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Basketball Bennet Cantù amazing adv

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io adv goes minimal

io website io adv goes minimal

New website for the italian design agency io.
Here you will find the english version of the website.
Here the italian version of io website.

Tom Clancy’s HAWX Revisited

The intro of the game Tom Clancy’s HAWX revisited by Fabio Demarchi.
The aircraft is made of paper!
The video was made for the contest “VoloLibero”.

Here the original video:

[youtube mBjS5vbglA4]

Here you will find the revisited video:

[youtube WLhMrbdCMTo]


My Beautiful Disco

A red backdrop Magenta, uncertain hands holding a vinyl, eyes that meet the artist’s eyes and a Nikon lens. My Beautiful Disco is the repetition, or rather the reverberation in space and time, of singular moments of humanity. The project, designed by Luca Saini, collects 777 portraits of people showing off their most favorite vinyl. Probably My Beautiful Disco is meta-photography, or perhaps it is the attempt of revealing an artistic process, or maybe just a lucky itinerant performance that occurs spontaneously in an “open source-like” environment of experience and information exchange. Perhaps all that, or maybe more. The only certainty is that we liked the project, a lot. So we immediately offered our cooperation and creative support.

Design by io


firebird little Firebird

This image is 1680×1050. If you need it in another resolution you can find the 1024×768 and the 1280×1024 in My Projects @

Fist Post: Helvis

helvisfd Fist Post: Helvis

Helvetica in Jailhouse Rock by Fabio Demarchi.