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The Art of chocolate

Often when we talk about the ciccolata it brings up the art and chocolate masters, we are talking about something that goes beyond the simple taste or the simplistic term “chocolate“. The boys of Nendo, I must have understood for years and continue to work on innovative products and curious, the authors already some time ago of some prodigious pencils chocolate tempered in recent days have brought these tasty tubes “artistic” all entirely edible, inside the colors there are many different creams tastes, from brandy to coffee, caramel vanilla, etc..
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Google Maps: Lo Hobbit – The Middle-earth

Who would not want to take a ride through google maps (and street view) into Middle Earth (the forest with the Trolls (beware), Rivendell (Rivendell) and the fortress of Dol Guldur)? This is your chance…
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Wood design

Wood design is one of the most fun and creative exhibitions of recent times. An entire exhibition on wood design made ​​by students of the Polytechnic of Milan. All to see!!!
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FREE font gallery (8)

With a little ‘later than usual, we publish the eighth gallery free font. Which have become a necessary tool and fundamental a bit ‘for all, the fonts are “digging” a small but important niche in the new creative culture, a clear sign that the creativity and the desire to surprise with new forms of expression is growing…
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The new logo of Sweden

The Council for the promotion of tourism in practice has been to try to replace and standardize the various symbols that turned, in doing so according to the local authority will represent Sweden in a uniform and recognizable.
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Pro Bono Logo: brand street art

Dorota Pankowska, better known online as Dori The Giant is an artist photographer of 23 years who lives in Ontario, his latest project is titled Pro Bono Logo and is inspired by street art. What diversifies the work of Dori than normal works from the street is that his subjects are corporate logos made ​​with the product itself. In a nutshell, every logo has been manufactured using only and only the main product of the brand.
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Frank Gehry’s Fish Lamp

Frank Gehry is definitely one of the best known architects (and artists) of world renown, Gehry has recently presented the series Fish Lamps , an impressive set of lamps in the shape of fish really very beautiful and special…
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KYL21: The futurist popsicle

KYL21: When an popsicle meeting a chef, a designer and a laboratory is likely to become the first molecular popsicle in the world.
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#Coglioni is the italian viral campaign that is all the rage at this time on the net, it is a campaign “fake” made ​​by BluMagenta and that targets the really short-sighted campaign # Warriors. Do not need many words to understand what it is, but I think many will share what is written below…
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The interrupted lives of Fukushima

Eleven March 2011. it’s been two and a half years since the Fukushima nuclear power plant (Japan) exploded. Exploded with hundreds of thousands of people, not to mention the victims of that day, but of all those who still roam interrupted lives and live in a place with virtually no future.

Damir Sagolj, Reuters photographer, wanted to take a trip to these places, among those people, to understand just two and a half years (which are very few) away, those who remain and how people live in Fukushima…
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Best (10) free font gallery

Also returns in October with our usual appointment with the FREE FONT of charge. The week gallery presents us today ten different fonts (free), all to download in various formats…
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A new Microsoft Bing logo

More and more often we are faced with as fast as rapid redesign of new logos. Logos short-lived, that arise may already old, logos that have not even had time to establish itself in the global market that is already someone ready them with the mouse to change his face.
A few days after the presentation of the new Google logo in fact, it’s up to now own logo BING of Microsoft…
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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: The Plan – the Italian street art in Paris

It will open on the 1st of October to Paris gigantesce a collective of street art that will involve approximately 100 artists from all over the world. Fifteen Italians invited to produce works in a disused building, the section is edited by the agency Le Grand Jeu…
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Rustam QBic: incredible Street artist

The surreal art of Rustam QBic, between street art and incredible capabilities…
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Bloggokin best tee (by Ale Giorgini)

One of the best T-shirts in circulation one designed by Ale Giorgini for Bloggokin.
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