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Levity LED desk lamp by Peter Stathis

Peter Stathis’ Levity LED desk lamp for Byrne Electrical Specialists is designed to be installed into a recessed chamber on a desktop and features the capacity to disappear when not in use. When light is needed, the user lifts the top of the lamp and pulls up the telescoping support rods which extend upwards and may be positioned to and fro to illuminate the desk as needed. via Hungeree.

Candice Swanepoel for Vogue China February 2012

South African fashion model Candice Swanepoel appears in ‘Urban Sports’ for Vogue China February 2012 as photographed by Daniel Jackson and styled by Alastair McKimm. Swanepoel’s toned physique glimmers and gleams in a peppy pictorial featuring Altuzarra, Balenciaga, Narciso Rodriguez, Reed Krakoff, Stella McCartney, Versus, and more. via Hungeree.

Water truck catches the rainbow

A water truck which spewed a wide arc of water on crops in the state of Florida, captured the rainbow as the droplets of water caught the sun and refracted the light into a brilliant rainbow. Photographer Judd Patterson caught the fleeting rainbow as it appeared in the air above the fledgling plants. via Hungeree.

International Trade Fair for Plants 2012

Wooden Dutch clogs serve as the planters for bunches of flowers shown at the IPM – International Trade Fair for Plants in Essen, Germany, on January 24, 2012. The show is the largest of its kind in Germany where growers, wholesalers, and retailers gather together to make contacts, conduct business, and view new products in the flower and plant trade. The show runs until January 27, 2012. via Hungeree

Golden Spider Silk Cape and Scarf on display

A cape and scarf which were woven entirely from silk spooled from the bodies of female Golden Orb Weaver spiders is going on exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Creator Simon Peers and his workers meticulously extracted the silk fibers from the bodies of a million spiders in Madagascar with a special hand-cranked machine and spun the silk into golden garments worthy of Midas himself. After the spiders were tapped out, they were released safely back into the wild so they’d be able to cultivate more silk. The Golden Spider Silk Cape and Scarf goes on display starting tomorrow at the V&A Museum’s Studio Gallery and the exhibition runs through June 5, 2012. via Hungeree.

Adelie penguins on Paulet Island, Antarctica

Photographer Steve Bloom took a trip to Paulet Island in Antarctica and captured Adelie penguins as they swam, hunted for food, and dodged predators in freezing temperatures. Said Bloom, “‘Out at sea they can rest on ice floes or icebergs. They can also travel at high speed across the surface of the water by ‘porpoising’, where they launch themselves out in regular arcs. There is always danger from leopard seals which may be lurking below.” via Hungeree.

SCRW Stool by Manuel Welsky

Designer Manuel Welsky presents ‘Scrw’ which is modeled after a piece of cork which twists into a metal frame for a seat that’s unlike anything found at the local watering hole or greasy-spoon-diner. via Hungeree.

Bunny Chair by Iskos-Berlin

Aleksej Iskos and Boris Berlin of design studio Iskos-Berlin present ‘Bunny’ which might be reminiscent of large plush toy in bondage. The recessed seat captures a sitter and the raised arms and overhead ears ensure a cradle-like experience. via Hungeree.

Jing Ma for Vogue China February 2012

Chinese fashion model Jing Ma appears in ‘Denim Couture’ for Vogue China February 2012 as photographed by Lincoln Pilcher and styled by Morgan Pilcher in Balenciaga, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Dries Van Noten, Jil Sander, and more. via Hungeree.

The African Cup of Nations begins in Gabon

A Gabonese dancer struts his stuff on the street as his fellow troupe members wait for the arrival of the Nigerian soccer team at the Leon M’ba International Airport located in Libreville, Gabon, on January 20, 2012. The African Cup of Nations kicked off today in Gabon where Ghana will defend its title against a host of African nations. The inaugural soccer match on January 21, 2012 resulted in Equatorial Guinea beating Libya in a 1-0 match. via Hungeree.

The Nike+ FuelBand

A photographer takes a close-up photo of a group of Nike+ Fuelbands on January 19, 2012. Nike started preorders for the fitness gadget yesterday which tracks a user’s daily physical activity including steps walked, calories burned, and introduces ‘Fuelpoints’ which are earned by being active. An average day’s worth of activity is about 2,500 Fuelpoints while a busy day replete with exercise, hiking, and perhaps a swim might hit 5,000 Fuelpoints. The Nike+ Fuelband is priced at US$149 and ships in North America on February 22, 2012. via Hungeree.

Maurizio Cattelan’s ‘All’ exhibition closes this Sunday

Artist Maurizio Cattelan hung all 128 pieces of his life’s work in the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum late last year and the exhibition closes out this weekend on January 22, 2012. Cattelan’s unusual retrospective titled, “All” includes four stuffed horses, furniture, and Pinocchio. That’s right. Pinocchio. via Hungeree.

Bengali White Tiger cubs snack on bones

A pair of Bengali White Tiger cubs gnaw on meat-covered bones in their enclosure at a zoo in Qingdao, Shandong province. The cubs are dressed up in red vests in anticipation of the coming Lunar New Year on January 23, 2012. via Hungeree.

Penguins wear Hanbok for the Lunar New Year

Penguins are decked out in the traditional Korean national costume known as Hanbok during a Lunar New Year event at an aquarium in Seoul, South Korea, on January 17, 2012. Hanbok are characterized by bright colors, clean lines, and an absence of pockets anywhere on the blouse (jeogori) or the skirt (chima). The word ‘Hanbok’ translates to ‘Korean clothing’ and is worn during festivals, special events, and celebrations. via Hungeree.

Five sprightly Ukrainians leaping at O2 Arena

The Ukrainian rhythmic group performs a routine at the International Group Rhythmic Gymnastics test event in the O2 Arena in east London, on January 16, 2012. Groups of gymnasts competed for a spot in the rhythmic gymnastics group event for the 2012 Summers Olympics to be held in London. via Hungeree.