar, Lisbon, Portugal

The hip International Design Hotel is located in one of the most recognized squares in down town Lisbon, Rossio Square, with classic architecture in the outside, but inside it’s the archetypal contemporary-design boutique hotel. More

Voyage through memories

New year, new amazing posts! Here is our finding, an amazing installation by Aether & Hemera called ‘Voyage’.

‘Voyage’ installation consists of three hundred floating ‘paper boats’, encasing coloured dynamic LED lights that come alive at night in the Middle Dock of Canary Wharf.

The etymon of the word ‘voyage’ comes from Latin ’viāticum’, which means ’provision for travelling’; the inspiration of this artwork is to allow people to travel and sail with absolute freedom to all the places we care to imagine. Paper boats bring us in voyages through more


Memmo Baleeira is a relaxing hotel in Sagres, a beautiful and calm town in Algarve, south Portugal. It has contemporary design atmosphere, created by Rodrigo Machaz, who is also a surfer, it´s the perfect place to do a weekend break from the daily routine or for a few days of holiday next to the amazing and desert beachs of Costa Vicentina’s Natural Park, known by the outstanding views. See more here.


Fazenda Nova is a luxurious boutique hotel in Algarve, south Portugal. A lovely British couple, Tim and Hallie Robinson, bought a typical Portuguese country house and with the help of the architect Aida Correia, they restored it. This place was formerly family home and farm that sits on ten hectares of land, with its own orchard, vegetable and herb gardens. More

É Pra Poncha – Modern Bar Design at Porto, Portugal

epraponcha-modern bar design-portugalbrands

When the mood is to having fun and enjoy the company, the Porto city opens doors to the Rua da Galeria Paris, a popular nightlife hotspot, and welcomes every one with a street full of nice and lively people, and even better places to drink and chill.

The bar “É prá Poncha” is one of them, designed byAntónio Fernandez, it intends to contribute with quality to the experience of the Porto night. Natural cave inspired this drinking establishment, express emotions using colours and shapes, developing a night mood. More