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Adventure Time – by Antonio komiyama


3d770138b38b28da9be4086f3c567f77 Totoro

By Felipe Mendes

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Monalise – La Gioconda

 Monalise    La Gioconda

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Nankin and paper

Collection of works done with Ink Pen and brush.3306780315 acfa6a5310 b1 750x798 Nankin and paper
 Nankin and paper
 Nankin and paper

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The monster of updates

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 The monster of updates
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Publishing Abril – Magazine Info (BRAZIL)

The illustration was created to represent an editorial text, made ​​for a major computer magazine here in Brazil.
The challenge was to talk about the problem that an application update can be for older mobile phones.
For this work, we used abstract forms, a monster, icons and game characters.

Director Writer: Katia Militello
Art Director: Rafael Costa
Art Editor: Oga Mendonça
Designer: Yana Perente

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Ladybug Adventure – by Antonio Komiyama


Illustration: Antonio Komiyama