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Interchangeable and Unbreakable sunglasses made in Barcelona


Everyday we put on different clothes, mixing and matching our looks. But our most visible accessory, our glasses, almost always stays the same. If one pair of glasses means one pair of lenses, that means we spend a lot of money or sacrifice quality in order to have different pairs of glasses.
But what if we change that?

The frames have a solid internal structure that gives you the fit you are used to, while the exterior is made from an innovative soft material, bringing added comfort you can’t find with traditional frames. This external material is what allows the lenses to be extracted and reinserted into any pair of UNIQBROW frames.

We are super dedicated to quality which is why 100% of UNIQBROW glasses are made in our hometown of Barcelona. We have partnered with Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision, a brand of Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlenses, the lenses manufacturer with the highest standards in the industry, to bring you the highest quality lenses in todays optical market.

@UNIQBROW, Sunglasses made in Barcelona

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UNIQBROW sunglasses were designed so you can interchange one pair of our lenses into any pair of UNIQBROW frames.  Every aspect from design to production is being taken care of in our hometown of Barcelona!  We have started with three models, each coming in seven colors inspired by the street art you can find all over our hometown of Barcelona.   So when someone buys one pair of frames with lenses, they get the power to change up their look everyday because the same lenses are going to fit across the entire collection of shapes and colors.  

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Our UNIQBROW lenses fit all the UNIQBROW frames