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The Deer Bookshelf

Deer Bookshelf by beDesign 650x433 The Deer Bookshelf
This impressive-looking bookshelf is inspired by the wild deer in the forest, and their noble nature, which is reflected in the appearance of the shelf. The curiosity-awaking shelf is made of solid oak, while maintaining a lightweight feel, thanks to its airy shelves. The shelf is perfect for storing books, magazines or small items.

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Essential Watch From Greyhours

Greyhours Essential Watch 4 Essential Watch From Greyhours
Preaching for a modern and inspired sobriety, the guys at Greyhours created a classic yet trendy watch. The brand comes with two models, refined in graphic elegance, one black and one white. Both are dressed with an Italian calf leather bracelet and an almost indestructible dial.

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Gravity Inspired NASA Photos

7651364100 e28b600eb6 c 650x433 Gravity Inspired NASA Photos
Closing the inspiration circle NASA Gravity movie and back to NASA, the space agency release some stunning photos from outer space. See the earth at night, outer space selfies and how it’s like to work in zero gravity.

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Natalia Siwiec Confidential. Exclusive Interview & Photos

zzlast one 2 650x434 Natalia Siwiec Confidential. Exclusive Interview & Photos
Natalia is putting Poland into the hottest babes countries. Read the interview to find out about her outrageous secret tattoo, her guns and blood addiction and much, much more.
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Motion Controlled Bluetooth Speaker

Motion Controlled Bluetooth Speaker 41 600x305 Motion Controlled Bluetooth Speaker
This bluetooth speaker is both functional and great looking. It enhances everything from the deepness of the bass to the warmth of the treble, and you can do all this while playing music from your smartphone, and control the speaker by a set of gestures above this gadget.
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25 Office Workspaces For Your Inspiration

Office Workshop Inspiration 25 Office Workspaces For Your Inspiration
In the internet/computer era, most of us work at a desk, holding a mouse and looking through this great artificial window – the monitor. But what happens when you look to its left or its right, or above it? It needs to look good for you, to inspire you, to relax you.
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Home & Interiors

The Magnetic Shelf

Magnetic key ring holder 4 600x456 The Magnetic Shelf
The Magnetic key ring holder & shelf is the perfect solution, being a simple looking shelf that only needs a small space on your wall. So, what’s so special about it?
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Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face Watch

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face 21 Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face Watch
The active man within you will be happy with the chronograph side, but when you feel like wearing something elegant, you simply have to rotate its case and be delighted by the time-only watch that comes to your rescue in classy situations.
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The Beautiful Bianca Balti

Bianca Balti 27 650x993 The Beautiful Bianca Balti
Bianca Balti is an Italian supermodel and actress. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, with a body like that, she’s also a mother. Enjoy all her 173cm of Italian gorgeousness!
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Inspiration Friday

chicks inspir 650x403 Inspiration Friday
Here’s a great selection of awesomeness! This is what we call inspiration for men, but the beautiful sex has a lot to enjoy as well.
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Hotel Baltazar Budapest

Hotel Baltazar Budapest 2 600x328 Hotel Baltazar Budapest
If you’re interested in spending a night or two in the lovely hotel, you’ll be happy to know that the rooms are individually themed, with designs and inspirations by Vivienne Westwood, Keith Haring or the notorious Andy Warhol.
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Home & Interiors

Read Your Bookcase

 Read Your Bookcase
An inviting bookcase! For now on you’ll enjoy it better than your TV set, which is overrated anyway.
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Product Design

A Different Kind Of Pen Holder

chamber pen holder 4 grande A Different Kind Of Pen Holder
The gun cylinder pen holder can harbor 6 bullets, I mean pens, in the same time, just as a regular Wild West revolver. With one of these babies on your desk, the message is clear : don’t mess around with me!
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Hydrogen Reactor. For Recharging Your Gadgets

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor 3 600x450 Hydrogen Reactor. For Recharging Your Gadgets
The Hydrogen Reactor connects to your device via USB and each hydrogen cell is able to recharge a smartphone for 6 times, having an output of 1 or 2 Amps, depending on the settings you make.
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Product Design

Cool DJ Table & Kit

Stereo.T DJ Kit 1 Cool DJ Table & Kit
The Stereo.T hoerboard is home for the annoying power and audio wires, hiding them inside it. Being practical is not the only asset of this good looking DJ stand.
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