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Personal album cover project ‘REQUIEM’by Wonman Kim.
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(Tee design) Chronicles of space

animabase‘s new T-shirt design ‘Chronicles of space’ sub for Designbyhumans

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lockwell T-shirt by animabase

Animabase’s T-shirt design ‘lockwell’ is now on sale at the website ‘‘ from December 30 to 31.
You can buy this design with $10.

Curt man’s Exhibition ‘Trinity’

Trinity Exhibiton (Curt man’s first exhibition)

“His work is delightful and brilliant! Truly.” – Rick Berry

“The Trinity exhibit is a dazzling display of weird and wonderful! Where the everyday becomes extraordinary.” – Scott M. Fisher

Artist : CURT MAN
Gallery : Gallery Artsagan (SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA)
Address : 3F, 22 Samchung-Ro Jongro-Gu SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA
Date : August 16(THU.) ~ 27(MON.), 2012
Opening show : August 18(SAT.) 6. P.M.

From August 16th to 27th Curt man’s first exhibition ‘Trinity’ was held at the gallery ARTSAGAN in SEOUL , SOUTH KOREA.
Curt man is well known as Wonman Kim.
Curt man is his artistic name.
Curt man’s Facebook

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Sculpture and typography, T-shirt work

Wonman Kim’s Sculpture, Typography and T-shirt work.
This project is ‘Deconstruction and Reconstruction’.
Dog head sculpture is made of all parts of Typewriter, Bicycle and other stuff’s parts.

Bu toydesign for koolby and friends 4

korean designer Kumhee Bu’s toy designs for Koolby and friends 4.

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Nike T-shirts Work ‘Nike Free Faster’

This is my new T-shirts design work ‘Free Faster’ for US NIKE Inc. 2011 SS season.
This X-ray style figure is made of all parts of Nike’s new shoes ‘Free Run +2’
Mens shirts colors are Black, Orange, White.
You can buy it. NIKE website.

Animabase Design (Wonman Kim)

LG optimus one advertorial illustrations

Advertorial illustratins for LG optimus one

my webpae is

Korea Esquire magazine October issue illustrations

Animabase‘s recent illustraions for Korea Esquire Magazine October issue.

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Gulf symbiosis

This artwork is sub for ‘H.O.P.E for the gulf’ at designbyhumans.

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(Tee Design) Neoturtle

Designed by Animabase

Sub for

Personal Nike inspiration artwork ‘Arrested by NIKE’

Close up

Designed by Animabase.

‘Soul of samurai’ T-shirt Sub for DBH

(CLOSE UP) Soul of Samurai

T-shirt Submission for

(Designbyhumans T-shirt) Reverse city

Urbanic T-shirt design ‘Reverse city'(by animabase) at
This design is choosed as a ‘Shirt of the day’ March 25 at
Price is $24.


(Teefury) T-shirt ‘Samurai Mind’ $9

Animabase designed T-shirt ‘Samurai mind’ is sell in teefury cheap price $9 Friday, December 11. 2009

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