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The Superdesk Comfortably Seats 125 People

The Superdesk Comfortably Seats 125 People 61 650x433 The Superdesk Comfortably Seats 125 People
Clive Wilkinson Architect firm has created their masterpiece, the SuperDesk at NYC office of creative marketing agency The Barbarian Group. The twisting and turning table is a 1,100feet long, 4,400 square-feet continuous packed desk for all the 125 TBG employees (total capacity 175) to share it altogether.

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Reinvigorate Bluelaces Campaign

Reinvigorate Bluelaces Campaign 41 650x433  Reinvigorate Bluelaces Campaign
You may have seen the gadget or device testing presentation but not the laces testing staging. They are made of 100% natural cotton, double-waxed canvas dipped in beeswax for element protection and yarn spun.

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Ideum’s 46” Multitouch Coffee Table

Ideums 46 Multitouch Coffee Table 31 650x433  Ideum’s 46” Multitouch Coffee Table
As the Ideum Multitouch Platform Table amazed the user in the past, Ideum has revealed its new 46” Multitouch Coffee Table at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas to invite Google to coffee table! The table will run the integrated Android Version 4.1 (Jellybean) on the Intel’s x86 architecture.

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Ipothesys 81 650x433 Ipothesys
For the Italian crazies, Ipothesys, a customize bike designed by Filippo Barbacane at Officine Rossopuro is going to leave its mark on you. The officially known as “Prototypo 1″ was designed on the behest of an Italian entrepreneur Alexander Loviselli with the dexterity and support of Laura Roversi.

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Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic

Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic 11 650x433  Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic
Autobiography along with Autobiography Dynamic will make their first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. These amplified performance and luxurious models are part of the Land Rover’s Autobiography trim series. The 4-wheeled exciting version features 285 hp 2.0L, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 400Nm of torque and ZF 9-speed automatic transmission.

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LG Pocket Photo 2.0 Mobile Printer

LG Pocket Photo 2.0 Mobile Printer 81 650x433 LG Pocket Photo 2.0 Mobile Printer
It prints the photos 60 seconds faster than the previous models with the pairing time just 5 seconds. The printer is powered by the 500mA built-in battery with one hour data charging time and can print up to 30 photos in one round.

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Dell XPS Convertible Touch Ultrabook

Dell XPS Convertible Touch Ultrabook 11 650x433  Dell XPS Convertible Touch Ultrabook
XPS Convertible Touch Ultrabook by Dell is one of those latest technologies which are meant to be called best 2-in-1 ergonomic accounts. The delicate yet elegantly designed laptop can flip 180 degrees and can convert into a tablet.

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Scout Seattle Traveler Boot

Scout Seattle Traveler Boot 31 650x433 Scout Seattle Traveler Boot
They say, take care of your feet and they’ll take care of you. Well, Scout Seattle Traveler Boot is really up to the task. It was handmade in Maine, New England by a USA based Oak Street Bootmaker.

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Sony Vaio Flip Pc 11A

Sony Vaio Flip Pc 11A 51 650x433  Sony Vaio Flip Pc 11A
The Flip PC line has a long range of devices for a specific taste. It is a convertible PC, a laptop and a tablet at the same time. You can switch it from a laptop to a tablet easily without affecting the performance.

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Audio Technica: ATH-M50xBL Monitor Headphones

Audio Technica ATH M50xBL Monitor Headphones 41 650x433  Audio Technica: ATH M50xBL Monitor Headphones
For professional track mixers the new ATH-M50xBL Monitor Headphones by Audio Technica is an absolute design for serious studio mixing and for DJs. The limited edition blue headphones are part of the critically acclaimed M-series headphones of the brand.

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Shortcut-S Photoshop Keyboard

Shortcut S Photoshop Keyboard 21 650x433 Shortcut S Photoshop Keyboard
The USB designed keyboard is a PCB micro-controller device and has the total of 319 keys (299 preset command keys and 20 customize keys) with 372 functions, filters and tools. The keyboard is a simple plug and play appliance with a touch screen interface and a discreet click response confirmation.

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2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

2015 Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe 51 650x433 2015 Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe
This coupe is the successor to the CL-Class luxury coupe series. It features more aggressive, powerful and flowing V8, 455 horsepower 4,633cc Biturbo engine design along with the powerful 516 lb-ft of torque for much better performance. The interior has extra metal trim with additional rakish color options better than S-class Sedan.

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Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya

Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya 81 650x433  Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya
The 61 tiny rooms called Sleepboxes having a shelf, small closet, LED reading lamps with electric outlets, a desk and the optional one/two beds though they don’t have any windows or bathroom. Only 5 rooms have attached bathrooms. There are communal shower plus wash facilities are located on each floor.

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Hazan – Ducati Monster 900

Hazan Ducati Monster 900 11 650x433  Hazan – Ducati Monster 900
Hazan Motorworks has rebuilt the Ducati Monster 900 into a fancy work of artistic bike. He transformed the bike into an entirely special piece from the back end to the Harley-Davidson headlight (including mudguards, headers, exhaust pipes, Spartan foam seat) merely keeping the engine, wheels and a partial frame.

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Ford F-150 RaptorTrax – King Of The Mountain

Ford F 150 RaptorTrax King Of The Mountain 11 650x433  Ford F 150 RaptorTrax – King Of The Mountain
The truck is equipped with supercharged 6.2 liter V8 engine under the hood and also has Recaro seats, a rear crane, a roof basket, absolute storage space, an external hi-fi sound system, new snowboard racks and ridicule lighting gear made by the Rigid Industries. The truck has everything to make a thriving snow-day in a new Apocalyptic style.

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