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A New Era of Drone Cinematography

Shots feature the picturesque mansions and ocean around Newport, RI—captured with the largest available commercial drone and 5DMK3.

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How Designers Behave During The Holidays

Black Friday / Cyber Monday; designers partake in only one and behave a certain way.

Mark Your Calendars For RE:DESIGN Conference In Portland On October 29–30

 Mark Your Calendars For RE:DESIGN Conference In Portland On October 29–30

On October 29–30 an intimate group of Creative Directors will take over Portland’s Kennedy School to engage in discussion about self re-education, digital technology, social networking, and social change. The landscape of design and advertising is evolving constantly and irrevocably. What’s new? What’s the same? What must we let go of? What do we need to (re)learn?

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SOPA Blackout Fallout


Hundreds of millions were exposed to the anit-SOPA protest on January 18, 2012. Lamar Smith (SOPA’s creator) and the MPAA both released statements saying the legislation would move forward and that the protests were “harmful” and “a gimmick.” Their effort to censor the internet remains in full swing.

LØV: Short Fashion Film Featuring Kate Bosworth

It starts with an urban universe almost futuristic where this femininity comes up against angles, up against emptiness where lines are sought for and where poetry is found. A surrealistic dance, frantic and lively giving a light note to this ballad, this adventure which is perhaps the landscape of a soul.

RE:DESIGN Creative Director’s Conference

 RE:DESIGN Creative Director’s Conference

Mark your calendars; the RE:DESIGN Conference kicks off November 7, 2011 and it’s not too late to register. I am secretly jealous that I cannot attend this year. The list of speakers is jaw-dropping.

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NACHTSCHICHT – Collaborative Poster Art

nachtschicht cun6ez64hh NACHTSCHICHT   Collaborative Poster Art
During the night of friday march 11th to saturday 12th, 13 Designers create one poster each on the theme of “the night” and print it in a series of 50 on a manual letterpress.

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Advanced Coffee Patterns — Avianca

coffee pattern1 zcamlbdk Advanced Coffee Patterns — Avianca
So advanced I’m not even sure these are real. But they’re still interesting to look at.

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Image of the Day — Google Chrome Theme

 Image of the Day — Google Chrome Theme
The only Google Chrome theme that automatically updates every single day with an inspiring image.

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Valentine’s Coffee Cup Wrappers (download)

vday cup wrapper1 fvkxit46an Valentines Coffee Cup Wrappers (download)
Some last minute decorations from Eat Drink Chic. Download the pdf and print out these cute illustrations.

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The Sartorialist

Interview with the author/blogger of The Sartorialist.

Animated Animals Support Prop 19

More on GOOD.

Hecq Vs Exillion – Spheres Of Fury on Vimeo

We Own the Sky (Vimeo)

Portland: Museum of Contemporary Craft