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Illegal Architecture

“I design a house instead of a building. The house is the amateur architecture approach to the infinitely spontaneous order.
Built spontaneously, illegally and temporarily, amateur architecture is equal to professional architecture. But amateur architecture is just not significant.” Here are Wang Shu‘s words about architecture. His work illustrates them.
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The Windows of New York

This illustrator has chosen to draw the many kind of NYC’s windows.
What a beautiful result to be discovered on Beware! .


Polly Stanton: Moving landscapes

imagined space

Polly Stanton is photographer and video maker. Her look on empty and wild landscapes is related to time and to men.

Landscapes are nothing without the look of the artist. From her observations, Polly Stanton wants to reveal “the power of cinema, that shape and reflect human experiences, places, and environment”


Dreams and nature Charles Santoso


Minimalist, animalist, and very child-like, Charles Santoso holds a pencil with precision and lightness and renders his personal and slightly nostalgic vision of the world.

Falling down

What if somone was taken a photograph when falling ?
Maybe here is what you would get. Discover more on Beware Magazine.


Street, Fashion & Lifestyle

« Cinema is an art of the past that does not match any more with our contemporary expressions » (Peter Greenway).
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12 Architectural works

here is a selection of the best architectural projects i’v seen so far.
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Wolfgang Tillmans

Discover the work of this german photographer on Beware Magazine.


Life enriching moments

Let’s remember the fresh winter we had with this awesome video from Finland.
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IS TROPICAL their new clip

Is tropical has just released its new clip telling the everyboy youth adventures and feelings.
Nice music and as always awesome direction.

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Hector Santizo at the burning man festival

Hector Santizo as decided in 2011 to photography the Burning Man festival. In the californian desert, everyone let his inspiration and creativity speaks.

Hector Santizo at Burning Man festival
Hector Santizo at Burning Man festival

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Converse Wall To Wall

The worldwide known american brand Converse as launched a new project based on street in different towns like Beirut, Barcelona, Chicago and many mores.

wall to wall -beware - tagged wall
wall to wall -beware - tagged wall

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Meet the LivingColors led lamps. A lamp that can change a room’s atmosphere.
What is cool is that you can win one on Beware Magazine!


Meet your “Last Camera”

Meet the last camera, a film camera you have to build before using it.
Here are some creation made with the Last Camera.

What is cool is that you discover others cools creations made from the camera and Beware,
What is even more cool is that you can win one on Beware Magazine!


Rain Room

Rain room
Rain room

Rain Room : a 100m² room that makes you able too walk through the water.

See the vidéo and discover it on beware magazine.