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Hydrogen Reactor. For Recharging Your Gadgets

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor 3 600x450 Hydrogen Reactor. For Recharging Your Gadgets
The Hydrogen Reactor connects to your device via USB and each hydrogen cell is able to recharge a smartphone for 6 times, having an output of 1 or 2 Amps, depending on the settings you make.
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Cool DJ Table & Kit

Stereo.T DJ Kit 1 Cool DJ Table & Kit
The Stereo.T hoerboard is home for the annoying power and audio wires, hiding them inside it. Being practical is not the only asset of this good looking DJ stand.
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Winter Chill Music

artworks 000045032107 l12b6t original 650x623 Winter Chill Music
Since colder days are inevitably upon us, this fall is leaning towards something called ‘post-dubstep’, a music genre that has been around since 2011, and which is best described by “urban music influenced by certain aspects of dubstep.”
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Cool Parkas For This Season

Parka Cool Parkas For This Season
Join us as we take you on a tour of cool coats for the jacket season. All Parkas!
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The Beer Bottle Lamp

beer bottle lamp The Beer Bottle Lamp
If you’re into creative objects to decorate your house, you’ll love this industrial style bottle lamp. This is a handmade item but their attention at details make the product an impeccable one.
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Bad Sneakers. Breaking Bad!

Breaking Bad Sneakers 3 Bad Sneakers. Breaking Bad!
The TV show sure is a blast, too bad it all came to an end. For the real fans this is a must. Go get crystal meth at your feet!
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Adventures Of A Serial Trespasser

Adventures of a Serial Trespasser 1 650x425 Adventures Of A Serial Trespasser
Bradley Garrett, a photographer and researcher with a background in anthropology and archeology, has spent the past five years of his life exploring hidden and forgotten parts of cities all over the world.
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Inspiration For Men

1107 650x441 Inspiration For Men
This is our last Friday Inspiration. A set of amazing photos of beautiful babes, cars, gear, style, places and much more.
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Travel To Prague

Prague Czech Republic 4 650x434 Travel To Prague
One of the best choices when it comes to a city break this Fall sure is Prague. Not only the beauty of the city, the old buildings and the hidden walks, but Czech’s capital has that special something most other cities don’t.
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Supermodels Growing From Trees

Talita Correa 9 Supermodels Growing From Trees
“There are literally supermodels growing from trees in the Amazon!” – a quote from supermodel Talita Correa.
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Pulse of Cities on Foursquare

Foursquare Pulse of Cities on Foursquare
A set of videos showing off the data from the 40 million users of Foursquare. The strings of light are color coded, each one representing a where, how, when, or why. For example, in New York you can see yellow light reminiscent of Tron zoom into Manhattan as the commuters travel to work.
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Accessories from BMW

BMW i collection Accessories 5 Accessories from BMW
This is the i-Collection from BMW, and it consists of bags, pens, USB drives, solar chargers and some other neat designed accessories.
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Inspiration for Men

jeff tse3 650x974 Inspiration for Men
This photo is from photographer Jeff Tse’s portfolio. Check out our article to see over 50 inspirations raging from beautiful women to amazing places, style, watches, cars, adventure and much more.
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The Minimal DNA Bookcase

DNA Bookcase 1 650x650 The Minimal DNA Bookcase
Arrange your favourite books / DVDs / CDs / whatevers in an ingeniously space-saving way while still keeping them on display.
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Your Concrete iPhone

luna skin 2 600x520 Your Concrete iPhone
If the idea of concrete on your phone may sound a little inconvenient because of weight issues, you shouldn’t have to worry much about it, as the Luna Skin is pretty thin and won’t be adding too many grams on your iPhone’s weight.
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