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Cory Schmitz: graphic designer

Cory Schmitz is probably one of the best graphic designers in the world today. His works range from video games to music…
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New Google restyling logo?

What would happen if Google really changed their logo? let’s find out together…
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The exhibition of the incredible art of Ale Giorgini

Forty poster exhibition, 30 skateboards, a T-shirt silk-screened live during the evening: these are the issues of “IF YOU LIKE SAY HI!”, Are the numbers of the beautiful exhibition of Ale Giorgini, which will open next Saturday in Ravenna (Italy). Truly spectacular!
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Pagan & Sharp Studio: Type and Lettering

Pagan & Sharp Studio is one of the studies of lettering, design and logo design. Opened in New York in 2011 is today a real example of creativity and graphic culture…
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Minimal football logotype

A careful study, the passion for a sport, a ball, a number of prestigious European football teams and here for the magic minimalist redesign of some logos becomes beautiful and everything to see…
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Jacopo Rosati illustrator

We continue the exploration of Italian talents. Today is the turn of Jacopo Rosati, an illustrator who has managed to carve out (it’s appropriate to say), one of his very personal world of collage made ​​of felt.
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Design Rules

What are the real rules of the design? What would you put on the wall of your study design and graphics? If you are asked the guys MrCup and HERE is the answer…

Pixel Perfection Precision FREE books

Pixel Perfection Precision is a small free travel guide (163 pages) on the use and layout techniques. A useful handbook for those who already know many of the secrets of this exciting field!
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The Lacoste of Osamu Tezuka

It’s not often that a great master of comics and art in general is celebrated by a big fashion company. The Lacoste company was founded in 1933 by one of the Four Musketeers of French tennis René Lacoste, however, wanted to pay homage through their line LIVE, one of the great masters of the Japanese comic Osamu Tezuka, for those who do not remember who was the father of Astroboy, Simba the White Lion, Black Jack and many other characters.
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A new incredible FREE font gallery

In the summer, the heat and the holidays will never bring away the desire, curiosity and the search for new fonts. In this gallery as we have always tried to give space to new font…
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Street Art Festival in Modena!

Icone5.9 is a name of festival of street art, the brainchild of the cultural association “After Hours” and the Galleria D406-Faithful to the line, which since 2002 brings the most important writers and streetartist international Modena. Urban areas, such as industrial areas, sports stadiums, flyovers, pylons etc. TAV., Are made ​​available to dozens of national and international artists of the scene “underground” of contemporary art, to create new works and installations.
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The modern calligraphic practice

How to practice then your passion for calligraphy? Here then, Calligraphy practice ! A brilliant app for iPad that allows you to simulate with only two fingers and put into practice some calligraphic techniques.
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Wonderfull creative free font gallery

Is now becoming a fixture that with free fonts. Again we went looking for something different, ten characters to stimulate creativity and imagination in your work (and not only). To download the font will not do you simply click on the name of the font and go to the appropriate page. Good download!
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The Webfont War of Adobe and Hoefler

In such a world dominated by the web font, the war broke out for the services of webfont between Adobe and Hoefler, which offer similar to serivizi payment and trying to dominate a market in strong growth …
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Bunnies fetish Bestiarum

He is making quite a stir in the communication network (not so) virus that kids of Bestiarum have created and used to promote the annual festival. The shots, which are present right from the home page, depicting a series of bunnies dressed in shiny latex fetish version.
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