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Cape Protective Case for iPad Air

Protective Case for iPad AirThe superhero of tablet protection. Have no fear, the Cape is here! The STM Cape for iPad 5 is a sleek, hard shell back with a front flap to protect your iPad. [READ FULL POST | Cape Protective Case for iPad Air]

LG G Flex Vertically Curved SmartPhone

LG G Flex Vertically Curved SmartPhoneLG has officially unveiled the G Flex, an Android-powered smartphone with a 6-inch flexible OLED screen. The vertically curved LG G flex features a flexible 6.0 inch plastic OLED (POLED) display and integrates the world’s first curved battery. [Read Full Post | LG G Flex Vertically Curved SmartPhone]

Wazuma V8F MATT Edition

Wazuma V8F MATT EditionThe Wazuma V8F is powered by a 3.0L Ferrari V8 mated to a sequential gear box BMW M3 . It has dual rear wheels , and has been designed to be as simple and efficient as possible. [Click Here For More Images | Wazuma V8F MATT Edition ]

2014 Range Rover Long Wheelbase

2014 Range Rover Long WheelbaseThe first-class sport-ute is set to debut first at the Dubai Motor Show, then at the LA Auto Show and finally the Guangzhou Motor Show in China, all taking place over the course of November. There the public will behold the first long-wheelbase Range Rover in 20 years. [READ MORE | 2014 Range Rover Long Wheelbase]

A Stone and Stainless Steel Watch By Lexell Stone Watches

High Tech Cleaning Compound Slimy Gel

High Tech Cleaning Compound Slimy GelThe ultimate high-tech, re-usable cleaning compound that catches dirt and kills germs on keyboards, printer ,mobile phones, telephones, mouse and anything else you can think of. Read More | High Tech Cleaning Compound Slimy Gel

Hammerhead Bike Navigation System

Hammerhead Bike Navigation SystemA smart tool that guides you to the safest and most enjoyable bike routes. Get the information that you need through the corner of your eye, and keep your eyes safely on the road. READ FULL POST |

Laplander Lap Desk

Laplander Lap DeskYour lap needs a flat surface to help you comfortably read a book or work on a laptop or tablet computer. Enter the Laplander lap desk, which offers that perfect landing spot for reading, writing, browsing and working. READ FULL POST | Laplander Lap Desk

Phoneblocks – A Phone That You Can Build Like Lego

Phoneblocks - A Phone That You Can Build Like LegoPhoneblok is made of detachable bloks. The bloks are connected to the base which locks everything together into a solid phone. If a blok breaks you can easily replace it; if it’s getting old just upgrade. Read More | Phoneblocks – A Phone That You Can Build Like Lego

Inductive Wireless Charging Pad

Inductive Wireless Charging PadWhen you connect the power supply, the product by default to charging internal battery, the blue LED power indicator lights flashing, meaning it is charging the inside battery. When the power light is all bright blue lamp, charging is completed. As Seen On | Inductive Wireless Charging Pad

Leatherman Cam Multi-tool

Leatherman Cam Multi-tooThe cam is a multi-purpose single-piece pocket tool crafted from heat-treated stainless steel. This powerhouse is perfect for bow maintenance on the hunt or at the range. Eight bit options and a broadhead wrench and sharpener means youll have everything you need in one lightweight package. Seen On | Leatherman Cam Multi-tool

iPad Air

iPad AirThe new A7 chip in iPad Air was designed with 64-bit architecture. It delivers killer performance — up to two times faster CPU and graphics performance than its predecessor — without sacrificing battery life. So you get incredible power in a device you can take with you wherever you go. READ FULL POST | BONJOURLIFE

Li-Fi Turns Every Lightbulb Into an Ultra-Fast Wireless Network

Li-Fi Turns Every Lightbulb Into an Ultra-Fast Wireless NetworkFLICKERING lights are annoying but they may have an upside. Visible light communication (VLC) uses rapid pulses of light to transmit information wirelessly. Now it may be ready to compete with conventional Wi-Fi. [Read more | Li-Fi an Ultra-Fast Wireless Network ]

Top Halloween Costumes

Walter WhiteMade with high quality material, these halloween costumes will make this event a worthwhile. Top Halloween Costumes | Read More at Bonjourlife

Buamruam – Treehouse in Belgium

Buamruam – Treehouse in Belgium (1)Within a flemish forest in hechtel-eksel, belgium, the ‘treehouse’ by german firm baumraum is a project for sappi, a paper producer and the local commune. Intended for breakout sessions for businesses to brainstorm about sustainability amidst nature, as well as holding presentations and scientific research to improve the planet’s future.
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