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The Grinch who stole data

grinch data theft

Data on the internet is as good as an exclusive Club membership in real life. It is invaluable to you and can land you anywhere, get you in touch with all the right people, and at the same time can entertain you in many ways. But unfortunately, despite the internet being an open to all kind of club, there are still many threats which lurk about. Since data is precious, there are many individuals who hunger after their getting their hands on other people’s data and making money off of misusing it. These Grinches really don’t care about your losses or unhappiness, rather thrive on them and have an entire assortment of weapons to disarm you with. These include keyloggers, backdoor exploits, tampering, and other varieties too all lurking in different corners of websites and apps. This year has seen a large number of Grinch attacks; here is the full report.