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Xbox One Titanfall Wireless Controller

Xbox One Titanfall Wireless Controller 21 650x433  Xbox One Titanfall Wireless Controller
The controller is inspired by elite IMC Titan Pilots of the Frontier’s C-101 carbine. It is designed to hit the target with pure authenticity and maximum accuracy without compromising the colors and graphics. Enjoy the amazing, immersed and realistic artifact from the world wide award winning “Titanfall.”

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Wireless Charger For iPhone 5 / 5s By iNPOFi

Wireless Charger For iPhone 5 5s By iNPOFi 11 650x433  Wireless Charger For iPhone 5 / 5s By iNPOFi
The new 800mAh charger is radiation free and can do wireless charging and USB charging at the same time. You can charge your phone by simply putting the charger in the same pocket with the phone. It is very light weight and could probably be the smartest invention of the year in the mobile-charging field.

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Woodup Beat iPhone 5 Dock

Beat halfprofile1 650x487  Woodup Beat iPhone 5 Dock
The BEAT is not only our Dock for the iPhone 5: it is a sculpture carved by hand out of one piece of solid walnut wood. It combines functionality and style, while offering room for the battery charger and for the audio cable.

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Sphero 2B

Sphero 2B 61 650x433  Sphero 2B
You can make many speedy tricks, jumps and tumbling. The 2B is exceptionally agile. If you have a need for speed then you can have fast and furious interactions with friends via multiplayer gaming mode. It has a sporty durable polycarbonate body and chargeable with USB cable. 2 times the power, twice the fun!

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The First Vespa Segway

The First Vespa Segway 21 650x433  The First Vespa Segway
The segways look stupid vehicles but they are very practical and after combining them with the classic Vespa Scooter, behold the stylish, self balancing, electric battery vintage vespa segway and thanks to handful scooters for their sacrifice.

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JBL Voyager

JBL Voyager 31 650x433 JBL Voyager
It has a USB port and an aux-in jack charging speakers, tablets and smart phones. When the speaker is connected to the subwoofer dock it becomes a desktop 2.1 dual driver system. The two other versions of JBL (Herman Kardon Onyx and JBL Spark) are also available.

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The Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 : Part I

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2014. Hobbit1 650x433 The Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 : Part I
January is often the favorite time of the year of Weekend’s Lover. It’s time to let go of worries and set aside any endeavor to watch the rest of the movies but to start the year with blood. Some of them will be okay, some bad and some great. This year is full of some of the greatest movies of their time with some new entries.

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ClearView CLIO Wireless Invisible Speaker

ClearView CLIO Wireless Invisible Speaker 51 650x433  ClearView CLIO Wireless Invisible Speaker
Unlike traditional cone speakers that push sound waves in one direction, Clio™ surrounds you with rich and clear stereo sound driven from both sides of the speaker. Place it anywhere and enjoy a 360° sound experience.

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Cubify’s 3D Printer: Cube 3

Cubify’s 3D Printer Cube 31a 650x433 Cubify’s 3D Printer: Cube 3

It is simple plug and play printer for everyone at homes, offices and schools, etc. with kids’ safety certification. The work is not done yet. The Cubify 2.0 is already on the way with more surprises to fulfill the lust of 3D printing.

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Nvidia’s Tegra K1 with 192 Cores!

Nvidias Tegra K1 with 192 Cores 31 650x433 Nvidia’s Tegra K1 with 192 Cores!
The innovative new Tegra K1 processor features the same high-performance, power-efficient NVIDIA Kepler™-based GPU that drives the world’s most powerful supercomputers and PC gaming systems. This means you can now count on even more unbelievable graphics performance, powerful computing, and truly unique features in every Tegra K1-powered mobile device.

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Augmented-Reality Contact Lenses

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses 21 650x433 Augmented Reality Contact Lenses
The accelerating performance of mobile devices together with availability of HD and 3D content are catalysts for new and compelling user experiences. Innovega and its strategic partners are designing natural eyewear-based platforms based on the patented iOptikTM display system that promise to thrill us and transform how we use and share our social media.

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Webee Smart Home System

Webee Smart Home System 11 650x433  Webee Smart Home System

No need to hire someone to setup and optimize, it does it for you, right out of the box. Webee‘s plug’n play hardware can make nearly any electronic device you already own, a smart device through our Hub (Boss) and low cost devices designed for you.

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Laser Cut Wooden Landscape Ring

Laser Cut Wooden Landscape Ring 31 650x433  Laser Cut Wooden Landscape Ring

Each set of miniature Houses are comprised of 3x laser-cut high quality birch plywood rings.
Each House is a slightly different size and position giving an illusion of depth whilst allowing your to arrange your rings as you like.

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Galileo Robotic Dock

Galileo Robotic Dock 11 650x433 Galileo Robotic Dock
It supports modern, integrated design to facilitate along adequately with all the iOS devices. The sleek designed dock can be monitored tenuously from anywhere in the world. It can be swiveled, leaned and can track the moving objects with just pilfer of your finger and take astonishing panoramic stills.

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Rebellion T-1000 Gotham Watch

Rebellion T 1000 Gotham Watch 11 650x433 Rebellion T 1000 Gotham Watch
the Rebellion T-1000 Gotham Watch allocates a stocky portion of your wrist but leaves the viewers sheer dumbfound. Of course, the futuristic design and the power deserve to be paramount features. It houses a power reserve of 1000+ hours provided by six mainspring barrels which, once wound with integrated winding lever, ensures the movement more than 40 days.

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